All MIUI problems on Xiaomi, POCO and Redmi

MIUI, known for being the customization layer of Xiaomi, POCO and Redmi mobiles , has brought with it many changes, not only in design, but also different novelties with the passing of updates. However, these changes have been accompanied by bugs and problems.

Regardless of the method chosen to update the terminal to a later version of MIUI, we can find a series of very annoying bugs that we are going to learn about below. Depending on the update, it may take a while to be polished and ensure that we do not encounter these problems in the version of the customization layer that we have just installed on the Chinese phone.

All MIUI problems on Xiaomi, POCO and Redmi

In any case, there are an infinity of mobiles, unfortunately, that have encountered some of the errors that we will see below, both those that are part of Xiaomi, as well as those that belong to the Redmi sub-brand and also to POCO.

Software bugs

We start with the software problems that we can find in MIUI. All of these, luckily for us, have been fixed. So we shouldn’t fear anything at all. In any case, if it has not been fixed with a later update of the Xiaomi layer, we will give you the steps that you must follow to solve the failure of your Chinese mobile.

Google assistant

When using Google Assistant , many of Xiaomi’s customers realized that they could not interact with it manually, although only through voice. This problem was related to the dark mode and is one of those that have already gone down in history with the passing of the different system updates.

Of course, it is clear that it is an error in the customization layer itself , depending more on Xiaomi than on Google and who was responsible for fixing it in past updates. Therefore, we will no longer have to worry about this bug that bothered the users of the Asian firm so much.

And not only this problem has been found, but starting from MIUI 12 and MIUI 12.5 there was also a bug that appeared when the dark mode was activated. To fix this software error, we had to do the following:

  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Tap on the Display tab.
  • Disable system dark mode.

Activar modo oscuro MIUI 11


The time format

Although we have chosen the 24-hour format, the reality is that in the MIUI clock many clients continued to find the AM and PM model. This is a bug that has not been given much attention by the firm and that appears since the first versions of MIUI 12 beta.

However, the fix was so basic and simple that it came in a system update along with many bug fixes. At this point there are no models of the brand, updated, that continue to present the fault. So we can be calm if we are going to acquire a smartphone from the Asian firm.

Google Play not working properly

After updating MIUI, Google Play may show us different updates ready to be applied to the phone, but when selecting them, nothing happens. However, the app keeps trying to install it and never does. To fix this problem, we must force its stop to restart it:

  • We enter the mobile settings .
  • We go to the Applications tab> Manage apps .
  • We search Google Play .
  • We tap on Force stop .
  • And, as a bonus, click on Uninstall updates .
  • Next, we tap on Clear data and cache .
  • Finally, we restart the phone.

Forzar detención Google Play MIUI

bugs with Netflix

Some users stated that they are unable to download and install Netflix through the Android app store for some reason. If you are using a Chinese ROM , this video platform will not be available for download. Although, we will always have the alternative of installing this APK manually.

If you can’t watch Netflix in FullHD, it won’t be a failure of the Chinese firm’s customization layer update. This only happens when your mobile has Widevine L1 , with this certification you can only see content in 1080p. Instead, there are MIUI ROMs that officially support Widevine L3, i.e. HD streaming.

Logotipo de Netflix con fondo negro

in the icons

When using the new dark mode 2.0 of the software we can find that the status bar where the time and notifications appear cannot be seen. It is not very clear if the problem is more related to MIUI than to the applied themes.

It is an error that we can fix in the simplest way, changing the theme that comes by default in our Xiaomi. Apparently, the developers have been able to optimize the themes better than the company itself. Although, we can also try this trick:

  • We will have to go to Settings .
  • We access Notifications and Control Center .
  • We touch on Status bar .
  • Once inside, you have to activate the button Show icons for incoming notifications.

barra de estado xiaomi miui


connectivity issues

Other of the most repeated failures in MIUI occur in the terminal connections. Users of a Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO have seen how, when updating their device, they have had different connectivity problems. Fortunately, most of these problems already have a solution available.

network failures

Some users complain that wireless speeds have dropped significantly, others that they cannot use mobile data, and even VoLTE calls seem to fail as well. But, the truth is that there is a trick with which we can solve this problem with the smartphone network:

  • First, we will have to turn on Airplane mode .
  • Next, we must deactivate it from the mobile after a minute.
  • If this does not work you can reset the APN of the mobile or reset the Network settings.

