How to Take the Best Selfies Without Touching Your Mobile

Mobile devices offer us a wide range of possibilities, many of them in some cameras from different brands. As is the simple fact of being able to vary our way of taking selfies with your mobile without hands , that is, without having to touch it. And not only do they include a function, but we also find several for all those people who want to leave the mobile placed somewhere to be able to take photos without having to resort to a third person.

Therefore, the use of said device can be made easier. Fortunately, many manufacturers have decided to add these features to their terminals. Although, we will not only depend on the different functions, since there are other ways that we will explain later.

Why would you want to take photos without your hands?

The mobile device has become one of the tools that we use the most in our day to day life. For this reason, it is considered by many users as one of the most essential objects, since they not only use it for their entertainment to work, but it has also been transformed into a photo camera. In addition, the great advantage it offers us is that we always carry it with us.

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However, one of the points for which you should take into account the fact of taking photos without using your hands , is that we can take a snapshot anywhere and at any time without having to ask anyone else for help.

So, simply, it will be enough to find a good location and a place to place the smartphone. In addition, it will not only help us to know these functionalities to be able to take different selfies, but also to take the best images without having to resort to tripods or other accessories .

For this reason, we will show you the comfort of doing them by using both your voice and some gestures that will allow us to take pictures at any time without having to use our hands to press any type of button on the mobile device. However, not all mobile devices have voice commands or gestures that will help us take images with our terminal. But do not worry, we will also present other ways so that you can take images without touching the terminal.

All the ways to take selfies with your mobile

Next, we bring you the different characteristics that we can find on our smartphone to be able to carry out the action of taking selfies with the mobile and without the need to hold it or touch any type of button.

However, we must bear in mind that these may change depending on the brand of smartphone we have. Well, the different manufacturers add some extras in their customization layers while others do not give it so much importance.

Selfies with the Google Assistant

Today, there are different smartphone brands that allow us to take images by using our voice. Although, the main problem that we find is that they do not have a native function in the application for the camera. Therefore, the only way to do it will be by resorting to an alternative that is well known to many users, the Google assistant.

okay google asistente

This method will help us to take selfies without touching the mobile or using our hands is asking. The truth is that you probably already know all the great advantages that this assistant brings us, so it is time to benefit from it, since it is always willing to do things for you. So there will be no problem in asking you to take a self-portrait whenever we want, even if we are far from the device.

To do this, we will only have to say the magic words ” Ok Google, take me a selfie .” With this, we will get the camera app of our smartphone to open, start a three-second countdown by itself and, after this, the photo is taken automatically with the front sensor of the phone. It’s that easy and fast, without having to turn to anyone else.

Use gestures to take photos

One of the brands that have added the option to use gestures to take snapshots among their settings has been Samsung. And it is that these terminals have up to two different native functions, but now we are interested in the one related to gestures. Basically, you can take the photos you want with a simple movement. To do this, you will have to place the palm of your hand in front of the front or main camera of the mobile device in order to take the shot.

But, first we must activate it on our smartphone, so we will have to follow the following steps:

  • Open the camera application on your Samsung mobile.
  • Click on the Settings symbol.
    Access the Shooting Methods tab and activate the Palm Show function.

Take a selfie with your voice

One of the brands that has this method to take photos is Huawei . In the app of your camera we find a function with which we will be able to control it with our own voice. So it will no longer be necessary to have to be holding our terminal in a thousand ways to take an image. Since, activating this option we will do it with just one word. Therefore, to configure this functionality we will have to follow the following steps within the application itself:

  1. Access the Huawei camera application.
  2. Tap on the Settings icon.
  3. Find Audio Control and enter it.
  4. Activate the ” Say Cheese ” option. With this, we will get that as soon as you say this word the phone takes an image, either with the front or rear camera.

Control de audio Huawei

The second manufacturer in which we can find this feature functionality is the almighty Samsung . The South Korean brand also has this option within its settings. To do this, we must use voice control within the camera application. The steps to enable it are as follows:

  1. Access the camera app.
  2. Click on its settings icon> Shooting methods .
  3. Activate Voice Control.

Although we can not only find it on Android, since with the arrival of iOS 14 to Apple mobile devices, we also have the function that allows us to take photos using our voice. A configuration that has also been developed to facilitate this action for many people, in order to add more accessibility to their terminals.

To activate it, we will have to access Settings > Accessibility . When we are inside, we will have to go to the section on Physical and Motor Skills, where we will find Voice Control . Once inside, you will have to click on the switch that appears next to said functionality and an explanation of what it consists of will appear. Then we can customize the commands and create a one. To do this, we will have to establish a new command by typing the word Photo, while for the action we will choose Execute custom gesture , in order to simulate our finger pressing the camera button. And in the application section you will have to choose the mobile camera app. Once we enter Action, we will have to click on where it says hide controls, which is the position occupied by the camera button, simulating that we activate said button when we say the word that enables this command. After this, it will be necessary to save this configuration.

Control de voz iPhone

Other ways to take photos without hands

Finally, we are going with one of the oldest and least used options today, we refer to the timer. Although it has been implanted in our phones for years, few users decide to use it to take a selfie. Once we mark the seconds we want, a countdown will be displayed on the mobile panel that will indicate the time remaining for the snapshot to be taken automatically.

Best of all, we can choose how many seconds we want to pass before the camera runs. The process to activate it is as follows:

  • Access the Camera app on your mobile.
    Next, you will have to look for a symbol in the form of a clock or the Timer function. Depending on the brand, we can find it both on the main screen and within its Settings.
  • After this, we will only have to choose the seconds we want to be able to prepare before the smartphone takes the image.

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Accessories to help you

In the event that we do not have the possibility of having any of the previous methods, we can always get an accessory. Fortunately, there is a wide range of objects that will help us avoid having to be aware of correctly pressing the button to activate the sensor of our mobile device.

The first ones we come across are the selfie sticks, those accessories that became fashionable thanks to the fashion of the photo with the front camera. In addition, the most curious of all is that we will not touch our terminal as such, but a button that is integrated into said stick. Although, we can also make use of the selfie stick and in turn of the terminal’s timer. A good combination with which we will have time to prepare the shot and position ourselves to get out of the best shape in the photograph.

However, we can also use some kind of tripod . Currently, there is a large catalog, so it will not be very difficult to find one that fits our needs. We can find from those that adjust to all types of heights such as those in which their legs are flexible. Some even come with a wireless controller so that we can activate the smartphone camera and get it to take snapshots. So there it will depend on you and your tastes.