External batteries: everything you need to know and types to buy

The advancement of technology has allowed us to enjoy much more developed batteries than those of a few years ago. Fast charging as well as USB Type-C already seem like the standard at the exact time these lines are being written. Although the autonomies allow us to enjoy up to a day (or even more, depending on the terminal) of battery, in some cases the degradation of the batteries or spending a long time away from home without a plug can be a problem. The best solution? The power banks or external batteries to enjoy a prominent autonomy without the need to be dependent on the plug.

External batteries: everything you need to know

For this reason, in this article, we are going to guide you in each and every one of the points and articles that you should pay attention to when buying one of these products or external batteries . If you are looking for a large, small, for mobile phone, laptop or tablet, with solar charger, water resistance… We will cover all possible points to offer you a complete buying guide.

What these batteries should have

As usual, before moving on to the products section, we give you a small guide to the issues you should pay attention to before launching to buy.

  • connectivity. The minimum required is that a pair of USB type A ports be included, in order to use two devices at the same time -which optimizes processes- and makes the accessory very useful. In addition, it is not a bad idea to have a USB type C input, since in this way all the cables that exist on the market are covered. By the way, it is not a bad idea to check that in the works of several loads in parallel how is it divided the output power of each port. We say this so as not to find unpleasant surprises.
  • Number of USB ports . The number of ports is important depending on the number of devices you want to charge. Imagine that you have a tablet, a mobile and some other gadget such as headphones. The essential thing is that it has at least two USB type A ports, and at least one or two type C. In this way you will have the spectrum more than covered. In addition, the vast majority of power banks support simultaneous charging.
  • Milliamps/capacity. Obviously the higher this spec, the better. But the minimum required to look for is to have 10,000 mAh , since in this way it is possible to carry out two tablet battery refilling processes and, therefore, at least half a day of autonomy is completed with intensive use… It is a more than affordable figure, the lower priced ones play with 10,000 mAh. In the case of larger models, the capacity goes up to 20,000 mAh. And in the case of laptops and tablets, everything above that figure.
  • Smartphone, laptop or tablet . In principle, it is not the same to charge a smartphone than a laptop than a tablet with external batteries. Each has an even larger battery capacity than the other. That is why it is good to differentiate well. In the case of mobile phones, in the vast majority of cases we will have more than enough with about 15,000 mAh. However, for laptops and tablets, with a larger battery, 20,000 will be the best you can choose to guarantee a good charge.
  • Weight and dimensions . In the first case, always below 500 grams and, in the second, the thickness must be less than five centimeters), because if this is not controlled, the space they occupy in backpacks is excessive… And, this , over time it becomes quite a handicap.
  • Information LEDs . They have two functions, mainly: on the one hand, they allow knowing from the amount of charge that the accessory has left and, even, in some models, depending on how this element is illuminated, it can be clear that there is a problem at work.
  • Water resistance . A somewhat controversial subject since this type of device is not designed to be used underwater. It doesn’t make much sense at first. What these types of models with water resistance refer to is what it has to do with resistance to splashes. Let’s say that one day of camping it starts to rain heavily. So that your battery is not damaged, it will not hurt to have IPX8 resistance to splashes to avoid future problems.
  • Drop resistance .
  • Protections . External batteries are in danger of exploding. An example of this are the many devices whose batteries have swollen due to the great heat they endure and end up exploding in the hands of some people. A power bank also includes much more technology than a conventional battery. For this, it would be convenient to include protections. It would be nice if the least had protections against overvoltages, short circuits and advanced security measures. A chip is included inside the adapter and the adapter goes into operation when surges or high temperatures are detected.
  • Solar chargers . They will offer you a versatility that traditional models do not, naturally. Imagine never again depending on a cable to charge your power bank, and at the same time, your device. The fact that it incorporates solar panels is a factor to be taken into account. But there are some small details that you should take into account before launching to buy one:
    • Built-in flashlight . Good detail to keep in mind, since, if you are going to camp or spend days away, it can get you out of trouble.
    • resistors. These models are often used for off-road adventures. If you are going to use it in all kinds of places, the optimal thing is that it includes some type of resistance to shocks and falls, as well as to water.
    • Solar panels . These batteries, naturally, are charged through small solar panels that vary depending on the power or mAh of the battery.
    • Compass. Some models also have a compass to guide you comfortably in case you get lost. More than a battery, they are a real Swiss army knife.

The load: fundamental aspect

Finally, we believe that this section deserves a special mention. As we have explained briefly but concisely, if you do not reach at least 10,000 mAh , it is very possible that you will not have a good user experience. And it is that the vast majority of mobile phones have charging capacities greater than 4,000 mAh, 5,000 in the vast majority of cases.

That means that if we opt for something less than 10,000 it will not even reach you for two consecutive charges. We are no longer talking about more than one device with simultaneous charging .

bateria xiaomi redmi conectores

The ideal, in this type of case, is that it has at least 15,000 mAh of charge. However, this is because it is something that has to be assessed in a concrete way at the time of choosing the model in question.

