The best Instagram accounts for cooking, healthy recipes and restaurants

Browsing through a social network like Instagram you can find, with relative ease, many cooking lovers who are dedicated to posting recipes of all kinds. Also to people who want to take the healthy world to another level by advising their followers on healthy food. And, how could it be otherwise, to the so-called foodies, instagrammers who enjoy eating in restaurants around the world and showing it off, of course. We have included all of them here today in a mega-compilation with the best accounts that you should follow if you simply like to eat a lot. Get comfortable and prepare to salivate a lot.

best Instagram accounts for cooking, healthy recipes and restaurants

So that our list of accounts is not endless and you can handle it well, we have ordered our favorite profiles into three categories: traditional cuisine, the healthy world, and restaurant-loving foodies. You have to choose.

Let’s cook!: traditional food beads

These creators are still betting on dishes from the kitchen of our mothers and grandmothers. Thanks to them we will be able to learn to prepare a good paella, biscuits, meatballs, croquettes, stews and a very long etcetera.

Chef Rafa ( @rafuel55 )

The first account we want to talk about is, in turn, one of the most popular in the food sector at the moment. This is the profile of Chef Rafa , a man who decided to learn to take pictures and make videos on Instagram. And, the truth is that the movement went quite well, since it currently has almost 725 thousand followers on this social network. Among all the recipes that he publishes on his Instagram wall we can find potato omelette with onion, beef stew, cheese toast with sobrassada and much more. In our opinion, the feeling, grace and energy that Rafael transmits are the keys to his success, as well as some spectacular recipes.

Susana Pérez ( @webosfritos )

Another of the quite popular accounts in this sector is that of Susana Pérez , also known among her 256 thousand followers as Webos Fritos. Susana started her project in 2007 with the aim of trying to bring those grandmother’s recipes, as we mentioned, to a mass audience so that they would not be lost. So, in partnership with her husband Jesús (a lover of photography) they started this beautiful project of traditional recipes on Instagram. Among all its recipes we can find many of Manchego origin, pastries such as the typical roscón de reyes, baked chicken, tortillas and much more. A profile that is a true delight.

Croquetagram ( @croquetagram )

If you have tried a croquette, that has been your downfall, because you will not want to stop eating them. And is that, is there anything more classic than this recipe of Spanish gastronomy? Well, the Croquetagram profile does not want this delight to be lost in oblivion. Croquettes of all kinds: ham, cod, classic, etc. And all with a direct link to their creators so that we can see their own elaboration. This account has managed to gather more than 89,000 croquette lovers throughout Instagram and although it has been inactive for several months (the last publication was in May, we don’t know if it will return), it is still very worth seeing their publications.

Yummy Recipes ( @derechupete )

We continue with the Yummy Recipes account . A blog, run by Alfonso López, about the most typical cuisine in Spain, with dishes ranging from rice pudding, a good Galician cachopo, donuts or, of course, some good potato omelettes. In addition, thanks to their videos we will be able to see each step of the elaboration. The Rechupete Recipes profile already has more than 83 thousand followers within this social network.

Miriam Garcia ( @miriamelinvitado )

On the other hand, and get ready if you are a confectionery lover, there is Miriam García ‘s account, which has already made more than 52,000 users fall in love on Instagram with its publications. She is from Madrid who enjoys preparing many classic recipes for both dishes and sweets in the original style. Accompanied by incredible humor, Miriam shares with us how she makes recipes such as apple pie, Santiago pie, soups, chickpeas and many other things. In addition, he also teaches face-to-face classes in Madrid for those who are interested.

Héctor Paellas and rice dishes ( @elchefkent )

If you are from Valencia, or simply an inveterate lover of paellas, you should now follow Héctor Paellas y arroces , as almost 142,000 users already do on this social network. As its name suggests, Héctor’s account is a well for the imagination of all kinds of paellas, rice dishes, fideuàs and some other little things. In his profile we can learn how to make the typical Valencian paella, Fideuà with octopus and Norway lobster, Arròs negre, Lobster rice and an endless number of different ways to prepare this type of dish. How could it be otherwise, the account of a good Valencian.

YOUR MOUTH WATER ( @tubocaagua )

And, speaking of rice or fideuàs, another of the traditional food accounts that also declare themselves passionate about this dish is TU BOCA AGUA , which, of course, is also from Valencia (or, at least, a part of them). Browsing through the publications that we can find in his account, we can see fideuà with fine herbs and senderuelas, rice with quail, the typical steak with potatoes (although the meat is very well chosen) or a scrambled egg with chorizo and wild asparagus, among many other things. The profile of Tu Boca Agua (which lives up to its own name), has already conquered the hearts of more than 48,000 people within this social network.

