Tabletop stands for iPhone: how to choose one and recommended options

There are many and very useful accessories on the market to use with the iPhone. However, there is one that practically all users have to always have at their fingertips, and they are the supports to be able to place the iPhone safely and comfortably on the table or desk. Therefore, in this post we bring you a compilation with the best options you can find.

Factors to take into account

Tabletop stands for iPhone

As usual, whenever you have to choose a product to accompany your iPhone, there are several points that you have to take into account in order to choose the option that best suits your needs and that, above all, will satisfy them the most. . Here are the points that, from our point of view, we consider the most important in a support.

  • The manufacturing material is a fundamental point when choosing a good support for your iPhone, since it will mark the resistance and security that it gives to the device.
  • The design is also essential, since it will usually be located on your work desk or in a visible place, so choosing the one that best combines with the environment will be key.
  • How do you want to put the iPhone? This question is what you have to ask yourself initially, to opt for a more traditional type of support for an arm that will allow you to raise your device more centimeters and even be able to move it with some freedom.

Classic stands for iPhone

We begin the compilation with the more traditional options that you can find when launching yourself for a support for the iPhone. These are the typical supports that, although they are a very simple accessory, are also really useful to carry out different actions with the iPhone. Here are some of the most interesting options.

Amazon Basics – Mobile Phone Holder


The first support that we want to talk to you about is the one offered by Amazon itself. It has a traditional design in which you can find a hole that will allow you to insert the charging cable of your iPhone if you want to charge the device. In addition, it is available in black which gives it a very elegant appearance.

The width of the hook for the iPhone is 15 mm which will allow you to be able to put the iPhone both vertically and horizontally and that it remains stable at all times. It has resistant non-slip pads, and is made of the highest quality aluminum that guarantees great durability and stability.

Lamicall Mobile Stand


An option really similar to the one mentioned above is this one brought by the Lamicall company. It offers a hole to insert through it, the charging cable of your iPhone so that, if you want to use this support as a charging base, you can also use it. Aesthetically it is very similar to the thousands of options that you can find in the market.

As for the colors available, Lamicall delights users who want more striking colors, since in addition to silver , this product is also available in gray, black, rose gold and red . It has a resistant aluminum alloy, rounded edges, being very strong, light and totally portable.

OMOTON Mobile Phone Stand Table

Soporte Teléfono OMOTON

One of the manufacturers that always makes an appearance when we talk about accessories for Apple devices is OMOTON, and in this case it could not not appear thanks to the fantastic support it provides to all users. Without a doubt, it draws attention at first glance due to the feeling of robustness it provides, giving users the assurance that the iPhone will always be perfectly located on it.

The design is very similar to the rest of the alternatives on the market, but the number of colors in which it is available stands out , these are silver, blue, gray, black, rose gold, purple and red. It also has two holes to insert a charging cable, in case you want to charge the iPhone as well as different pads to ensure the attachment of the device and the support itself to the surface on which it is placed.

UGREEN Mobile Support


If before we said that OMOTON is usually present in compilations of accessories for Apple devices, even more present is UGREEN. In this case, it offers a support that, from the start, is slightly different from the rest of the options that we have talked about so far. From a very stable base, an arm is born that ends with the usual tray to place the device.

One of the most differential characteristics of this support is that you will be able to adjust its height , since the arm is fully adjustable. It’s made of aluminum and plastic with a low-center-of-gravity design to give iPhone that stability it needs. It also has non-slip rubber pads so that the base is always well attached to the surface.

ESR HaloLock MagSafe Phone Holder

ESR HaloLock

With the arrival of MagSafe technology to iPhones, many manufacturers have taken advantage of it to carry out different accessories, well, that’s exactly what ESR has done, take advantage of MagSafe to manufacture a support on which only you have to place the iPhone and it remains fully magnetized .

Aesthetically it is one of the options that transmits the best feeling, it also has a robust base that guarantees the stability of the device at all times. Of course, even if it is MagSafe, you have to know that it is not a device to charge the iPhone, simply to keep it magnetized, either vertically or horizontally.

Vertical Table Mobile Stand

Soporte Móvil Mesa Vertical

OMOTON returns to make an appearance in this compilation, in this case with a totally different option from the previous one. This support has the peculiarity that it will allow you to modify and customize the height of the iPhone thanks to its extendable arm.

Due to the design and to be able to give it the necessary stability whenever you place the device on this stand, the base is made of metal with a thickness of 8 mm and a length of 90 mm . It also has a series of pads so that it does not slide on the surface it is placed on. Finally you have it available in two different colors, black and white.

The supports with a more particular design

We put aside the more traditional supports and focus on those that have a very peculiar design, but that are still really useful, even more depending on the use you want to give it and the times when you are going to use it. Here are some of the different options you can find.

LONZOTH Mobile phone holder


This gooseneck support from the LONZOTH brand is one of the most interesting options you can find. This type of product will allow you to be able to move the iPhone with much more freedom while still being fully attached to it. The so-called gooseneck is very flexible and easy to move so that you can put the iPhone exactly in the position you want.

In order to provide the necessary stability and fixation, this support is fully anchored to the table, but the mechanism to carry it out is very comfortable and in a few seconds you can install it without any problem. The length of the neck is 90 cm , which gives a very interesting range of movement to be able to use it in different actions.

Tryone Mobile Phone Support

Tryone Soporte Móvil

Another very similar option that we put on the table, and never better said, is this one from the Tryone brand. It is once again a support that has a gooseneck that you can use to place your iPhone in the position you need, without complications and in the most comfortable way possible, thanks to its 70 cm length .

In the same way that happened with the previous option, in order to give the stability that this type of product needs, the base must be fully anchored to the table. This process is very simple to carry out and you will only have to invest a few seconds to leave the support perfectly stabilized.

Lamicall Gooseneck Mobile Stand

Lamicall Soporte con cuello

We continue with the supports that have a gooseneck, ideal to be able to place your iPhone both vertically and horizontally and to be able to record yourself, view content or simply, to keep it in view and be able to access it whenever you want. In this case, it is the Lamicall brand that offers a high quality support.

In fact, the robustness that can be seen as soon as you look at this product is striking. The arm has a length of 850 mm that maintains stability and gives you all the facilities to be able to move it to your liking. It also has a 360 rotation clip mount that will allow you to freely adjust this mount for the best viewing angle.

Long tripod mount

Soporte largo para trípode

We end up with a slightly different support than those mentioned above. In this case, it does not have a gooseneck, since it is much more similar to the typical arm that many users use to place a microphone. It is designed to be able to place the iPhone and use it as a camera, either to record videos or for the iPhone to be your computer’s own webcam.

This tripod has three fully adjustable 35cm arms that are capable of providing a maximum height of 125cm . It features a swivel ball head that has a 360 degree rotation. Obviously, this support has to be anchored to the table, but you will not have any kind of complication and in a few seconds you will have it perfectly operational.

Which one are we left with?

Whenever we carry out this type of accessory compilations we like, at the end, to tell you which are the options that have convinced us the most . However, you have to know that this is a totally subjective opinion that responds to certain needs and tastes, so we recommend that you be yourself or yourself, depending on your needs, and having the data of the different products , make the decision of which of them is the one that can work best for you.

As for the more traditional supports, the one that we liked the most was the one provided by the ESR HaloLock brand , since it uses MagSafe technology to fix the iPhone to the support. On the other hand, if we focus on the gooseneck mounts, although they are all very similar, we liked the one offered by the Lamicall brand a little more.