This is something very important when buying one of these accessories, since at least one USB type A input must be included, in order to use the cable that is included with the smartphone or tablet. But, the truth is that the inclusion of a second port seems essential today in case you need to charge two devices at the same time (if one of them is type C , better than better since all the needs that are needed are covered. they can have). The case is that here the more the better, is fulfilled.

You should also look at the output power of each USB type C port, which is the one that will guarantee the current charging standard. Ideally, it should move between 2.6 A and 3 A (both at the input and at the output). In this way, you can be sure that the charging process is carried out at a high speed, both when charging devices and when filling the internal battery of the product you buy. Obviously, it is not a bad idea to comply with some of the fast standards that currently exist, the most recommended being Quick Charge.

Compact and small batteries: less than 10,000 mAh

You don’t need something so big but you do need something that is compact and small? With 10,000 mAh you will have plenty, these are some of the main models that will meet what you ask for:


We bring you the smallest power bank or external battery in the entire market practically . It is a versatile model, with more than 5,000 reviews on Amazon, and the vast majority of them are positive. We are talking about that it only weighs 220 grams and fits in the palm of your hand (literally). Take it wherever you want comfortably.

POSUGEAR Powerbank batería

It has two 2.1A and 1A outputs that allow you to charge devices simultaneously. 2.1A output is 40% faster than 1A naturally. It supports charging of the main smartphones on the market with the 2.1A one, while the 1A one is designed for small gadgets.

It also has overload, overcurrent , overvoltage and short circuit protection. Its price on Amazon is approximately 15 euros

xiaomi power bank

In our selection, the already mythical Xiaomi power bank could not be missing, which has gained so much fame in recent years for its good performance. It is of the most compact size and with a power of 10,000 mAh. As we said, it is the minimum acceptable, but it will be more than enough depending on what you want to load.

It is white, with measurements of 14.8 x 7.6 x 1.7 centimeters . You can take it practically anywhere, since it only weighs 330 grams. It has a sophisticated and minimalist design, to take it comfortably on any trip.

Best of all, it supports wireless charging up to 10W, while with cable it is capable of reaching up to 18W , the standard in the vast majority of mobiles like Samsung. It will not be necessary for the device you are going to charge to be of the Xiaomi brand. Its price on Amazon is around 20 euros through the following link that we provide:

External batteries with more than 20,000 mAh: the largest

The 20,000 mAh is the highest standard in this type of battery. Let’s see some of the most worthwhile models:


Anker, the famous sound brand, also reaches the external battery market with this most versatile model. The Anker power bank has 20,000 mAh, it is very simple but functional at the same time. You can choose it in white or black, to your liking!

Anker Powercare

Depending on the brand, it offers you up to 4 charges for an iPhone of the latest generation. To do this, it equips the exclusive PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technology to combine optimized charging in each and every one of the devices. This means that it will automatically adapt to the load that each device has preset, avoiding overloads or overvoltages.

It has full protection and a price of only 35 euros.

Charmast: one of the thinnest external batteries

As soon as you see this model, it is obvious how thin it is. An ultra slim power bank with a huge capacity of 26800 mAh . A real madness! But not only that, but it has up to 4 different ports (5 in total).

Batería externa Charmast

Equipped with three input ports for charging and four USB output ports with Smart Identification technology (1 USB C + 3 USB A). Intelligent USB identification can automatically detect and adjust the charging current to achieve faster charging.

How could it be otherwise, to be as complete as possible, it also has all kinds of certifications and protections . Ideal to take anywhere due to its compact design. Its price on Amazon is around 35 euros, and you can choose different colors, such as pink, black or white. We leave you the link!

Specific external batteries with USB type C connection

Not all batteries have USB type C, but the vast majority of mobiles already have USB type C. If you are specifically interested in this type of battery, take a look at these.


We assault the range of power banks that have USB type C ports with this one from Audidh , one of the most complete, and we mean it from the heart. To begin with, it has 33,800 mAh, which is surely the highest capacity of the selection. It has a fast charge of up to 25W, one of the few that have so much charge, and QuickCharge 4.0 technology.


To top it off, it also has 15W wireless charging . If you have headphones or a smartwatch, or even your smartphone, you can put it on top of the case. Then let it charge automatically without the need for cables. Autonomy to power!

As if that were not enough, it has up to five USB type C outputs. It is great for laptops, tablets, smartphones… Everything you want! Its price is not expensive at all: about 30 euros, being able to choose it in red and black for even less . Without a doubt, a true top of the range among external batteries.


On some other occasion we have talked about Ugreen products. They are really worth it for their price. Complete and functional. This includes USB type C and 10,000 mAh fast charging , with QuickCharge 3.0, which is not the latest generation, but is more than enough.


It will help you to charge all the latest devices in record time thanks to Power Delivery 3.0, its own technology. In about 3 hours and a half, calculate the mark. Its price is about 30 euros.

fast charging

Fast charging is becoming more and more common in all types of mobiles, both high-end and medium-low range. For this reason, batteries and powerbanks have been updated to support this type of charging and have your device ready in the blink of an eye. These are some of the best models:


Are you looking to have your device charged in the blink of an eye? Well, meet your goal with this portable battery sold by Amazon that has more than 1,000 positive reviews. We are talking about offering 26,800 mAh, a capacity to be taken into account, with 3 USB A outputs and another 2 type C.


