How Are Clearing Cache and Clearing Data Different on Your Android?

How Are Clearing Cache and Clearing Data Different

One of the key pieces that we do not see in mobile phones is called memory, resulting in a drastic point in the operation of mobile phones. But we cannot refer to memory in a general way in smartphones, since there are several types, including cache or data memory.

This is present in each of the smartphone applications, being of special relevance to function quickly and agilely. Without this extra, we would not be able to enjoy such reduced waiting times, also affecting the consumption of mobile data or WiFi. But if at any time you have needed to clear the cache or the data, you will have found that both memory options are different and we want to clarify all their keys.

How do I clear the cache and data?

The first thing we have to know is the process to erase both memories, and then know how to differentiate the moment in which we have to end each of them. It is a very fast and easy process to do on Android smartphones, but it is not as feasible on iPhone, however.

It does not matter the model, the brand or the Android customization layer that our mobile has, because the steps will be identical. To erase this memory that accumulates in smartphones we have to follow this process:

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  • We enter the Settings section.
  • We look for the Applications section.
  • Then we access the list and locate the app in question.
  • Inside lela we are going to touch on “Storage and cache”.
  • To finally find the two available options and make the decision.

When should we use the clear cache option?

To know how to recognize the differences of clearing cache over the option of clearing data , we must be clear that the cache is based on temporary elements that the app stores to improve performance. Among everything that is part of the cache we find temporary images, files in reduced format such as icons or even the last thing we have seen and that will be stored temporarily until we visit the app again.

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That is why the key moment to erase this memory would be in slight problems , such as when the app does not stop closing and we cannot open or use it for a while. With this quick solution we will be freeing a cache that may be filling the capacity of the smartphone.

And when do we resort to erasing data?

Regarding the option to erase data, we come across a series of advanced data, they are not only temporary elements but also elements that have continuity in time. This may mean, among other things, our account, so if we delete this element, we will be obliged to re-enter the account and password if we want to use that service again.

The situations in which we are called to use this resource date from situations in which nothing worked in the application, an update has caused an error in the app itself or even because the permissions granted we could not modify them. It will be for sure how to reinstall the application on the mobile, erasing all possible traces.

It depends on the problem and the situation

We ourselves will be the ones to make the decision with each situation based on what we have explained to you. We will have to take into account the error and of course try first with the mildest option, and then try to fix with the most advanced one. For any situation, clearing the cache will always be what we recommend you do first , since most important data will not be lost and only those that are really useless will be affected.

So, do they serve the same purpose?

The answer is clear and direct, they do not have the same purpose since they do not do the same. However, both processes are focused on solving a problem or solving a problem that has arisen with the app. The clear cache tool will make only some elements disappear and the less important ones, but when deleting the data everything will return to the original state and it will be like having uninstalled the application to install it again.

Which one can give us more problems?

In case we are interested in carrying out the process of clearing the cache or data of our mobile, we must take into account the possible failures or adverse situations that we face. There should not be any errors in the process, although it is true in some cases it can be more complicated than desired.

For all those who are trying to clear cache or data of an app on their smartphone and the option appears unchecked, they should know that this is not possible in all the services that are pre-installed in the system. There is a security measure that prevents us from causing a serious error in the system. The alternative to restore this service will always be a factory reset, although that will mean losing all the files on the mobile phone and apps.

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The difficulties in deleting this content in some apps that have nothing to do with the system are also due to parental control. If our mobile is under the supervision of an adult, we will not be able to erase these elements on some occasions and only he with the security key will be able to complete it.

There is no problem that cannot appear after having done this process beyond having lost some of the data that the app had. However, not even the gallery should delete our photos if we choose to delete their data, since this is about files and not temporary elements or preferences. In most situations we should not have problems that annoy our experience on Android beyond uninstalling the app, as well as on iOS where this is the only possible option.

Once the cache or data has been cleared, it will be impossible to recover it, so before taking the final step we have to be very sure of what we could lose and if we know the keys to re-enter the service.