The best tricks to win games in Stumble Guys

Fall Guys has become one of the most popular games in recent years, although this has not led to its release on mobile phones. However, there is a completely free copy that bears an almost identical resemblance to the video game developed by Mediatonic and is called Stumble Guys.

In fact, a large part of the Stumble Guys minigames for Android and iPhone are copied from Fall Guys, so you won’t notice too much the difference beyond the graphics and the customization possibilities in terms of skins and cosmetics. So, if you intend to install it on your smartphone and start playing, we bring you a series of tricks that you can take advantage of to win a huge number of games.

Stumble Guys

Be the winner in Stumble Guys

Winning a game in Stumble Guys is not an easy mission, since there are many players that will stand in your way . That is why it is worth knowing these tricks to succeed in most cases. It should be noted that, to be the champion, you have to qualify in all the tests and win the last one, so it may be a bit difficult at first, but you will soon get the hang of it.

Know all the tests

Stumble guys Android

If you have just downloaded the game, it is impossible to know the minigames that are hidden inside unless you have previously seen them in a gameplay. Otherwise, we recommend you play a lot in order to know all the challenges that await you, since it is very difficult to win a game of Stumble Guys if you don’t know how the challenges work.

Use a knob for more precision

Accuracy is a key factor in games like Stumble Guys because there are times when you have to jump at the right moment or stay still without moving an inch. This means that playing with a controller is an ideal solution to achieve victory in an easier way.

Improve game performance

Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys is not a game with many technical requirements, but it is possible to improve its performance to achieve greater fluidity and stability when playing . This will help the game instantly detect our touches on the screen, as well as not experience slowdowns. The trick for this is to configure the graphic settings within the game, such as removing the names of the users or other aspects.

Be careful, you have to buy the ability to grab and push

One of the peculiarities of Fall Guys is that you can grab your opponents to hinder them . In Stumble Guys there is an identical mechanic, although it is not unlocked naturally, but must be bought in the store with gems. Don’t worry, you can get them for free. In addition, there is another action that serves to directly push the rivals, which is even more annoying. Once you have these actions unlocked, they will appear as buttons on the screen.