The 6 infallible tricks to know if an AliExpress product is fake

6 infallible tricks to know if an AliExpress product is fake

There are many who try to take advantage of the rest and decide to sell fake products through the well-known online platform AliExpress. And it is that, over the years, scammers who manage to deceive other users have multiplied. For this reason, you have to be careful with counterfeit products, since they exist from practically all brands.

Although, luckily for us, there are a series of tricks that will be our commandments every time we go shopping in your online store. Basically, because if we do not want to fall into the trap of counterfeit sellers , we better pay attention to what we are going to explain.

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Also, keep in mind that counterfeit products are a very big business that moves billions of euros every year around the world. So it is also difficult to get to control it. For this reason, it is worth learning to distinguish if a product in AliExpress is true or false .

Buy in trusted stores

One of the first points that we must take into account is whether the seller is trustworthy or not. And it is that, depending on this, it will be easier or more complicated to know if an AliExpress item is original or a fake.

The review that we will have to do will be to look at how long the seller has been on the online sales platform , the detailed score it has from other users and the overall rating it has on AliExpress. And although positive comments are usually a good sign, keep in mind that there are sellers who send products to users for free to comment positively. Therefore, take a good look at the comments.

Top brand badge

Another point that will give us confidence that the products are original is the Top Brand insignia that AliExpress adds to different sellers. More than anything, the platform puts this badge on because its products are of high quality, have very good reviews or offer a good service, not only guarantee on their products, but also in their after-sales service.

Therefore, once you go to buy a product, you will have to access the seller. At the top, if you have this badge, we will find it as we can see in the following image, along with the ratings it has:

Marca Top AliExpress

Contrast product photos

In general, the main counterfeits are found in large clothing brands, it is quite common to see sports shoes, sweatshirts, etc. Although, fake mobile devices are also very common. Therefore, it is convenient to look for the photos of the original product to compare with the images that the seller uploads.

So we can try to find if there is any difference that makes us see if the AliExpress product is fake or real. Although, normally, it will be quite difficult, since brand counterfeiters take great care of images and even use the original photos of the product to completely scam users.

Beware of low prices

As much as we always find great bargains in AliExpress, there is no doubt that we will also have to be wary of bargains that leave us priceless for expensive products. And it is that, even if we do not want to, a brand and original product is worth what it is worth. So if, for example, you have come across Nike sports shoes that usually cost 180 euros, for just 30/50 euros , it is most likely that we are dealing with a fake.

In addition to the fact that we will not have to lower our guard when we are faced with discounts of 20% or 30% , since there are many counterfeit sellers who take advantage of these supposed discounts to sneak in the fake product.

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Check the serial number

In branded products we can find their serial number , be it a phone, a watch or even a branded bag. An identifier that will serve us completely to check if it is a real or fake product. But, for this, we will need the seller of the product to give it to us. You can try your luck by contacting him or take a look at the opinions of other buyers in case they have posted it. If we already have it at home, it will be as easy as looking for these digits and looking for the original product on the manufacturer’s website.

And, in the event that you have doubts as to whether it is original or not, you can always open a dispute by providing evidence that makes it clear that it is a forgery. Keep in mind that a fake product will not be the same as a copy, since the name of the brand that is impersonating the original will be different.

Check the opinions

Last but not least, we find the opinions or evaluations of the buyers . Not only will it be important to see the total number of opinions that the product we want to buy has, but it is also important to take a look at those comments in which the buyers themselves have added their own photos .

In this way, it will be the best way to truly know what the product is like, if it is original or a fake . Just like we will know the true opinion of the users who already have it in their possession. And don’t just look at the positives, it’s also important that you review those ratings with few stars. More than anything, because you will be able to clear up doubts and know everyone’s opinion.