Take advantage of your day at the beach with these gadgets: bet on fun!

Summer is here again! And, with it, also comes the heat and that climate that invites you to visit the beach . If you are one of those who enjoys spending hours and hours between the sand, the salt and the sun, we have the gadgets you need for this summer.

If you are one of these, from Topes de Gama we have a small gift for you. We have made a selection of those gadgets that you must take with you to the beach, those essential accessories that will make your days much more fun. Read on and get more out of your summer vacation than ever.

Take advantage of your day at the beach with these gadgets

Your essentials for a day at the beach

There are some things that you will find on a day at the beach and that you will have to face. One of them is the heat , for which a dip is often not enough. On the other hand, if you spend the whole day there, problems such as hunger, thirst… Or even boredom may also appear! For all this there is a solution , as long as you know how to arm yourself before starting your way to the coast.

auriculares para la playa

Next, we are going to show you what accessories you should always carry with you in your backpack or bag if you want nothing to stop you.

  • First of all, you will need some devices focused on leisure and that help you entertain yourself as the hours go by. Within this category there are multiple options, from e-book readers to a tablet to watch your favorite series, as well as bluetooth speakers . Something you should always keep in mind before choosing any of these items is that there is both dust and water on the beach. Although there are devices that are not resistant and with which you will have to be careful, there are others that you can choose with an adequate certification . And it will be worth it in the long run!
  • In addition to leisure, good hydration and a good diet are essential on the beach. Especially if you are going to spend many hours! It is the only way to endure the hours in the sun and moving non-stop in the water. In this sense, it is a good idea to get a portable refrigerator , a smart bottle or even a can cooler .
  • Finally, there are certain gadgets that do not fall into a specific category because they are intended for other types of uses . Like, for example, portable fans , which will make you get rid of some of the heat. Or external batteries , focused above all on your smartphone holding the maximum number of hours possible.

What should not be missing in your backpack

After having seen above the categories that we will delve into later, a basic question arises: what should I put in my backpack yes or yes? We help you!

nevera playa

  • Both food and drink is essential, as well as something to help you keep it in good condition. If you are going to spend a few hours, at least take water with you in a bottle to always have it within reach.
  • Some element to entertain you is always a good alternative. The choice will depend on your tastes and needs, although we will give you some ideas! From a Nintendo to an electronic book, through headphones to choose the best music.
  • To make sure you never run out of battery , it’s a good idea to carry an external one with you. They do not weigh too much, they do not take up space and they can save you from a hurry.
  • If you like to listen to music , a speaker or headphones are always a good idea. Plus, it will help you relax!
  • Finally, it is not a bad idea to get a camera to store all your memories. This is especially interesting if you like to practice water sports . Regardless of whether you prefer swimming or surfing, you can keep all your memories safe with a sports camera . In addition, they are available at a very good price! The only thing you should check before getting them is that they allow you to obtain good resolution images and, above all, that they are comfortable to wear.

Gadgets to have fun on the beach

Let’s start our selection of products for the beach with those that will allow us to have a good time.

Amazon Kindle with front light

If you like to read , this Amazon Kindle will become your best friend when going to the beach. The main feature that will make you decide on this model and not another is that it has an integrated front light . Thanks to this, it will allow you to read even when the sun is high in the sky. That is to say: you will be able to read even in the sand.

Kindle gadgets playa

The light is fully adjustable , so you will not have problems in this regard. In addition, it is very compact , allowing you to take it with you everywhere even if you do not have much space. It will fit in any pocket of your backpack or bag, and weighs so little you’ll hardly notice it’s there.

It is a very complete book, since it allows you to underline, look up definitions, translate words… and even adjust the size of the text so that it better suits your view. It also has enough capacity so that you can store all the books you want. And it does not fall short of autonomy either!

Its price is around €90, but it is one of these devices that you will use a lot and for a long time.

A color book reader

The following book reader is from the PocketBook brand, and it has the peculiarity of having a color screen. It is the best alternative for those who read graphic novels or comics, since it will ensure that you do not miss a single detail of the story.

pocket book color playa

You can connect it via bluetooth to the device you want to store all your books. In addition, it offers a total of 16 GB of internal memory, more than enough to store everything you need. You can also access the internet through the WiFi connection if you wish, and even connect it to your computer via USB.

It weighs very little, just 160 grams , so it won’t be a bother to take it with you. As for the price, it remains below €200 . While it is a high price, this is a very versatile device!

A tablet to take to the beach

Can’t go anywhere without your favorite series or movies? In that case, this TECLAST P85 tablet is a great alternative. Not only because it has a very comfortable size , thanks to its 8-inch screen, but also because it is very affordable. For just over €100 you can have it with you and take it everywhere.

tablet android playa

The versatility of the tablet compared to other types of devices will make you end up deciding on it. Not only can you read , but you can also consume all the content you want. What’s more, you can share the internet from your smartphone and enjoy all the videos you want.

