Sunrise or Sunset Photos: Tips and Tricks for Sunsets

There are not a few users who are always looking for the perfect photograph. Although with the large cameras that have been integrated into mobile phones it is easier than ever to achieve it, the truth is that at certain times things can get complicated. A clear example is when we want to take pictures of sunrise or sunset with the phone. For this type of images, you have to know what features to touch on the mobile and, above all, what are the best tricks.

It is clear that everyone prefers one way or another to photograph the sunset with the mobile. But, we must not forget that there are different tricks to take the best photos with the smartphone camera without having to ‘go crazy’. In addition, you will greatly appreciate the simple fact of getting to know the tips that we have prepared for you. From now on, not once more will the sun escape you without first capturing it.

Sunrise or Sunset Photos: Tips and Tricks for Sunsets

Previous tips: What to keep in mind

Before getting down to work, there is a series of aspects that we must take into account if we want to get the best photos with the mobile. Especially, when dealing with scenarios with light conditions that are more complicated than usual. For this reason, there are two points that we should know before starting to learn the tricks to take snapshots of sunrise or sunset with a smartphone.

clean the lenses

Nobody wants that, after having achieved the perfect frame, the image in the end comes out blurry because the mobile camera is dirty . Therefore, we must first make sure that everything is clean as we can. However, we must be careful when removing the dirt. More than anything, because we don’t want it to be scratched or, much worse, damaged forever.

limpiar cámaras móvil

Therefore, the best way to clean the lens of the phone is to remove the case (if we have a case on), take a microfiber cloth and pass it through the rear sensors of the smartphone. To make it shine, we advise you to use this cleaning kit, in which even a special solution is added that will not damage the camera at any time. What’s more, with a few drops, we will have more than enough to leave this component of the phone untouched, it will seem that we just took the phone out of the box.

Be careful with the backlight

In these situations, the light changes a lot. Therefore, it will be necessary to have a very good eye to control the backlight , since it is not easy to achieve it for different reasons. Mainly, because shadows are generated, in addition to the fact that the camera’s exposure will be essential.

In this case, it is best to control the exposure in such a way that it remains as high as possible until the natural lighting that it does at the moment in which you are going to take the image does not burn the scene.

The method may vary depending on the model of our device, but in general it is represented by the symbol of a sun or a light bulb and by the +/- symbols. In any case, we will find a slider bar to adjust the amount of light to a greater or lesser extent.

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How to take perfect photos

After taking these two aspects into account, it is the moment of truth. It is the moment in which we are going to begin to see the main tips to take photos of a sunset with the mobile , or during the sunrise. Basically, because these phone camera tricks work for both situations. So you choose what you prefer to photograph with the smartphone.

how should you focus

The main thing will be knowing how to focus. In this case, the most appropriate thing is to focus the camera on the horizon, since if we focus on nearby objects, the background may appear blurred or not all the detail that should be appreciated from the sunset.

And not only this, but, in general, if we try to focus on a clear sky or an area that is very dark , due to clouds, for example, the smartphone will not be able to give its best. Therefore, we must focus on the area with the highest contrast, which is usually closer to the sun itself.

which lens to use

Although the objective is important, we already warned you to forget about the digital zoom. In the event that your terminal has an optical option, yes, you can use it. If not, you better not do it, since you are going to lose a lot of quality in the photograph.

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Therefore, if you want to make it look like you are closer to sunset, use the telephoto lens of your mobile camera . As long as you have optical zoom. Although, if you prefer the scene to be more open and you can capture more space, the ideal is to choose the wide angle of the smartphone. To do this, you only have to pinch on the screen, allowing us to obtain more light options.

Modes: Automatic or manual?

Everything will depend on our ability with the lenses of a smartphone. If we are users who are used to manually adjusting the phone’s camera app , the logical thing is that we use the pro or manual mode.

In that case, we will have more freedom to play with different elements:

  • The exposure : configure it as we explained before to avoid white or very burned areas .
  • The white balance : for sunsets it is better to put a high level.
  • Shutter speed : Choose one faster than 1/60.
  • The ISO : we must reduce it to avoid the appearance of noise.

In addition to that the focus will also be manual. However, if you are beginners, your thing is that you get carried away by the automatic mode. In this way, we will only have to focus on the horizon by clicking on an area close to the sun and calibrate the exposure as we had explained before.

modo profesional pintar luz

other tricks

If you have been left wanting more, we bring you other tricks that will help you even more in your feat of capturing the sun with the rear sensor of your smartphone.

Use the rule of thirds

One of the most important elements is composition. The rule of thirds is a composition technique used to order the elements of an image in order to make it more interesting, guiding the viewer’s gaze. Of course, as always, the rules are to be broken and a perfectly centered and symmetrical photo can have every intention of astonishing the user. So we only have to follow this indication according to the position of the sun or what we want to highlight from sunrise or sunset.

However, like everything in life, rules are there to be broken and a perfectly centered and symmetrical photo can have every intention of astonishing the user.

Take advantage of the functions of your mobile

Within smartphones we also find the option to change the image format. For example, RAW photos will make us achieve a higher quality in the snapshot. And not only this, but we can also use the HDR mode . In this way, we can obtain the maximum dynamic range. But, depending on the lighting situation, it may be worthwhile for us to deactivate this smartphone tool. It is best to leave it on automatic, so that the phone decides if it is really worth using or not. Although, this is an option that is not included in all devices.

Retouch the final image

Lastly, it’s time to edit the sunrise or sunset photo . In this way, we will be able to get more out of it if the final result has not convinced us as much as we expected. Therefore, during editing we will have to play with global settings such as brightness, contrast, shadows, etc. Here it will depend on the tastes of each one. To start editing it will be as easy as following these steps:

hdr contraste editar foto android

  • Enter the phone gallery.
  • Select the image.
  • Tap on Edit.

Depending on the customization layer or operating system that our terminal uses, these steps could vary a bit. But, in most cases, they will always be the same.