TeraCopy: Program to Copy Files Faster in Windows

Copying, cutting and pasting files is such a simple activity that we have never thought about the possibility of improving it. Windows takes its simplification to the extreme. However, the functions and algorithms used by Windows 10 are neither the fastest nor the most secure, so, in addition to wasting time, we can even lose data that is badly copied. To avoid all this, there are programs that seek to improve the file copying process, such as TeraCopy .

TeraCopy is a program that allows us to improve the file copy process in Windows 10 . When we install this program, the first thing it does is replace the classic Windows file copy and paste interface so that, using the same keyboard shortcuts, or functions, we can take advantage of the improvements in this program.

TeraCopy: Program to Copy Files Faster in Windows

Main features

One of the main characteristics of this program is the greater speed in copying the data . This software uses different techniques and different directories so that files can move from one directory to another in less time than if we do it with the Windows copy manager. In addition, it allows us to improve workflow by saving a complete history of recently used directories to return to them at any time.

Another very important feature of TeraCopy is that, unlike what happens with the Windows administrator, that if a file fails, the copying process is completely canceled, is that if something goes wrong, the program tries to recover the copy automatically . And if that is not possible, it will even skip the file and continue with the others without issue. When the copying process ends we can see a summary to know if everything has been copied well or something has failed.

In addition, another of its main characteristics, related to the previous one, is security. When Windows copies or moves a file it does not verify that the resulting file is correct. Thanks to this program we will be able to use several algorithms, such as CRC32, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-512, Panama, Tiger, RipeMD, Whirlpool and xxHash, to guarantee that the resulting file has been copied successfully and that not a single bit has been changed.

Do you like the Windows 10 copy manager, and TeraCopy? No problem. In its configuration options we will even be able to enable a function so that, when dragging and dropping files, a window appears that allows us to choose with which software we want to copy or move the files.

Other very interesting features introduced in version 3.5 of the program are:

  • Improvements in the dark mode of the program.
  • It allows closing the program frames with the Esc key.
  • It allows creating 7ZIP and RAR files from the drag & drop menu directly.
  • Better support for copying to network drives.

How does it work

When we run this program, the first thing we will see will be an interface like the following.

TeraCopy - 1

For a quick and basic use, all we have to do is drag all the files we want to the interface . It does not matter that they are in different directories, what matters is to make a list with all the files that we want to copy or move within Windows. We will even be able to create several “lists” to automate the process to the maximum.

TeraCopy - 2

When we have all the files added to the program, we can see the work list by double clicking on the program interface. This way we can verify that, indeed, all the files are there and we have not made a mistake with any of them.

TeraCopy - 3

Now, the next thing to do is choose if we want to copy or move them. We can do this by clicking on the button in question. When selecting what we want to do, we can see the next step of the program, in which it will ask us for the destination where we want to copy or move the files. Selecting it will automatically start the process.

TeraCopy - 4

When finished, we can see a summary with the process carried out. And also check that the sum of the data is correct and a complete activity log.

If we do not want to use the main interface of the program, then we can resort to the typical Control + C and Control + V, or to the context menu by clicking with the right mouse button. By doing so, we will be able to see a floating window that will allow us to choose which software we want to use to copy the data, or the Windows one, or TeraCopy.

TeraCopy - 9

From your preferences we can configure the integration of the program with the Windows shell, as well as activate or deactivate some other functions, such as the automatic verification of copies, the default interface or the possibility of playing a sound at the end, among others.

TeraCopy - 8

Download TeraCopy

TeraCopy can be downloaded for free from the following link . Installation is quick and easy. And it doesn’t have any unwanted software or adware hidden in it. In addition, we can choose if we want to install a normal version of TeraCopy or install a portable version.

Although the program is completely free, it has a paid version, TeraCopy Pro , focused especially for commercial use. Among the features of this version we can highlight:

  • Commercial use is allowed.
  • Allows you to edit file lists.
  • Manage favorites folders.
  • It has functions to export results in HTML and CSV.

This paid version has a cost of $ 24.95, a payment that we only have to make once.

Alternatives to TeraCopy

Windows file copying is very simple and works. And, for those who want “something more”, they can turn to TeraCopy. It is rare that any user is missing functions or features that do not cover either of these two options. However, if not, we can resort to one of these alternatives.



An open source alternative for Windows, macOS and Linux that allows us to replace the file copy interface of our operating system with an improved one. It allows you to speed up file transfers, control the speed and have everything under control from a very simple and complete interface.

We can download this program for free from its website .

Copy Handler

Copy Handler

Another alternative, also free and open source. This program has a large number of customization options, offers many functions and tools to control data transfers, and is also very fast, much faster than Windows’ default software.

We can download this software from its main website .