Its fast charge works at 2.1A, with Quick Charge 3.0 and PowerDelivery that will guarantee you have your terminal charged in just one hour. Record time! In addition, it adopts import intelligent control IC to prevent overcharge, overvoltage, overcurrent and short circuit of the power bank.

The external battery is universally compatible with all devices on the market. Its price is about 30 euros.

Baseus Power Bank

A model that is not superior in capacity, but is superior in the rest of the technologies, is this one from Baseus. Its power bank has up to 20,000 mAh of charge. Pay close attention to this, with 65W fast charging! It literally breaks all records, with PD 3.0 fast charging, QC 4.0 and LED display with an indicator that informs you of the remaining capacity.

Powerbank Baseus

One of the best external batteries. It allows simultaneous charging even between a smartphone and a laptop or tablet, being able to charge half an iPhone in just 30 minutes , 3 times faster than normal power banks. A MacBook, for example, in 2 hours at 100%. Isn’t that amazing?

Its design is metallic, shockproof . It has a fine colored surface and a shimmering metallic sheen. It helps dissipate heat this way. Although it also has its own protection technologies. Its price is about 50 euros.

water resistant models

It is not usual to find waterproof models. In fact, it is very difficult. We propose one of the best known and main models:

Better Angel XBT

A model with water resistance and solar charger is this one from Better Angel. It is totally waterproof, and it equips a small compass, so more than a battery, it is a complete Swiss army knife with a multitude of options. As we told you, it stands out mainly for its resistance to water and dust. Light and compact size and weight.

Better Angel XBT

The charger equips a solar panel that can be hung from a backpack in a practical way. the portable solar charger is made of premium ABS materials and lithium polymer battery, very durable.

As you can well guess, the charge of your terminals and the capacity of the battery will be subject to the intensity of light and the solar panels. Despite this, it has 20,000 mAh, and an LED indicator to know the battery levels depending on the sun it has received.

It has three inputs: 5V/A USB, 5V/1A type C charger and another 5V/2.1A USB , with a cover to protect the waterproof ports. Also includes a flashlight. Its price is around 75 euros.

for laptop and tablet

As we have told you, there are models of external batteries with much more amperage to be able to charge devices with much larger and heavier batteries such as laptops and tablets. Here are some of the main models:


One of the number one sellers is this A ADDTOP. It has a high speed charging of 18W, with PD and QC and a capacity of 26800 mAh . In other words, it will be great for charging your laptop or tablet. Always up to date! You can combine different types of load. Its price is about 35 euros.

Powerbank ADDTOP


We cannot recommend a more powerful and professional power bank or external battery than this one. It is designed to be used with multiple devices on your outings to the field, or wherever you go. From the Zendure brand , this power bank has nothing more and nothing less than 26,800 mAh of pure power . Although its size is somewhat larger than what we have seen so far.


But be very careful with this, because it charges up to 100W. It will allow you to charge any device, no matter how large, in just a few minutes, even your laptop or tablet. For this, it uses a light polymer battery, with 9 layers of security and an intelligent LED screen.

It allows you to check the remaining power, number of devices, input and output power, and battery capacity anytime, anywhere. It has 4 USB type C ports of 138W. Its price is 229 euros.

Goodbye to the plug: batteries with solar charge

Finally, to end this selection of the best external battery models, we bring you a series of models that support solar charging. In this way you will completely forget about any plug even to charge the powerbank itself. Enjoy the outdoors!


An economical model to take anywhere and enjoy solar energy. Forget the cables. This powerbank is 24000 mAh . It has solar panels and distinctive LEDs that will inform you of how the charge is going and how much energy you have left to use.

Cargador X-Dragon

It has a dual input of 2A and output of 2.4A, micro and type C input. It also has a compass and 2 bright LED flashlights, ideal for all kinds of outdoor activities. Of course, you will depend on the solar energy that it captures. Its price is 40 euros, available in various colors.

Leo Way

Finally, a more than professional model for your outings. It has the highest charging technology and solar panels. Made of flame retardant ABS and resistant to water, dust and falls.

Cargador Ley-Way

It equips three output ports and one input port, equipped with Micro-USB input, Lightning input, TYPE-C input/output , USB1 output and USB 2.0 output. It also has wireless charging on the back, LED indicator lights and a flashlight. Its price is approximately 58 euros.

Recommendation: the best external batteries

And now? First of all, we have proposed a series of most interesting external battery models. There is no doubt that it is not an easy task to opt for one of all the ones we have provided, right? If we had to highlight any of them above the rest, we have them clear.

In the case of looking for a common power bank or battery, for all kinds of uses, such as mobile phones, headphones and even a smart watch… The prize goes to the Audidh battery . For its price you get more than enough capacity and all kinds of technologies and protection, including wireless charging.

If you are looking for something more powerful and with great capabilities, then the one chosen this time will be Zendure . Slightly larger in size, yet still compact. It stands out for its great capacity and power.