How to Take Scrolling Screenshots on Huawei Phones

Take Scrolling Screenshots on Huawei Phones

On many occasions , normal screenshots are too short for us. However, with your Huawei mobile you may have the possibility of taking an enlarged or scrolling screenshot. In this way you will save a snapshot of an entire WhatsApp conversation, a web page or the settings of your mobile phone. Basically you can capture an image of your mobile panel of everything you want.

Therefore, we will teach you how to do this simple action in a very simple way. Although it will not be in the usual way that it will be enough just to press a couple of buttons or the like. However, you have to know that not all Huawei phones have this useful function, although we will show you how to find out if you are one of those lucky ones who do. Even if different problems arise, we will explain in detail how you can easily solve it so that you can make scrolling captures without any problem.

What are scrolling captures?

The reality is that taking an image of the panel of our mobile device has become one of the most common actions that we already do automatically and we do it even without realizing it. Basically because it is only enough to carry out a simple combination of buttons, either by pressing different buttons or with a simple gesture or movement.

Now, in the event that you need to save an image of an entire conversation, an entire web page or the cover of an app, the normal capture falls a bit short. Although, if you have a Huawei smartphone you are in luck. Well, we can choose to take a scrolling screen image. What does it consist of? The difference is that this functionality performs a type of saving that combines several images while we move vertically through the mobile panel. And the best of all is that it is not complicated at all to achieve.

Captura de pantalla con desplazamiento en Huawei

And it is that scrolling screenshots , since depending on the brand they name it in one way, it is available on different smartphones from different manufacturers. As is the case that we present today with Huawei phones. So, before installing a third-party app on your phone, we recommend you find out if you have this function or not.

Although, as we said, the brand itself warns that not all its mobile devices are capable of carrying out this action. So it is time to learn how to take these shots on the screen of our terminal with movement.

Take scrolling snapshots on your Huawei

This function leaves us an open window of possibilities that the normal function cannot fulfill, such as having entire conversations saved with just a few clicks. In addition, it will be a good alternative if in your case you do not have the option to directly record the panel of your mobile. Likewise, Huawei offers us different methods to carry out this screenshot with movement.

The first will be making use of the direct access. To do this, we will have to slide our finger down from the status bar to open the shortcuts panel of our terminal . Then, we will only have to click on the Capture symbol. If in your case it does not appear, you will have to put it yourself in that bar by clicking on the pencil icon with which you can customize it.

After clicking on the function to take a snapshot of the panel, different options will appear. Although the one that interests us will be called Capture with displacement . Once pressed, it will begin to save different images of our mobile, sliding down. If you want it to be paused, you will only have to click on any movement area to end it.

Captura de pantalla con desplazamiento en Huawei

The second alternative will be to take a shot with the volume down and on / off buttons. Once done, the options that we have explained previously will appear again. Finally, some of the models will allow us to do this through gestures or with our knuckles.

To check if your smartphone has this possibility, you will have to follow the following steps:

With EMUI 8 and 9: go to Settings> Smart assistance> Control movements> Take screenshot.

With EMUI 10 and higher: go to Settings> Accessibility features> Shortcuts and gestures> Take screenshot .

In many of these smartphones you will have the possibility of executing this action by hitting the panel of the mobile with a knuckle or even drawing an S with the knuckle. After taking this image, you will have to select the Scroll Capture option again as in the first method.

Can’t you do them on your mobile?

Sometimes this very useful tool from our Huawei can give us some other problem . If in your case it stops automatically, it may be for different reasons:

  • The snapshot you took has exceeded the limit of approximately 14,000 pixels. It has that cap so that they do not take up too much space in the internal storage.
  • Whether the bottom of a page has been reached.
  • If there is content that affects the joint between the images, this tool will stop automatically. It can affect a floating window or dynamic content that appears on the screen.

capturas zona pantalla huawei nudillos

In addition, it is not the only “problem”, because on other occasions this functionality of the Huawei is not compatible with some apps on our mobile. For example, you cannot take a scrolling picture when there is an incoming call and when using landscape mode. And in bank apps or to make payments, for security reasons, it is impossible to perform this action.

It can also affect that the text size of our smartphone is not set to Normal. To do this, go to Settings> Text size or Text and display size and set it to Normal. Although it may also be that the intelligent resolution of our terminal is disabled or that this function is not enabled for the apps.

To do this, go to Settings> Applications and click on the three dots, then select Show system processes. Then, look for the Scrolling Capture section and make sure that the Show on top of other applications function is activated. In case the problem persists, it is best to make a backup copy and go to a Huawei customer service center. Although you can try to access the previous section again and click on Storage> Delete data.