That's how easy Internet problems are now solved in Windows

Ending Internet problems in Windows will now be a little easier. It will not be the first or the last time that you try to help yourself with the native tool of the Microsoft operating system to solve the problems, but in the end it is of little help. However, something has changed with the latest software update.

Believe it or not, connection failures on a computer can be very common and, many times, the solution is easier than we thought. But, this is where Windows’ own troubleshooter comes into play, which was often of little or no help to users. However, with this latest version the experience will be very different.

That's how easy Internet problems are now solved in Windows

Fixing the Internet in Windows is easier

There are many native tools that we find in Windows, among them, an option that is expressly aimed at helping us put an end to the different problems that may arise on our PC. For this reason, with this latest version the experience of use and help offered by solving network problems is being changed.

And it is that, to date, it is quite likely that it has been of little use to you to have Internet again on your Windows computer. This new version is that the new experience of solving network connection errors will be given through another application, known as Get help .

Therefore, Microsoft’s idea is to move the Network Troubleshooter to the Get Help application that we also find in the operating system. In this way, they want to unite the different tools that help us solve problems in a single application, so that we don’t have to search for them independently on the computer. In addition, as Microsoft explains: « the application focuses on the 30 most common connectivity problems . To use the new experience, you’ll need version 10.2208.2551.0 or higher of the Get Help app .” It is now available.

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What version is needed?

Since yesterday, Microsoft announced the release of Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25276 . Therefore, it is from this version that this new change in the connection troubleshooter is available on Windows 11 computers. Although that is not the only thing that we must take into account, since Microsoft has made it clear that it will also be necessary to have version 10.2208.2551.0, or a higher version, of the Get help application to get to enjoy this new user experience on our PCs.

What is clear is that, with the fusion of these tools, it is possible to unify this practical service that for many can be very useful at different times when they have problems with the Internet on their computer. In addition, this new API will not only focus on the 30 most common connectivity problems that users experience in Windows, but it will also be able to diagnose the problem and, later, it will offer us a series of specific recommendations to solve the error and get back to having Connection.