One of the great advantages of this tablet is how affordable it is. Despite everything, it has 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage, with which you can get a lot of use out of it. In addition, it has a powerful 4,000 mAh battery that will allow you to use it for many hours without thinking about the charger.

JBL GO 3 speaker: portable and waterproof

Going to the beach with good music is always a great alternative. If you want to enjoy your favorite songs with a very compact speaker, this one from JBL is one of the best alternatives. Thanks to its size, you can even hook it as if it were a keychain.

JBL GO 3 altavoz inalámbrico

It has IP67 certification , which ensures that it is resistant to both water and dust. That does not mean that you can put this speaker in the sea, but that it could resist splashes without that being a problem.

As for the sound quality , it is very high! You will be pleasantly surprised, especially when you consider the size of the device itself. To this we must add that it has an important autonomy of 5 hours , with which you can listen to music for a long time without pausing.

Its price is between €30 and €40, depending a lot on the offers you can find at any given time.

Vieta Pro Goody 2 Speaker

For those who are a little more demanding with the sound quality they hear, and are looking for more autonomy, we have a slightly more pro speaker. In this case it is from Vieta Pro, and it promises to have up to 12 hours of battery life .

altavoz goody 2 vieta pro playa

It is much larger in size, something you should keep in mind if you were looking for a compact device. In return, it offers more advanced features , such as FM Radio or even connection with virtual assistants like Alexa. In addition, it has an auxiliary input that you can connect to your smartphone so you don’t have to use Bluetooth connectivity.

This is a True Wireless speaker, which allows you to connect two speakers at the same time. Also, as we have pointed out, you can use it for 12 hours without interruption.

The price is usually around €70, but you can find it quite discounted.

water resistant earphones

These wireless headphones are a great alternative if you want to listen to music without anyone else having to listen to it. They are usually used for swimming in pools, although their use with sea water could break them. No electronic device should be used in the sea, especially since salt can get inside the mechanism and that would break it.

SHOKZ auriculares playa nadar

The design they have is specifically designed not to hurt the ear at any time. They are considered open headphones, and what they are looking for is that the ear is not hurt at any time.

They have IP68 protection so, as we have pointed out, they allow immersion in fresh water. They offer good sound quality, and have 4 GB of internal storage so you can store all your music without problems. As for autonomy, they offer up to 8 hours of freedom . More than enough to enjoy a long day.

The price is around €150, but you will end up getting a lot of use out of them!

nintendo switch lite

If reading isn’t your thing, there’s nothing like taking your console to the beach to while away the hours. Of course: be careful with both the sand and the water. If you want your Nintendo Switch Lite to accompany you and continue to be in good condition, you should ideally be very careful.

nintendo switch lite amarilla playa

The Lite version of this console is ideal for traveling and going with you anywhere, since it is small and compact. That makes it much easier to put it in any pocket and transport it comfortably.

The peculiarity of this Nintendo with respect to the complete model is that it has integrated controls, and you will not be able to extract them. Despite everything, it will allow you to enjoy all the games of the franchise. As for the price, it will be yours for less than €230 .

Action camera: with remote control and a complete kit

To be able to store all your memories , even those that take place underwater, there is nothing like an action camera. This is from the Exprotrek brand and is perfect for recording everything you never want to forget. It is capable of recording videos with 4K resolution , it has a touch screen and you can submerge it up to 40 meters.

cámara de acción playa

One of its peculiarities is that it brings with it a large number of accessories that will make you get much more out of it. One of these is the waterproof case, thanks to which you can submerge it. It is perfect for swimming, diving, surfing… In addition, it has a remote control that you can attach to your wrist to record the best shots.

You will not have to be constantly aware of the battery , since it includes two instead of one. Thanks to that, you will have much more autonomy in your day to day.

The price is quite low, especially considering everything it offers. And it can be yours for less than €110 .

Accessories for eating and drinking on the sand

After having seen some articles focused on leisure, we are going to see other devices that will help you stay hydrated . And eat whatever you want!

A smart water bottle

Have you ever heard of smart water bottles? Not only will it become an essential to go to the beach, but in your day to day. This bottle is capable of keeping any drink cold for up to 24 hours , it is made of stainless steel and completely prevents sweating. And, in addition, it will remind you when you should drink.

botella de agua inteligente playa

It works through a free application that you can download to your smartphone, and that will remind you when you should drink water. In addition, it has an intelligent sensor that you can check through the LED lights on the outside.

It has a rechargeable battery that has a lot of autonomy, and that will allow you to take it with you anywhere. You can choose both the color of the bottle and the size , and thus you will stay hydrated in a much smarter way. The price is around €80, but it’s worth it!