Healthy movement: healthy food

For a few years now, the world of healthy food or fitness food , as many like to call it now, has become very fashionable. And it is that thanks to their recipes, many users have been encouraged to change or modify certain habits, leading to a much healthier diet. This does not have to mean boring or tasteless dishes: the beauty of these accounts is that they also teach you how to make traditional recipes in a healthier version , so that you can even eat sweets, pizzas or hamburgers made with ingredients that you would not even have imagined. (and enjoying it, of course).

Give them a chance.

Celia • Healthy Recipes (@thefitbowl )

We start with the profile of Celia “Healthy Recipes” , a user who has published more than 700 posts on fit recipes and who is followed by more than 127,000 people through this social network. In this account we can find recipes of all kinds, from desserts, salads, breads, pizzas, among many others.

She defines herself as a fitness mom and together with her husband, the Olympic medalist Saul Craviotto, she shares these recipes and tips on nutrition. She studied nutrition and dietetics, to later specialize in sports nutrition.

Recipes | Fit Happy Sisters ( @fit_happy_sisters )

Ana and Sara’s account, or Fit Happy Sisters , is another of the great recommendations that we want to make to you in this article if you like healthy recipes. These are two sisters from Valencia who share many recipes and tips on nutrition and fitness through their profile. His account is followed by more than 795,000 people who enjoy his healthy recipes and, in addition, his slogan “Don’t diet anymore.”

Cocó Constans ( @ffitcoco )

Now we come to the Cocó Constans ditch, a somewhat different profile from the rest of the ones we have shown you so far. In this case, it is a Pilates instructor who also shows many super interesting healthy recipes. What’s more, the scheme that he makes in his Instagram feed consists of a triad that unites a sports routine, a healthy recipe and a motivational message. Cocó’s account is already followed by more than 393 thousand followers on this social network.

Tere Marín ( @lasmariacocinillas )

Now it is the turn of the lasmariacocinillas account in which Tere and Lauren, a Murcian couple, share many healthy recipes and the occasional little trip (when they could be done normally) to more than 343,000 people .

His account focuses on recipes with day-to-day products, fresh and seasonal products. Among her publications we can find delicious chocolate custards with a fit touch, salads, sweets, creams, breads and many other things.

Blanca Garcia ( @blancanutri )

An expert in nutrition like Blanca García shares many healthy recipes through her profile on this social network. Recipes without sugar, sweeteners, gluten or dairy, adapted for the more than 706,000 users who follow his account.

It provides advice on nutrition, easy and quick recipes to prepare, as well as refuting the occasional doubt or nutritional confusion of its users.

Patri Tena (@tictacyummy )

If you like sweets and chocolate, you should follow Patri Tena , as more than 341,000 people already do on Instagram. His account is called Tictacyummy and in it he makes recipes for homemade chocolates, brownies, nougat pudding and a good assortment of sweets. And, although in this profile you will find other types of recipes, as she herself indicates, her specialty is healthy desserts but without leaving chocolate behind.

Realfooding ( @realfooding )

Who does not know by now the Realfooding profile on Instagram if they are interested in healthy recipes. Behind this account we find Carlos Ríos , the forerunner of the Real fooding or real food movement, and his team. Through this account they are in charge of distributing their fit recipes to more than one and a half million users .

In these publications we can see food of all kinds: breakfasts, desserts, salads, appetizers and a long etcetera. But yes, avoiding ultra-processed foods at all costs and without letting healthy food become boring.

Delicious Martha ( @deliciousmartha )

The perfect mix between healthy recipes and great photographs comes from the hand of Marta Sanahuja in her Delicious Martha account. A true lover of gastronomy and healthy, fast recipes without too many complications.

Among his post we can find sweets, cookies, cakes or, for lovers of salty, recipes for dips, pizzas or pasta. This account is currently followed by more than 737,000 followers , and we have no doubt that it will continue to grow thanks to its great recipes and beautiful photographs.

Sandra Santacana ( @ayearofbreakfasts )

In this case we are going with a profile that is not so massive but that seems quite curious to us. This is the account of Sandra Santacana , a photographer and lover of healthy breakfasts.

As you may have noticed, her profile on this social network is mainly focused on this food, preparing easy, varied recipes and, most importantly, without losing that fit point. Also, her photos are quite attention-grabbing with that white scheme with the contrast of the food. Sandra is followed by 32,000 users at the moment but we have no doubt that it will continue to grow.

Lara Ibarra (@laraibarra_ )

Finally, we want to recommend another profile of those “different”. This is Lara Ibarra , an expert in nutrition and the world of exercise, who constantly shares both routines and recipes through her account to more than 226,000 people .