APN Xiaomi


GPS malfunctions

The great Achilles heel of Xiaomi mobiles is still one of the main problems of MIUI. The OS apparently has a problem with third-party apps having GPS readings that aren’t accurate at all, most notably in the case of Google Maps. We can test if the hardware is working fine by typing the code *#*#6484#*#* from the phone app to check if there is something wrong with the component. Although, it will be better to enable this feature:

  • Go into Settings .
  • Then tap on Additional settings .
  • Tap on the Privacy tab.
  • Then, we will go to the point where it says Location .
  • There, we will be able to mark the high precision mode , which will automatically switch to energy saving when we have 15%, which can cause confusion in those cases.

posición GPS moviles xiaomi

Apps won’t connect to mobile data

Depending on the version of MIUI you have on your Xiaomi mobile, once your phone may be connected to a stable and fast mobile network, but it may be the case that one or more applications cannot connect to the Internet. The error is related in this case to the restriction to the use of data. To solve it, we just have to follow this series of steps:

  • First, you have to go to the settings .
  • Tap on the Apps window > Manage apps .
  • Then, you will need to tap on the app that has the connection problem > Restrict data usage .
  • Inside, you will have to check the Wi-Fi and Mobile Data boxes since, if they are unchecked, they will not be able to connect to the Internet.

Restringir uso datos Xiaomi

The Xiaomi camera

Not only do we find the typical MIUI software bugs that we have been mentioning to you, but also some of the different updates of the Chinese firm’s customization layer have affected the operation of the camera of Xiaomi terminals.


The simple fact that the camera of a Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO phone is blocked is not that common. For this reason, there are only some users who have ended up complaining that the terminal’s camera is blocked, not being able to open or restart the phone or delete its data. In these cases, the only solution that has been presented, apart from updating the smartphone software, will be resetting the device:

  • First of all, we will enter Settings .
  • Tap on the About phone tab.
  • Tap Factory reset .
  • Finally, tap on Delete all data and type the terminal password to confirm the action.

restablecer formatear movil xiaomi


The camera turns on by itself

This failure has not only depended on having MIUI 11 or MIUI 12 , but also on the model of the phone itself. In this case, the error has been that the Chinese firm’s smartphone turns on the device’s camera by itself without any user touching a single button to access it. In this case, we will have to force the stop and follow another series of steps to correct this problem:

  • We will go to Settings > Applications.
  • We access Manage applications .
  • Click on the Camera app.
  • Then, we tap on Force stop and Uninstall updates .
  • Next, click on Clear data and cache .
  • Finally, the ideal will be to restart the phone.

borrar cache camara xiaomi


Camera AI button

Some MIUI updates had been causing that, when activating the device assistant, it just only opens it, but does not activate the microphone of the Chinese phone. Luckily, it is not one of the most repeated problems that users have been complaining about when updating the customization layer of the Chinese firm.

In addition, it is a bug that has already been fixed in the latest versions of MIUI, so you only have to worry about updating the mobile. So we will only have to download and install a later version of the customization layer so that this inconvenience with the smartphone assistant disappears.

inteligencia artificial mejores fotos xiaomi noche


Errors on the screen

With MIUI updates, problems with Xiaomi mobile screens have also been quite frequent. Although, it has also varied depending on whether we had a Redmi, POCO or some model from the Asian manufacturer. In any case, all these errors that we will see have a solution available.


pip mode

Users who switch to Picture-in-Picture mode (in YouTube, VLC, or other video apps) and then try to open recent apps may encounter crashes or black screens. This is a recognized MIUI bug that has already been fixed by a patch. Although, you can also try to clear the cache of the affected app and make sure that all the necessary permissions are granted:

