How to take good photos at night with a Xiaomi mobile

Night photography is one of the greatest difficulties that we have to face with our mobile phone, although technology makes it easier for us every time. Within Xiaomi mobiles, we have several ways to improve night photos in low light situations, following a series of steps that we are going to explain so that you can also dominate the night.

The Chinese firm has one of the customization layers that gives us the most options, we find several tricks for MIUI, which fortunately also extend to the camera. Once you know all the possibilities of the camera application on your Xiaomi mobile and some tips that we are going to give you, you will be able to put into practice everything you have learned and ensure that the night, no matter how dark it may be, will not resist you.

take good photos at night with a Xiaomi mobile

Tips for night photography

In order for us to make the most of each of the possibilities offered by the camera of a Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO mobile with MIUI, we must take into account a series of functions that we can activate depending on the type of photo we are looking for.

In this case, we want to take night pictures with the phone. For this reason, these tricks to take photos at night on Xiaomi will be of great help.

HDR is on our side

One of the options that we must always keep in mind is HDR, an automatic adjustment that we find in all Xiaomi mobiles and that will help us with the results both at night and during the day. This option is designed especially for times when we find an area of the image overexposed and the rest of the image too dark.

HDR mejores fotos xiaomi noche

In this case, what HDR will do is combine several photographs of the same scene to achieve maximum detail in both areas of the image. Activating it is very simple, because we only have to touch the button indicated in the image at the top.

Activate artificial intelligence

When we don’t have much time to adjust the result of the photos we are taking, artificial intelligence will be our great ally. Just by touching the button indicated as “AI” at the top and the rest will be decided by our mobile.

inteligencia artificial mejores fotos xiaomi noche

The camera cannot choose the position for us when activating the artificial intelligence, although it can modify the way it interprets colors . During the night it is very important to represent reality as it is, that is why this mode takes a lot of value so that the lights do not give false results.

Use night mode

One of the options that we must take into account the most to take photos with a Xiaomi mobile at night or in low light situations is the night mode. We can see that it is one of the main options of the MIUI application and that is why it is located next to portrait or panoramic mode.

modo nocturno xiaomi fotos

This night camera mode will significantly increase the light level , with the help of artificial intelligence, but specifically designed for situations where light is not our greatest ally. We ourselves can check the effect and observe how with a longer exposure time, this camera mode manages to obtain details that were previously impossible.

Enable the long exposure function

As with the previous mode, the exposure time increases, we can use the tool that is responsible for lengthening it so that we can achieve different effects. It is even recommended to use this MIUI function for the camera when the light is low, in order to make the final result more attractive. So it will help us to take photos at night with a Xiaomi .

If we want to try this native camera mode, we must first enter the application > tap on the ‘More’ tab > Long exposure . Within this, it will let us choose between different effects: Moving crowd, Neon trails, Oil painting, Light painting, Starry sky and Star trails. So we will only have to choose one and unleash our creativity.

Pro mode has what you need

At nightfall we have been able to verify that photography is complicated with our mobiles, although at Xiaomi we have the Pro mode as an outstanding ally. This option is the last one that we will find at the bottom and allows us the possibility of adjusting each and every one of the values that affect photos at night.

modo PRO camara xiaomi noche

To get a spectacular photo of the night we must have patience and learn little by little based on trial and error following the following tips:

  • Adjust the ISO to get some light, although without exceeding it or it could be negative for the result.
  • It compensates the ISO with a lower shutter speed and longer exposure time , so we will get more details without forcing the result artificially.
  • The help of a tripod or support point will be essential for night photography in Pro mode.
  • White balance can give very different results, depending on the type of night photography we are doing.
  • Tap on the point on the screen where you want to center the focus and ensure sharp images .

supermoon mode

Within phones with MIUI we find a function called Supermoon. A tool that will help us take impressive images of the Earth’s natural satellite at any time. By simply activating this mode, we will automatically configure all the parameters of the Xiaomi camera so that we can capture the Moon in the best way, as well as the sharpest.

hacer foto luna movil noche

In order for us to take advantage of this tool, we must go to the MIUI native app> click on ‘More’> Superluna . Once we are inside, it will even let us choose between different silhouettes so that we can give the photograph another touch.

Help yourself with a tripod

In situations where our pulse is not able to obtain the desired result, we can use a tripod or a fixed position for our Xiaomi mobile. By placing it on a fixed point, the smartphone itself will recognize it and allow us to increase the exposure time to what we need.

Get the best selfies at night

We cannot forget about the front camera at night, when we also want to save selfies with friends or family for memories. In this case, and unlike what we have seen before, we recommend using the front flash , since we will not have the possibility to adjust the exposure and the rest of the parameters.

selfies noche cámara xiaomi

We can also make use of HDR and artificial intelligence that we have known before. Although in this case the best advice we can give is to extend your arm, find a place where we have relatively light, use the front flash that illuminates the screen and smile.