The best smartbands for water sports: how to buy the best one

Well known are the activity bracelets or smartbands , which became fashionable with the arrival of the Xiaomi Mi Band . Although its use has become widespread over time, its main purpose is, as its name suggests, activities or sports. And among them, a specific activity for which they are intended is swimming or diving, although this is not the case for all. But of course, they have to be water resistant . For this reason, through this guide we are going to help you to know what is important, what types of models there are depends on the aquatic activity that you are going to practice.

Whether you swim , or if you want it to start swimming in the open sea or even for diving , we are going to guide you completely, because yes, although some smartbands have resistance to water, they have a specific resistance at certain meters of depth , which that will cause them to start filtering water from certain meters.

The best smartbands for water sports

Today’s smartband offering is extremely wide , with each brand having its own line of smart fitness trackers. Although the fan is important, if we limit them to those that are waterproof and submersible, things change exponentially.

Issues to consider

Although we are talking about a specific topic such as using the device for water activities, we must also take a series of issues into account:

  • Water resistance (IP) . Naturally we will need it to be waterproof, but almost nothing else. That will be the only requirement to take into account when buying one of these smartbands. Even most models already have resistance to water, splashes and sweat, but it is not the same. Therefore, before continuing, let’s make a very clear differentiation between the different types of liquid or dust ingress resistance, or as they say, IP resistance:
    • IP66: it is resistant to splashes.
    • IP67: submersible to a depth of one meter for approximately half an hour.
    • IP68: submersible deeper and longer.
  • Resistance to atmospheres (ATM ). Closely linked to water resistance we find resistance to atmospheres, also known as ATM. This parameter measures the pressure or meters that the bracelet can withstand underwater, and not directly if it is waterproof, but submersible. At a minimum, we will have to opt for bracelets that have 5 ATM, which, in practical terms, means that it is capable of submerging up to 50 meters deep. If you are used to diving, you will know that 50 meters is more than enough and dangerous for an expert diver, so it is more than enough in most cases.
  • swimming mode . Among all the sports modes, there are some that include 5, 10 or even up to 90 different modes, as is the case with Samsung. Be that as it may, among all of them, we will only be interested in having a swimming mode, and that will include both indoor and open sea swimming. Being waterproof, you will be able to use it to go to the pool, the beach or in any environment where water can affect the operation of this gadget. And, on the other hand, you have to keep in mind that it is quite interesting that the smartbands you choose are capable of monitoring that you are swimming.
  • Autonomy . Yes, it is true that you are not going to spend several days swimming in a row, so you do not need a very prominent autonomy or battery. However, it will not hurt to have autonomy to play sports for several days in a row. The minimum acceptable for most smartbands is usually around 6 or 7 days, not including GPS. A week of use is more than good considering that it will do the timing and measuring of all sports aspects.
  • Screen . The screen plays a fundamental role when swimming and diving. If it is not sharp enough you will have problems to visualize the times and marks that you are doing. That is why we will opt for bracelets that have at least 1 inch, although the ideal is that it goes up to 2, and that it is colored. Some models on the market are black and white, which, in contrast to water, will not allow us to clearly identify the marks we make.
  • GPS . It will not be of any use to us in activities inside a pool or diving, since we will practically not move from the place, but it will be for long-distance swimmers. If you are interested in knowing, in addition to the time, the route taken along a coast or in several kilometers, note that the model no longer has GPS compatibility, but rather its own GPS, which will mean that you do not have to carry the mobile on top so that the bracelet is located through the satellites.

The limit of smartbands for diving

One thing you have to keep in mind, and it is closely related to the section we talked about earlier. As we have clearly differentiated, there are models with resistance to water (IP) and resistance to atmospheres (ATM), for depth . It is common for most bracelet models to bring IP resistance, but not ATM resistance.

The physical limit of smartbands is 5 ATM , that is, we do not find any of them on the market that exceeds 50 meters in depth . The jump would be 10 or 20 ATM, but we would have to find a very specific smartwatch to overcome so many atmospheres.

We are talking about smartwatches that exceed more than a thousand euros because they are specifically designed for diving. These wearables that we propose in the list will provide you with up to 50 meters of depth in some cases, and at most. Knowing these limitations, let’s see the best models, first with water resistance, and then with resistance up to 5 ATM.

models for swimming

We start this selection with some models for swimming, not diving, and that have resistance to water but not to atmospheres .

Electric Giant

  • Water resistance: Yes, IP67
  • Resistance to atmospheres: No
  • Autonomy : 7 days

It is one of the cheapest bracelets on the market that will serve us mainly for swimming, although not for diving . It has IP67 water resistance, which is what interests us most on this occasion. It is waterproof, waterproof. Among its modes, it has the swimming mode to fully monitor physical activity both in swimming pools and in the open sea. It will also help you to monitor your sleep automatically.