  • Let’s go to the settings .
  • Go to Apps > Manage apps .
  • Tap on the affected app.
  • Tap Clear data > Clear cache and Clear all data.
  • In addition, inside you must go to Application Permissions and make sure that you have all the necessary ones for it to work without problems. pip en miui 12


No lock screen notifications

By default MIUI 11 is configured to prevent content from being displayed on the lock screen . It is not a system error, but rather the configuration of this version of the Xiaomi operating system. Therefore, we must go on to enable notifications by following a series of steps:

  • Go to the Settings app > Applications.
  • Tap on Permissions > Other permissions .
  • Tap Show on lock screen in each of the affected apps.
  • In the same way, you must allow these notifications from Settings > Lock screen> Activate lock screen for notifications.

problemas notificaciones pantalla de bloqueo miui 11


battery problems

We will also not get rid of possible battery failures after updating to MIUI 11, MIUI 12 or MIUI 12.5 . And it is that the errors with the energy consumption or, even, other aspects of this component have been happening with the passage of the different versions of the Xiaomi customization layer. Fortunately, there are different solutions.


abnormal power discharge

Probably the most reported bug in MIUI, no matter which version of Android we are talking about. The problem is especially glaring when the device is idle (overnight). Basically, the power consumption is too much, even when the smartphone is sleeping. Although, we can always gain autonomy if we enable the Saving Mode . In any case, the first option we will have will be to disable unused applications so that they do not start automatically by following these steps:

  • First we will go to Settings > Applications.
  • We touch on Permissions .
  • Next, we turn off Autostart in apps .

Inicio automático apps Xiaomi

If the problem with excessive battery consumption continues, we must go further and try to disable the automatic synchronization of the app accounts that we have on the Xiaomi, POCO and Redmi phone. To do this, we must follow another series of steps that will only take a few seconds:

  • Let’s go to the configuration.
  • We touch on Accounts and synchronization .
  • Turn off Auto Sync .


battery miscalibration

For some users it seems that the battery percentage is changing irregularly and can end up becoming random mobile shutdowns. This is because the battery of the device has been decalibrated. Instead of gradually draining, users report that the battery drops suddenly, for example, from 70% to 50% in a matter of minutes. This points to a bad battery calibration . Therefore, the steps to correct this problem are as follows:

  • Fully discharge the phone until it turns off.
  • Turn it back on and wait until it turns off.
  • Connect it to the load and, without turning it on, wait for it to reach 100%. Then unplug it.
  • Turn on the mobile and if the battery percentage is not 100%, plug the charger again until it shows that the battery is full.
  • You will then need to discharge the phone’s power completely by using it.
  • Then let it sit for at least 4 hours .
  • Fully charge the battery once again without turning on the phone.
  • Finally, you must turn on the terminal and start using it normally.

Ahorrar batería Xiaomi MIUI


performance is bad

We may also come across that, at different times, the performance of the Asian manufacturer’s phones is not as expected. Not only because it is slow itself, but the apps will be blocked, they will not open, the device will restart by itself, etc. Although, for all the MIUI problems that we will see below, there is a way to fix it.


slow animations

Some MIUI updates weigh down the performance of the smartphone when opening apps. To get to solve this problem, the ideal is to update your mobile to the latest version or enable the developer options to increase the animation speed when opening and closing apps to improve the performance of your Xiaomi mobile. If you don’t know how to do it, these are the steps you should follow:

  • Go into the settings.
  • Click on Additional settings .
  • Access the Developer Options section.
  • Inside we will have to look for the Level of animations sections.

velocidad animaciones xiaomi miui 12


blocked apps

When we used the lock to close applications in multitasking, one of the failures that was repeated was that we could not unlock it again, basically because the panel of the Chinese phone was completely black without us being able to see anything at all on the display of the phone. device.