Don’t just focus on the posts in their feed, because many of the recipes are published in their stories on a daily basis or in the Reels. And, furthermore, after eating one of the recipes that he proposes, we can burn those calories with one of his routines, the complete pack.

Foodies around the world: restaurant accounts to eat

Lovers of good food also have their place on Instagram. Obviously, we can also find recipes in their accounts, but basically what is attractive about their profiles is that they visit numerous places to tell us what they thought of the food, the service, or the place.

If you want to discover interesting places and dishes to eat in your city or on an upcoming trip, these are the best foodie Instagram accounts to find out where to eat . Take note.

Barcelona Food Experience ( @barcelonafoodexperience )

If you are from Barcelona you will love this first account. Its name is Barcelona Food Experience and, as you can imagine, its content is based on food recommendations of all kinds throughout the city. She is María, a Finnish woman who moved to Barcelona for love. His feed has a very particular aesthetic that he rarely alters, with photographs with great care and great professionalism. In these posts, he shows his love for food and his desire to share his experience. María is already followed by more than 100,000 users who enjoy her recommendations for Barcelona.

Star WITHOUT Michelin ( @estrellasinmichelin )

Another highly recommended account and one of the best known is Estrella SIN Michelin . Here you can find highly varied food recommendations, something more haute cuisine, yes. In addition to good food, this user likes two things a lot, and that we will see repeatedly in his posts: hamburgers and wine. In addition, his slogan has seemed very nice to us. A Star WITHOUT Michelin is already followed by almost 175 thousand people on Instagram.

Mister Morefood ( @mistermorefood )

Now moving on to something more everyday, we have the recommendations of Mister Morefood , an account that already reaches more than 15,000 followers. In this case, their posts are based on recommendations for dishes in the capital of Spain, among which we can find potato omelettes, rice or stews, among many other things. In addition, this user tries to give his posts a comic point, something that is appreciated to have a good time and be different from the rest of the foodies on Instagram.

Mr.holyglory ( @mr.holyglory )

Taking a leap back to haute cuisine we have Mr.holyglory , where we will have a compilation of the most delicatessen dishes that this creator tries throughout Spain. From tuna tartare with caviar, through a molluscada or sole cocapizza, their posts are a luxury that is a pleasure to see and, of course, to eat. If you are one of those lovers of haute cuisine and want to discover new interesting places to visit, you can be one of the more than 27,000 users who already follow this account.

DON’T GIVE IT TO ME WITH CHEESE ( @quenomeladenconqueso )

We now turn to the account DO NOT GIVE IT TO ME WITH CHEESE, a very interesting profile that already has more than 62,000 followers. His publications, in addition to very interesting and varied dishes, do not focus exclusively on food, but we can also discover very interesting and attractive places to visit.

With El Morro Fino ( @conelmorrofino )

As it could not be otherwise, as the name of the account Con El Morro Fino indicates, its profile is dedicated to true lovers of cooking. Of course, do not confuse yourself with that “Fino” thing, because in your account you will find recommendations of all kinds: hamburgers, ice creams, pizzas, wines or, going to the other extreme, cuts of wagyu or steak tartar. This user is followed by more than 73 thousand people who already enjoy each of his recommendations.

Gurmé Cádiz ( @gurmecadiz )

On this occasion we are going to shoot for our land recommending the profile of Gurmé Cádiz . Discover the best of Cádiz gastronomy throughout the publications that this account makes on its profile. From fish, meat, desserts or charming places throughout the province of Cádiz. But, best of all, this is really a multiple recommendation , since there are other Gurmé accounts dedicated to other provinces of Andalusia such as Córdoba, Seville or Malaga .

Gastrolovers ( @gastrolovers )

And from the south of Spain, we take a leap to the northernmost part of the country to find the recommendations of Gastrolovers . A user who, at the moment, is barely followed by 5 thousand people but who helps us discover the best dishes from places in the Basque Country and surroundings. Octopus, fish, meat, rice, hamburgers and a very long etcetera. You won’t be short of places to eat in the North if you follow this foodie.

Matoses ( @matoses )

The most delicate food connoisseurs will have a lot of fun following Matoses ‘s account. A user in charge of recommending the best dishes from the restaurants he visits throughout Spain and, of course, the best wines as well. Very varied and very sophisticated food.

Gastrorgasmic ( @gastrorgasmico )

If you want to laugh for a while while you discover new dishes and places to visit, you should follow Gastrorgásmico . With good humor, this user shares his recommendations for food of all kinds: hamburgers, tortillas, rice, meat or even a recipe or other. Gastrorgásmico’s profile is followed by more than 83,000 people who discover new dishes and places to visit in the parts of Spain that he passes through.