Telecommuting Programs in 2020: Paid vs Free

We are going through a somewhat peculiar year when it comes to many aspects of our daily lives. And is that the pandemic that plagues much of the world has affected the work of millions of people. So much so that many have been forced to telecommute for months, and many even continue to do so.

Thanks to the fact that current technology makes things much easier for us in this sense, something that the Internet has a lot to do with. But with everything and with it and despite all the advantages that online work offers us, we need to have certain applications locally. These are the programs that we install on the computer in order to continue working in the best way. But of course, on many occasions, despite being teleworking, the equipment and programs is the user himself who has to take care of it.

Telecommuting Programs in 2020: Paid vs Free

Of course, if we focus on the software section, this can be a considerable expense. However, we are at a time when this is not entirely true. We tell you this because in these times, at least in most cases, we can use free alternatives to, for example, the paid programs that we use in the office.

Free basic programs to replace paid ones

This is the case, for example, of one of the best known cases in this regard, such as Microsoft Office. This is the most common in offices, but for teleworking we can dip into and use LibreOffice without problems. This is a free proposal that you can download from here and fully compatible with Office.

Excel plantilla

Something very similar happens if we look for a photo editor with which to deal with images if necessary. We know that this is a sector commanded by Adobe PhotoShop , but it is not necessary to acquire a license to cover our needs. There are many free proposals, but one of the most comprehensive here is GIMP . This is a powerful photo editor that you can download from this link .

And the same happens when working with the extended documents in PDF format. We don’t have to limit ourselves to Adobe’s payment proposals with their Acrobat, but we can do it without spending a single euro. For example, this is the case of PDFescape Editor with which you can do it from here . It is a complete suite with a multitude of useful functions for working with PDFs .

Other free programs that we can use to work at home

But these types of use are not the only ones that are covered by powerful applications that help us on a day-to-day basis with the PC, without paying. For example to take temporary notes we can use the solution called Simple Sticky Notes that we can download from this link .

VLC reproductor

Similarly, to share content in the cloud with other colleagues we can do it through free platforms such as Dropbox , OneDrive or Google Drive . We can also listen to music while we work from the VLC player that we download from here , or carry out videoconferences and virtual meetings using Skype.