In this case, we were able to fix it for a short time by simply restarting the Xiaomi smartphone , but just like in other previous examples, the MIUI update should have fixed it forever. Therefore, for it to be definitively solved, we will have to update to the next version of the Asian manufacturer’s layer.

Evitar cierre de apps segundo plano Xiaomi


has no vibration

With the MIUI 12.5 version, the vibration that was randomly eliminated in applications and the system returned to normal. So, if you are still experiencing this problem after updating your Chinese device to the latest software version, the best thing to do is to go to Xiaomi technical support for a solution.

In any case, the action of formatting your smartphone to leave it as it was in the factory version has also helped many users. Although, we can also try our luck to update the Xiaomi customization layer to a later version and check if the problem with the vibration of the smartphone has been completely solved. In any case, we can check from the settings if the vibration is enabled.

Sonido y vibración Xiaomi


Bugs with Game Turbo

Since MIUI 11 Game Turbo was released. Although, for some users, it seems that it has not worked as well as expected and even causes some kind of problem with third-party apps. To fix this, we will need to disable performance optimization and add the affected apps to the memory exception list as follows:

  • Open the Settings app and go to Special features.
  • Open Game Turbo mode.
  • Tap on the shield-shaped icon to open the Settings in this way.
  • Locate and disable performance optimization .
  • In the Memory exceptions menu add all the applications that you do not want to limit while playing.

mejorar juegos xiaomi


System and app shutdown

Without warning, the smartphone forces the closure of MIUI and everything that makes it up, leaving us in some cases with the wallpaper with nothing else. Luckily, this is a thing of the past and was fixed in the first few updates. If, by chance, it appears again, the simplest thing is to carry out a restart of the terminal that ends all the errors inherited by a continued operation of the operating system. Well, this is the solution that has achieved the most results for the different users who have had to go through this error.

On the other hand, if the problem is in the closing of the apps, it is something that we can solve by following a series of steps. In addition, it is a bug that has been dragging towards MIUI 12.5 but, luckily, it is one of the easiest to solve since, whatever the app that fails, all you have to do is delete the data and the cache of the same. It is done in the following way:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Access the Applications menu.
  • Select the app that is crashing from all the options.
  • Enter the storage menu.
  • Tap on clear data and clear cache .

forzar cierre apps xiaomi


repeated reboot

If in your case the terminal does not stop turning on and off repeatedly, you are facing one of the worst MIUI problems that many users have been reporting over time. In addition, in this case, this software error makes life so difficult for us, even to be able to install the update.

To achieve this on some occasions, we will have to help ourselves with Mi Flash or the technical service to proceed to complete the installation of the new version of Xiaomi’s customization layer and get this situation that has caused so many headaches to be resolved.

mi flash


What hasn’t been fixed?

Not all the problems that have been found in the layer of the Chinese manufacturer have an official solution, despite having appeared in different terminals of the Asian smartphone firm. However, we can fix the problems when our phone malfunctions with some skill and following the guidelines below. In any case, before going to see them, the ideal is to update the smartphone:

  • We enter Settings .
  • Click on About phone .
  • Then we touch on MIUI .
  • To finally download and install the pending updates.

actualizar xiaomi miui


Disconnect Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Among the situations that we have seen appear the most is the disconnection of the connection systems . These appear suddenly at the worst time, causing us to be unable to use our smart watch, even if headphones or any other device loses connection.

We will also not be able to navigate via Wi-Fi and this can be a problem if we do not realize it and consume our mobile data. Although Xiaomi is aware of this from the complaints on the forum, there is no remedy yet. And it is that, as much as we try to reset the device’s network configuration with MIUI. The disconnection failures will continue to occur until we update the smartphone to a later version of the Asian manufacturer’s customization layer.

Bluetooth Xiaomi


Problems with WhatsApp and Instagram

The messaging application generates errors in the texts of the application and in the notifications, making it sometimes impossible to read the messages. In this case it comes from the alerts, something that we can modify to be able to read them by entering the Settings, and then accessing the Notifications tab to change the style between MIUI and those of Android , we will have to check which one best suits our smartphone. In some cases the situation disappears, but others also appear linked to the display of notifications.

