The best app to learn how to do makeup

Many times you don’t dare to change your look or a different makeup for fear of how it will turn out, but with this series of applications you will be able to try different styles to see if they convince you, and if you really like it, you can really do it. Here we leave you a list with the best choices so you can choose the one you like the most.

What should these applications have?

best app to learn how to do makeup

There are two very clear types in this type of apps. Some are those that have tutorials so that you are the one who learns to apply makeup following simple steps and tips created by a group of professionals. The other type are the typical ones that are makeup filters and various colors so you can see how certain things look on your face and body.

In both types, there have to be real tricks that really work on the skin, as well as tips and various options so you can try different types and kinds of makeup and haircuts or the like. In addition, you will not have to invest real makeup since with these tests you will see how everything looks on you before trying it.

Tutorial apps

Within this type of applications there are several types. One of them are the apps in which there are tutorials with which you can learn how to put on makeup yourself thanks to the advice of a professional. You will be able to follow all the instructions step by step so that you do not lose any detail and you can learn to do a good make-up without having to go to a beauty center.

Eye makeup: tutorials


As the name of this application indicates, you will be able to learn to make up your eyes in the best possible way thanks to a large number of tutorials . It has a huge network of users who already know that thanks to these videos they can always have an ideal makeup for their eyes. In addition to tutorials for you to learn how to apply makeup, it also has videos with tips on the ideal routine so that your eyes are always perfect.

It’s available for iPad and Apple Watch, so you can take all the tutorials on any device and watch them whenever you want. It has content in several languages, and in its paid version you will have access to many more tutorials and tips. You can share the videos through your social networks and your contacts through iMessage.

Make-up tutorial


It is a free app that would help you with many ideas related to makeup and how to do it in a matter of minutes. You don’t have to be a makeup professional to be able to do your makeup like you’ve always dreamed of. It includes hundreds of ideas, makeup tutorials supported by images so it will be easier to know the final result.

It’s a simple interface, very similar to the iPhone gallery, so you won’t have much trouble using it. You can also share the tutorials that you like the most on social networks and you can also send them to whoever you want through a link that the app automatically generates.



In addition to having a large number of tutorials and videos to learn how to make up, it has an option with which you can directly buy the products you see in the videos. This way you can buy the same products you see without having to search for them later.

In their store you can find top quality brands as well as comments from other users reacting to the products. A very good option to always be up to date with the best beauty and makeup products.

Makeup Plus


It contains an option where you can find a beauty guide with tutorials and tips to get the most out of it with the best makeup and skin care tricks. It has a monthly and an annual subscription, and in both you can opt for a 3-day trial period to see if the app convinces you or not.

In addition, it has options so that you can try on different makeups , either with a photo library at that very moment, or with a photo that you have previously saved in the gallery. And if you want, you can also change your hair color to see how it would look on you in another color.

Makeup Tutorial


In this application you will see step by step how to do your makeup both for your day to day and for a special occasion. Its instructions are simple and you will be able to follow them without problems to obtain a good makeup. Thanks to its mode without coverage, you can see these tutorials from anywhere and whenever you want.

It has different folders in which you can choose which area you want to put on makeup, be it the eyes, the lips or the whole face. You can share all the tutorials with your friends so that they can also follow it.

simulator applications

Another option to learn how to put on makeup is with these simulators. With these applications you will be able to try on different types of make-up to see which one you like the most and which suits you best, and you will also be able to learn how to do it in your day-to-day life.

YouCam Makeup: Selfie Editor


It is an app that edits photos so that you can put on the makeup filters that you want as well as changes in hair color. You can try on makeup in real time. It has a skin analysis so you know the products that can best suit your color.

It also has the option to change the color of the eyes and the shape of the eyebrows, so you can try different styles and types and know what suits you best. You have a subscription that will be automatically charged to your iTunes account.

Makeup – Improve your Image without Cosmetics


This app is another makeup simulator for those who want to know what their face looks like with a little color. You won’t have to try with real makeup but with this app you can test the result.

Thanks to its system you will be able to add blush, lipstick of different colors , eyeliner, concealer and so on until you get the ideal face . It’s an easy way to see what best suits your face. In addition, you will have the opportunity to fix your eyebrows and include hairstyles that will change your look .

Face makeup for selfies


If you want to stand out on your social networks with the best selfies but you don’t know how to apply makeup, with this application available for iOS you’ll have different makeup filters at hand for all types of faces. It has a large library of filters, both makeup and animated.

Add your best photos and selfies and explore the hundreds of styles that exist to embellish it. In addition, you can modify your skin without anyone noticing. It is an editing app with which you can try several different makeup filters.

Perfect 365


Perfect365 is an application where you can try different types of makeup adapted to your face. Just as you read, learn how to apply makeup with more than 20 beauty tools and more than 200 preset styles.

Its database also includes unique color combinations and recommendations for fashion and beauty products, and new methods and styles created by professionals in the beauty area are added every week.

Makeup – Incredible Lips


If you want your lips to look irresistible, you’ll need to download this amazing iOS mobile app . Here you can learn how to make up the lip area under a wide variety of shades. This app is especially based on the lips, but it doesn’t just stop there.

And not only can you make up lips, but you can also make up your entire face , especially the eyes. As if that were not enough, the app admits changes of look in the hairstyle and eyebrows . A very complete app with which you can see how a complete makeover looks.

What are our favorites?

After having differentiated the two types of apps, we must highlight Makeup Tutorial in apps specialized in tutorials. It has everything very well explained so that you do not get lost with any step and you can get the best result.

If you have to choose one of the makeup filters, the one that stands out the most is YouCam Makeup . It has everything you need so you can learn to apply makeup and see how the different makeup looks that you want to try beforehand.