The best retro Nintendo and SEGA consoles

Mini consoles have for a while been a way to commemorate systems of yesteryear. Basically, it’s still mobile hardware with an adapted Linux distribution, an attractive menu, and a few classic games recorded in the device’s memory. Is it worth buying an official mini console from SEGA, Nintendo or another brand of yesteryear? Are there other alternatives? Is the hardware of yesteryear better?

It’s been a few years since Nintendo released the NES Classic Mini. A device that paid homage to its extremely popular 8-bit console and that was such a boom that it made other brands join the bandwagon, including its rival SEGA. Since then, each official mini console has been cut from the same pattern, especially due to low availability in the market. Whether in the number of units available or the time they have been for sale. Which has led to huge speculation for a while.

The best retro Nintendo and SEGA consoles

Which official SEGA or Nintendo Mini console is the best of all?

Not only from SEGA and Nintendo, we have a case like the Amiga 500 Mini in commemoration of the first multimedia computer in history. Although in general we have to clarify that for us all these consoles are disappointing. We discussed it when we talked about the Mega Drive Mini 2, but we are going to summarize it for you:

  • The best thing would be to use an FPGA as a hardware base, in the MiSTER FPGA style with the ability to simulate the original hardware and with changes in the video system to be able to connect to both a contemporary and an old television.
  • If it can’t be done, then a scan line doubler in the style of the classic Framemeister RGB, the OSSC or your favorite devices would be fine.
  • In many cases we should have the ability to load additional games, either through a virtual store, via a USB flash drive or with the connectors of the original cartridges. This last case does not hold.
  • Similarly, it is appreciated that they replicate the original drivers, but the original ports should be kept.

Consola Mini Oficial

Unfortunately, it is what we have and they are all practically identical in concept, however, if there is an official mini console that stands out above the rest, this is undoubtedly the first SEGA Mega Drive Mini . And yes, we know what to take a Rasbperry Pi, a TV Box or even one of the thousand Chinese-made clones of these consoles. And whoever writes this I enjoy the consoles of the competition in childhood, simply the first tribute console of the blue hedgehog company has a much better catalog.

Are they worth it?

In any case, the only advantage of choosing an official mini console is the issue of pira-cy and having an official merchandising product, apart from that it does not offer any advantage and the fact of modifying its firmware can lead us to lose the essence original of the product. Our advice? If you want to play classic games from your childhood consoles, there are other alternatives, which are much more suitable for everyday use. Whether you just want to play or are purists of the subject.

To conclude, for each one the best console of yesteryear is always the one that gave them good times and this is a personal experience of each one.