In the case of the popular social network, it could not be fully used in this version of the Chinese firm’s operating system. More than anything, because it prevented us from uploading videos and some publications. In other cases, it does not appear until we upload several photos or clips, causing the audio to not match what we have shared, both when we generate it from the app and when we export it from the Xiaomi gallery.

iconos whatsapp


Low volume and gestures

Several users have complained that after installing this version of the eastern manufacturer’s firmware, the intensity of the loudspeaker volume has dropped compared to when the devices were running on the previous version. An error of which the brand is already aware and is working to solve it as soon as possible. Well, it is an error that, for no user, is to their liking.

In case we use the Xiaomi layer gestures we are going to find recurring bugs in MIUI that prevent us from changing applications using movements on the screen. In some cases, it only affects the gesture to go back and in other cases to more movements that we make or even to access the applications of the Chinese device.

volumen Xiaomi



Although we have read a notification, it remains fixed and we have to remove it manually with a gesture to one of the sides. One of the many errors of MIUI 12 with the notifications that is added to the one that causes the alert to arrive later again, a real chaos for which the complaints about the malfunction in Xiaomi is something repeated by users.

Unfortunately, if you see that it appears on your smartphone, there is currently no solution. The only thing you can do is update the patches that arrive on your phone. In other words, you will have to be patient and continue installing the new versions of MIUI until this problem with MIUI notifications is corrected.

estilo notificaciones xiaomi


Text in another language

At various points in the system there is Chinese or English text that has not been translated, for example, in privacy protection and in super wallpapers. There are also problems with the translations in the Bluetooth options that not everyone will be able to use even in the global version.

Again, this is something that is not going to be fixed soon since this bug is very, very common, not only in Xiaomi’s customization layers, but also in other Chinese brands. Luckily, there are not many sections that will be affected, so it will not be a big inconvenience this time.

tamaño texto Xiaomi


Frozen or flickering screen

Without prior notice, there are many Redmi models where MIUI 12 causes errors . It is not very well known if it occurs due to power limitations and although Xiaomi has removed extra functions that these models do not seem to be able to squeeze, this still appears in some parts of the system.

One of the inconveniences that can affect us the most is the movement of the image on the screen after unlocking it, something that in some cases does not disappear until the mobile is restarted . In case it keeps happening, we should try to cool it down if it has gotten hot and access the safe mode to uninstall possible apps that generate this. We will do this by touching the off button and leaving our finger pressed on it on the screen whenever possible.

Pantalla negra móviles Xiaomi


Floating windows bugs

When we are using the game mode, some messaging apps can be used as a floating window and it becomes impossible to use them due to a bug that does not allow them to be used normally. But the floating windows error does not stop here, as it also appears in PiP mode, as we saw before, when the rest of the screen goes black. Sometimes just restarting it fixes it, but it will repeat itself a while later.

Therefore, the real solution to this bug that causes MIUI floating windows not to work as it should will be in an update. Although, this has been one of the failures that has not been repeated so frequently in the different smartphones of the Chinese firm that have updated to this version of their customization layer.

ventanas flotantes


Brightness and proximity sensor issues

There are also bugs that increase or decrease the brightness of the screen . Here another sensor comes into play, the one in charge of light that does not exist as such in mid-range and entry-level Xiaomi smartphones. This uses software-based options and we can only remember not to use a screen protector to avoid this chaos with the lighting of the Chinese phone’s display. As much as we have tried to optimize, the proximity sensor continues to fail in this version of the system. To solve it, we only have our resources left, such as its recalibration with the following method:

  • We open the Phone app .
  • We write the following code: *#*#6484#*#* .
  • We choose Proximity sensor test .
  • To finally complete the steps that appear on the screen.

calibrar sensor proximidad xiaomi