Returning Internet purchases is a right, but these 8 things are non-refundable

When you buy online we have the right that the store does to return the money. In any case, as the OCU reflects, there are traditional stores, however, that are not obliged to reimburse. If you buy online you do not have to give any reason to return the product. You just have to return it to its place of origin. But, what products are not entitled to a return?

If you don’t like it, you can return the purchases… or not

Returning Internet purchases is a right

You have bought on Amazon and finally have your long-awaited package in your hands. It could be that it contains clothes, cosmetic products, your favorite wine, or even some car parts. But once you have it, we realize that it is not what we ordered or simply that the product has defects. And now that?

Because we can say that there are many who ask for various sizes to try them on at home and end up returning several garments (or all) after receiving them, often taking advantage of the fact that returns are free.

But it is also true that the message “if you are not satisfied, we will give you your money back” has become a headache for certain companies, although it is true that they do not allow some changes in certain products, even though we have the right to do so. do it.

What to know

The reason, among others, is the economic cost involved in returns, collection transport, storage and the work necessary to re-prepare the product and make it go on sale again, which is one of the biggest concerns for the big companies.

In the e-commerce sector, the rate of returned products is 20% and in fashion, about 30% of the garments purchased online are returned. Although the trend was already clear in the past, because in years like 2020 or 2021, the percentage of online shoppers who returned a product rose to 24.5% , compared to 18.9% the previous year, according to data from the logistics employer UNO.

Thus, as the OCU, the Organization of Consumers and Users, says, there are some exceptions in which the store is not obliged to return the money. They are the following:

  • Music, video, software, video games. When you remove the seal, you lose your right of withdrawal.
  • Press and magazines.
  • Customized products.
  • Food and other fast-expiring products.

Devolver compras online

The store must confirm the purchase with a receipt

Something to keep in mind is that any business or online store must send the receipt or some type of confirmation after the purchase of a product. Since it is vitally important to keep this item in order to later be able to make a claim in the event of any kind of problem, the OCU recommends keeping these receipts for the life of the product.

At the same time, when it comes to receiving defective or damaged products that we have purchased online, yes, we will receive a refund. But if you just changed your mind about the order, we’ll need to contact the seller to accept a return.

In most cases, we will have to pay the shipping cost when we want to return the products. This does not apply if you have agreed otherwise with the seller.