The antivirus I would install on my Android mobile

We not only need an antivirus for computers, it is also essential to have one installed on Android phones. In this way, we will be making sure to further protect our phone from possible threats. However, not all antivirus apps work the same and perform the same.

To see which one is worth it, we are going to help ourselves with the analysis carried out by the security company AV-TEST. In this way, we can quickly find out which are the best antivirus for Android that you can install at any time on your smartphone. And keep in mind that the results of this latest analysis are from January 2023.

The antivirus I would install on my Android mobile

Best antivirus for Android mobiles

First of all, a series of points must be taken into account. More than anything, because not all the antivirus apps that we download for the Android mobile have the same requirements. For this reason, AV-TEST has analyzed up to 15 applications that can help us protect our smartphones from malware.

And, in addition, they have taken into account three different categories to carry out this analysis: protection, performance and usability . Therefore, at most, each antivirus app can get a maximum of 6 points per category and 18 in total. Here is the score of each app according to the latest AV-TEST report in January 2023:

  • AhnLab: V3 Mobile Security – 18 points.
  • Avast: Mobile Security – 18 points.
  • AVG: AntiVirus FREE – 18 points.
  • Avira: Antivirus Security – 18 points.
  • Bitdefender: Mobile Security – 18 points.
  • F-Secure: SAFE – 18 points.
  • Google: Play Protect – 14.5 points.
  • Ikarus: – 15.5 points.
  • Kaspersky: Standard for Android – 18 points.
  • McAfee: Mobile Security – 18 points.
  • Norton: Norton 360 – 18 points.
  • Total AV – 18 points.
  • securiON: OnAV – 18 points.
  • Sophos: Intercept X for Mobile – 18 points.
  • Trend: Micro Mobile Security – 18 points.

mejores antivirus android febrero 2023

On other occasions more antivirus have been analyzed. However, on this occasion, all those Google Play apps that also have the own certificate that this security company grants to the different antiviruses have been selected.

What tests have they passed?

In general, to determine the level of protection, all these apps are usually faced with more than 20,000 samples of malware of all types . In this way, the score they have in this section can be set. For example, Google’s Play Protect option only gets a score of 3.5. On the other hand, the Ikarus app reaches 4.5 points. The rest reach 6, since they get 18 points.

All of these alternatives have faced 3,352 real-time Android malware attacks and also the detection of 3,286 widespread Android viruses discovered during the 4 weeks prior to the study. Therefore, of the 15 applications that we have shown you, there have been up to 13 antivirus apps that have managed to obtain 100% in all cases, while the two alternatives have obtained worse results.

In addition, during this analysis, it was also taken into account if these antivirus applications added different functions such as call blocking, VPN, WiFi network analyzer, backup, etc. Since not all the apps that they have analyzed had the same characteristics.