The best apps for children to learn languages

If you want your son or daughter to learn languages, the best way to do it is through educational resources that help them start learning and evolve at their own pace . Within these, mobile applications are a great example of educational tools.

The best apps for children to learn languages

However, you have to choose one that is really interesting for your little ones and that motivates them. For this reason, I have made a selection with the best applications to learn languages for children so that you can choose the one that most convinces you or adapts to your needs.

With these applications they will learn new languages

I have made a selection of applications with which boys and girls of different ages can deepen their knowledge of new languages.

Droplets: Languages for children

droplets app

For slightly older children, from 7 to 16 years old , this application is perfect for learning several new languages, including English. It is ideal for taking your first steps in this language with colorful illustrations that are easy to remember.

A professional native language actor voices each word to improve pronunciation. There are many categories, in total about 23 with more than 100 topics in any language.

This free app is very practical for children , but also ideal for parents who can create a profile and know the evolution of learning. Of course, they will only be able to access all its content for 5 minutes a day for free.

Language courses for children

cursos idiomas niños app

This is another app in which the little ones can learn languages in a fun way, with more than 33 languages that they can learn, designed for younger children and kindergarten or in the first years of school. You can follow the progress, there are new lessons every day and much more.

They can learn more about animals, fruits, food, drinks, colors, numbers and body parts in other languages for absolutely free.


Duolingo abc

Duolingo is an app where you can learn languages for free in a practical and fun way that you can download on Android. In addition, there is an app called Duolingo ABC in which children can learn languages in a fun way, with interactive stories and everything adapted for the little ones. Each of the two options can be adapted to what you are looking for based on your specific needs.

Developer: Duolingo

The best options if you want them to master English

These are more specialized apps for learning English for children, with many interesting options to motivate them and have fun learning.

Simpler: Learn English

simpler app aprender ingles

This is an ideal app to learn English from scratch or improve the knowledge you have. You can do it with illustrative gifts and with everyday situations. With links between words and images you can learn a lot of vocabulary with this app, so it is perfect for children. and for adults.

It has a large number of learning resources for the little ones to learn with a little perseverance, and all for free.


lingokids app

This is a fun app in which children can learn the language by playing, with more than 1,200 activities and games in English. It is ad-free and has been approved by teachers. The app’s methodology has been inspired by the natural way of learning language, thinking about your motivation.

There are 60 different themes , including English, and the contents are adapted to the different levels of children. All of them are in English in case you want to reinforce learning in all areas by reinforcing knowledge of the language. They will have the help of very funny characters.


studycat app

This is another interesting application with which children can learn English in a fun and productive way . They are educational language learning games in which they will learn while having fun, perfect for children from 3 to 8 years old .

It has a curriculum developed by teachers and experts in the field, in addition to being certified by the KidSAFE Seal program for maximum privacy for children.

EASY peasy

easy peasy app

With this app, children can learn this language through various exercises that will help them better understand its semantic structure, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and phonetics. Step by step the knowledge is expanded and it also includes educational cards for learning.

It is an ideal app for classes at school, but also for learning at home, with several interesting methods . It fits every boy or girl.

Learn English Playing

app aprender ingles jugando

This is another app for learning English that has a basic vocabulary of more than 1,000 words that can be assimilated in a very fun way, which makes it ideal for children and adults. The words are grouped into themes and each image is related to its word in Spanish, it is heard in English and it will be associated with its image. There are games, writing exercises and much more.

It is very easy to use, there are no in-app purchases and you will have a great time learning a new language.