Telegram vs Slack, which is better to communicate at work?

Everything related to teleworking has not stopped growing over the last few months. That is why users have had to get used to using various communication platforms to maintain contact with colleagues. There are many solutions in this regard, as is the case with the popular Telegram and Slack.

For years we have been able to use solutions of this type that allow us to hold virtual meetings and remote communications via the Internet . But from a few months to this part, the use and proliferation of these online services has not stopped growing. Its developers, fully aware of all this, have tried to improve their own projects as much as possible. All in order to make things easier for the millions of customers who might need and make use of their applications and platforms.

Telegram vs Slack

It is worth mentioning that we use all of this regularly both from desktop computers and through mobile devices. It is for all this that we are going to talk about two of the most common and used proposals below: Telegram and Slack . And it is important in this sense to select the one that interests us the most depending on the functions that they are capable of offering us. Keep in mind that not all users have the same needs at work when it comes to communicating with their colleagues. Hence the importance of choosing the internet platform for it that interests you the most.

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The truth is that both platforms and their corresponding applications are very interesting for this type of professional task. Each one with its pros and cons, which allows us to choose the one that most interests us in each case.

Differences between Telegram and Slack to talk at work

So that you can opt for the most interesting option depending on your needs, first of all, we will talk about the differentiating advantages offered by the Telegram application compared to Slack:

Interfaz Telegram

  • For security , it offers a point-to-point encryption system in communications.
  • Instantly notifies when a message has been read by the receiver .
  • We can see the last connection of the companions.
  • We have the possibility to send voice files free of charge.
  • The use of multimedia files with expiration date.
  • Share contacts with other users.
  • It offers a multitude of informative groups of interest.
  • It’s totally free.

On the other hand, in this sense and to also communicate with other coworkers, Slack presents us with its own advantages, as we will see below:

  • It is specially designed for business group work.
  • We do not need a mobile terminal to register.
  • The desktop app is very intuitive and full of features.
  • Its design is especially suitable for communicating with multiple online users.
  • Integrates with cloud storage services.

As we can see, both options are very interesting for most users who need to communicate with co-workers. From there and depending on the functions that each one needs, we can opt for one option or another. Certainly for large companies with multiple departments and groups, Slack is a more interesting option. On the other hand, for SMEs that also do not want to pay a single euro, they may be more interested in Telegram.