Telegram's big problem: downloading files, videos and photos is an ordeal

Although it is an increasingly well-known messaging application that stands out for its advantages, one of Telegram’s biggest problems is its inconvenience when it comes to downloading videos, photos, or any other type of file. It may be because it preserves the quality of the content better than other alternatives, but surely you have come across more than one occasion with problems with it on your mobile.

It is something that despairs many people, who do not have many more complaints about the service than those related to downloads from the app that can take a long time to arrive or make the task very complicated. If you have noticed that the function does not work well or your files, videos or photos of Telegram are not downloaded , you can do something to fix it.

Telegram's big problem

How to fix it easily

The way you can fix the problem of downloading the contents from Telegram is to go to the settings of the application and delete the downloaded files. By clearing the Telegram cache from the application settings you will not delete this data, but the copy of it on your mobile. These will be kept on their servers.

To do this you will have to go to the Storage usage option and click on clear cache or clear local database cache. There you will see everything that you will be deleting and you will confirm it. There are photos, videos, files, voice and video messages, animated stickers and other files.


With this simple action you will clean the application, which can accumulate garbage over time, and you will make it work better. It is one of the main solutions when Telegram does not let you download files or they are very slow.

You can also adjust the time that the multimedia files are kept on your mobile so that the cache is automatically deleted after a while. Normally you will see that it puts no limit, although you can put it at 3 days, a week or a month.

Other reasons why it might malfunction

If this does not solve the problem, the reason may be that you do not have a stable Internet connection at the moment, because it is necessary that the Internet is working well to do this type of download. Although you can reply to messages and they reach you, it is not the same when it comes to sending or receiving videos from someone. The best thing is that you wait to have a good connection or move to another site where it goes better.


Also check that your mobile storage is not full , which prevents you from downloading more content and greatly limits your experience. If so, delete something or put an SD or microSD card with enough capacity and check it out.

You could also solve it by restarting your mobile if it is a temporary problem or updating it if the cause is that there is an update pending.

If you have the auto-download of photos, videos and other files , you may want to control everything from the mobile settings by deactivating it so that you download what you want only when you want it. Thus, you will not consume so many resources in the service and you will also be able to decide what you are interested in downloading.