Survival Communication for Preppers and Emergency Preparedness

The crisis is a part of life. Chaos is always there, and people have to be ready for it. But the sad thing is that many people don’t anticipate the worse to come. Aware people should be ready for proper communication when the worst dawns on us. Communication has been the most important thing since the dawn of humanity. If people cannot communicate with each other in a time of difficulty, it will be impossible for us to survive. Here are four amazing communication ideas that you should adopt during an apocalyptic event, so keep reading!


CB Radios

The phrase “CB Radio” stands for “Citizens Band, a radio service that EVERYONE can use without getting a license, etc. These radios are amazing for amateurs who want to start their radio communication as a hobbyist. But the good thing about CB Radios is that they are also amazing for preppers. You can use these radios if you are trapped in a disaster and want to communicate to people who are toiling to save themselves. CB radios have a great range of communication, and they can be operated easily even if you are not tech-savvy.

Two-Way Radios

Remember watching the walkie-talkies we all loved in our childhood? Probably the first time all of us saw walkie-talkies, or Two-way radios, was in dramas or movies, so we are quite familiar with what these devices are. Two-way radios operate on non-phone channels, allowing them to work in cases of a natural catastrophe when our everyday phones can’t operate anymore. The range of two-way radios is amazing, and they can take your voice to your loved ones and your community in any disaster. These radios have an amazing battery; they are lightweight and can fit easily in the bag of any survivalist.


Talk about a disaster that takes away all the communication networks and devices that operate on electrical signals; what will you do in such a case? The thing about real calamities is that it will stop us from using ANY of the modern communication devices if one occurs. Preppers can use flares for proper communication in such a case. Flares were used in the past for communication when computers didn’t exist. Flares don’t require you to learn any specific skills, and they are not costly either. Using flares, you can communicate with people over long ranges and send signals to ensure that everyone’s safe.

Ham Radio

Ham Radios are considered to be the most sophisticated mode of communication. Governmental bodies like the Armed forces use Ham Radios for proper communication in any disaster. These radios come equipped with superb transmitters and scanners, enabling them to ensure flawless communication without any problems. As this technology is used for government institutions, you need to get a license for operating these radios. Ham radios are an amazing tool for preppers as they can provide flawless communication in case of any disaster. There’s tons of helpful material online that can help you set up a ham radio in no time. One of the downsides of ham radios is that they are not easy to set up.