How can you tell if Movistar + is being viewed in 4K or HD

Movistar + , like the large operators in Spain, has a multitude of 4K content , both live and on demand. Live we can see events such as football or Formula 1 in 4K , while on demand we have a multitude of movies and series. However, how can we differentiate which resolution we are seeing at all times?

To be able to watch 4K content on Movistar, at least two things are necessary: Movistar’s UHD decoder, and a 4K television. With this, if you have the appropriate packages contracted, you will be able to access the live channels that are in 4K in Movistar (M. La Liga UHD, M. Liga de Campeones UHD and DAZN F1 4K), as well as the content on demand of the Movistar itself and services such as Disney +, Netflix or Prime Video. In addition, you must have a fiber optic rate contracted.

tell if Movistar + is being viewed in 4K or HD

There are several ways to know what 4K looks like in Movistar

Thus, it is easy to know if we are watching a channel in 4K if we are watching one that has ” UHD ” or ” 4K ” in the name. We have to make sure that we have a modern HDMI cable connected to enjoy the maximum resolution and refresh rate.

As for content on demand, in each section or category of the deco we can find a selection of specific content that is available in UHD , and thus be able to enjoy it with the highest quality. At first glance it is possible to distinguish if a content is in 1080p or in 4K ; even if your TV has a good rescaling system.

However, if the 4K content is heavily compressed, or if the 1080p is very poorly compressed, it can be difficult to differentiate between the two at times. Therefore, when we are watching some content on demand in Movistar, there is an indicator that shows us the resolution of the content we are watching. This indicator appears next to age, or whether original version or subtitles are available. In the case of watching it in 1080p, the content will have the HD letters in white with a red background . If the content is in UHD , a yellow rectangle appears with the letters UHD in white .

The rest of the streaming platforms show it clearly

This icon can be seen not only when we are playing content, but also in the content tab before selecting it. Thus, when we start to reproduce it, we will be able to know if what we are going to see is going to be reproduced in 4K or not. The same occurs with streaming platforms , where in the case of Netflix, indications such as 4K, UHD, Ultra HD, HDR or Dolby Vision appear . In the case of Disney + , 4K Ultra HD appears, while in Prime Video there are indicators that show ” UHD ” as well as ” HDR “.