The 6 things that everyone thinks Alexa does and they are a lie

It is clear that having an Amazon device with Alexa can help us on many occasions, such as simply turning the lights on or off in a room quickly, telling us the time or what the weather is going to be like. However, there are not a few people who believe that the virtual assistant can do much more. For this reason, we come to dismantle up to 6 lies about Alexa that everyone believes.

And not only of the many things that can be done, there are many users who refuse to have this type of device with Amazon’s virtual assistant for fear that it is always listening. That is why we are going to deny up to 6 myths that surround Alexa at all times.

The 6 things that everyone thinks Alexa does

The myths of Alexa

So that you can stay calmer and finally have one of the different Amazon devices with its famous virtual assistant, we will clarify all those myths that all those users who are usually against Alexa believe. Therefore, keep in mind that the following 6 aspects are lies:

  • Alexa always record and listen

One of the biggest myths that Alexa users or those who refuse to try this assistant believe is that it is always listening to us or recording everything we say. Well, although there has always been controversy with virtual assistants, in this case, it always only listens when the word “Alexa” is said . In all other cases, the assistant will be listening passively in order to detect the sound waves and thus respond to what we ask.

Amazon Alexa fallos

  • Hackers can easily spy on you

The truth is that it will not be that simple. It is clear that, like any device, it is vulnerable, but it is not as easy as it is painted . Only, as on mobile, you will have to be careful about installing false skills. For this reason, it is better to install them from the Alexa app or from the Amazon website.

  • Can’t tell what Alexa is recording

The reality is totally the opposite. Alexa analyzes our requests and battles them in the Amazon cloud. Therefore, there is a history that we can access whenever we want . And best of all, we can see it from the Alexa app. To do this, you will have to go to the application, tap on More, then Alexa Settings and Privacy. Finally, you have to enter Review voice history .

  • The wizard has no limits

Like any assistant, there are certain limits. As much as Alexa offers us in this case, the current state of AI technology has a series of limitations. One of the clear examples is found in the processing of the assistant with the language. Depending on what we ask, it will give us a correct answer or not , since it will always search for said information on the web.

  • Amazon uses our conversations to show advertising

You will not be collecting our conversations to show us personalized ads. However, once we activate Alexa, that does not mean that it uses what we ask to be able to show us ads oriented to our requests or tastes. But, in no case will you be using our personal conversations .

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  • With the Drop In function anyone can listen to our house

This function allows us to instantly connect to devices with Alexa. For this reason, many believe that anyone can listen to our house through the device we have. But, the truth is that there are a series of barriers that will specifically prevent this. More than anything, because we have to give permission to anyone who wants to access the device , in addition to the fact that they will have to be among our contacts beforehand. And at any moment we will find out, since Alexa emits a particular sound when a Drop In occurs.