You will be able to follow all the physical activity through HR Fitness Tracker ; You will receive all kinds of notifications, calendar, SMS, as well as calls. The screen is full color OLED to see the intensity brighter than ever. Its price on Amazon is around 17 euros, here we leave your purchase link:

Garmin Vivosmart 4

  • Water resistance: Yes, IP68
  • Resistance to atmospheres: No
  • Inch : 0.9
  • Autonomy : 7 days

If it bears the Garmin name, it’s worth it. It has the waterproof certification that almost all its devices have, so yes, it will be worth it for swimming. It is one of the first smartband models to provide the most detailed swimming measurements both in the pool and in the open sea.

Garmin Vivofit

Once you manipulate it you will be able to select your training level, you will be able to see the swim intervals and lengths both in the sea and in the pool , the duration of the strokes and the number of meters you have completed.

In addition to being specific for swimming, it has a most curious and compact design, ideal for any wrist . Fitness and health monitoring tools include wrist-based heart rate sensor, all-day stress monitor. The battery life adapts to your rhythm and lasts up to 7 days.

Its price on Amazon is about 89 euros .

HonorBand 5

  • Water resistance: Yes, IP68
  • Resistance to atmospheres: No
  • Inch : 0.95
  • Autonomy : 14 days

The Honor Band 5 is one of the brand’s latest models, but here we go: with IP68 waterproof certification . Although it does not have many sports modes , it does have the one that interests us, swimming. It will plot in real time duration, distance, speed and the race made in all types of water.

Honor Band 6

It also has activity tracker: pedometer, distance and calories during physical activity . You will be able to know the level of saturation of the blood and the heart rate during exercise, and all for a price of the most restrained of about 30 euros on Amazon. In addition, you have it available in various colors:


  • Water resistance: Yes, IP68
  • Resistance to atmospheres: No
  • Inches : 1.47
  • Autonomy : 7 days

Something basic and ideal at a good price, which, if you plan to give it to a child, will come in handy, mainly because of its IP68 waterproof resistance for water. Even so, it will have all the ideal possibilities for aquatic exercise, with several modes and even a heart rate monitor and sleep measurement .Dwfit

Its price is about 30 euros.

Smartbands to submerge and dive

Now we turn to the models that, in addition to water resistance, have resistance to atmospheres, up to 5.

Samsung Galaxy Fit2

  • Water resistance: Yes, IP68
  • Atmosphere resistance: Yes, 5 ATM
  • Inch : 1.1
  • Autonomy : 15 days

A restrained model, but somewhat superior to the rest of smartbands is this one that will even allow you to dive. Yes, it has IP68 water resistance, as well as the possibility of diving up to 50 meters deep since it has the 5 ATM certification. We especially like its autonomy, since it will easily reach 15 days.

It has up to 90 types of exercises, so yes, in addition to swimming, we will also have one for diving, as well as swimming in a pool, in the open sea… Each one is adapted to the specific activity, with number of strokes, time , route… It is the most complete to what we can choose for 52 euros .

Huawei Band 6

  • Water resistance: Yes, IP68
  • Atmosphere resistance: Yes, 5 ATM
  • Inches : 1.47
  • Autonomy : 14 days, 10 intense

It is the most complete for diving, because, although it has the same certifications as the rest, such as IP68 and 5 ATM , it has a more than enough screen to be able to see everything in the water. In fact, it is nothing more and nothing less than 1.47 inches and its screen-to-body ratio is 64%.

Band 6 de Huawei

You will have battery for up to two weeks, with 14 days and 10 days of intense use . In addition to the sensors that it includes, it also has swimming and diving mode, and its price is around 40 euros.

My SmartBand 6

  • Water resistance: Yes, IP68
  • Atmosphere resistance: Yes, 5 ATM
  • Inches : 1.56
  • Autonomy : 15 days

In our selection, the famous Xiaomi smartband could not be missing, the forerunner of this type of electronic device. It is one of the best options with which we can do in price. Its screen is the best there is, with 1.56 inches in full color, in any condition, even underwater. It has IP68 certification and 5 ATM to dive up to 50 meters deep.

Mi Smart Band 6

It has both an indoor and open water swim mode , and is perfect for matching both heart rate and oxygen saturation measurement. We can find the Mi Band for just 35 euros on Amazon:

Amazfit X

  • Water resistance: Yes, IP68
  • Atmosphere resistance: Yes, 5 ATM
  • Inches : 2.07
  • Autonomy : 7 days

Anything bearing the Amazfit name will be of quality and reputable . This model will allow you to carry out all kinds of sports activities, including water sports, with water resistance for swimming, even if it is not certified. You will be able to enjoy all the content with the curved screen and its slightly different design .

Amazfit X

It has IP68 resistance and up to 5 atmospheres of water depth . Among its modes we find the swimming valid for all types of water. It has a usual price of 300 euros.

The choice: best smartbands

The selection that we have proposed is vastly wide, as you have seen. However, going for one model or another can be a somewhat controversial and difficult issue. For this reason, we offer you the recommendation.

As for the models that you are going to use simply for swimming, we recommend the Garmin one. With its specific mode for swimming we will have something of the most complete every time we go out to sea, while, of those that are used for diving, it will serve us with the Mi Band , one of the longest-lasting models on the market and with more precision, and what matters most to us, 5 ATM.