An ideal portable refrigerator for the beach

If you are one of those who always carries soft drinks, the best thing you can do is get a portable cooler like this one. It’s from the flamingueo brand, and it has a design that will leave you speechless.

flamingueo nevera playa

In addition to being pretty, it has a capacity of 4 liters . More than enough for the drinks you are going to drink throughout a day. It not only serves to cool, but also allows you to heat something if you wish.

It is very quiet , since it barely emits 28 dB of noise. The price is less than €60, so it is a great alternative.

Portable blender for your juices

Are you addicted to fruit and vegetables in all their varieties? Well, with this portable blender now you will have it easier than ever. All you have to do is take your fresh fruit to the beach and prepare the shake of your choice there. It has a capacity of 380 ml, and has a total of six blades that makes the result much more homogeneous.

licuadora portátil playa

It is small, light and very easy to transport anywhere. Thanks to that, it will never be a great effort for you to make a healthy smoothie anywhere.

As an extra point, you should know that you can choose the color you want. And it costs around €25, quite a bargain!

Can and bottle cooler

If you don’t want to take a cooler with you but you do want to keep your can or bottle fresh, you can always opt for a cooler of this style. Although it is true that it only serves you for one drink at a time, it is perfect if you are not going to spend too much time on the beach.

enfriador de latas playa

You can introduce drinks of up to four different sizes and always keep them in the best conditions. What’s more, you should know that they will be fresh for more than 12 hours . And that is a real luxury, especially on the beach in the middle of August!

The price is very affordable, since it costs less than €16.

Other plugins that can help you

Finally, we are going to see other types of accessories that could also be of help to you on the beach. What’s more: they are essential if you want to spend many hours, or if it’s very hot!

A 20,000 mAh external battery

Something that should go with you yes or yes in the backpack is an external battery . Especially if it is this 20,000 mAh one, which will not only allow you to charge your mobile phone but even that of your relatives.

batería externa

It supports 20W fast charging , something that will make your life even easier. In addition, it has a small screen where you can see the remaining battery, so that you are never caught by surprise.

Despite its power, it is very compact. It also has a metal casing that is not only comfortable to hold, but also helps dissipate heat while charging. The price is one of its great strengths, since it costs less than €36.

A portable fan and external battery

For those moments of extreme heat in which you don’t even know where to go and not even the sea calms you down, we have this small portable fan . It has a battery that will work for around 20 hours, so you can use it for several days without a problem.

HandFan mini ventilador playa

But it has another functionality: it is also an external battery . It’s a two for one! This makes it an item that you will always want to carry with you. If you use it as an external battery, it is true that you will see that its autonomy drops drastically, but it will still guarantee you more than five hours of freedom.

It offers three different speeds, thus allowing you to adapt to everything you need. Without a doubt, he will become one of your best friends this summer. It has the peculiarity of costing around €25, an almost ridiculous price.

The most comfortable neck fan for the beach

For those who are not entirely convinced about having to carry a fan in their hand, we make it even easier for them. This neck fan is even more comfortable than the previous one, and will be able to accompany you whenever you need it.

smartdevil ventilador cuello playa

It is very light , so it will not be heavy to carry it with you. In addition, with a single charge it offers you up to 6 hours of autonomy . It is not only ideal for lying in the sun and getting over the heat, but also for working, hiking, going for a walk… It can be used for everything!

It has a total of 48 air outlets that will make you feel fresh throughout the day. And from the brand itself they assert that in just 1 second you will notice how your whole body cools up to 5 degrees .

As for the price, it’s around €27 , so it’s a good buy.

Waterproof cases for your smartphone

Although it may seem obvious, it never hurts to recommend that you take care of your smartphones from water and sand . With this type of fully waterproof cover, you will be able to keep it in the best possible conditions for as long as you are on the beach.ProCase dos fundas playa

It is the only way to protect your mobile phone from possible damage. Not only from getting wet, but also from ending up with sand inside the charger port, for example.

In this case, we are facing a pack of two covers that costs less than €10. In addition, they are completely universal cases and will work on any phone that has a screen smaller than 6.9 inches.

Our essentials

Any of the products that we have mentioned will always be a good alternative to entertain you on a day at the beach. However, we are clear about what our essentials would be, those that we could never go without throughout the day.

  • First of all, there is nothing like a good book reader . Getting lost in a story while listening to the waves of the sea in the background is a pleasure that should not be missed.
  • On the other hand, it is necessary to protect your smartphone with a suitable case to prevent it from being damaged. We don’t want to come home with a useless phone!
  • Finally, yes or yes, we need to know that our mobile is not going to run out of battery . And there is nothing like a good power bank to avoid this. Everything else can be secondary!