Surfshark revolutionizes VPNs with its new technology

Shurfshark has just released an innovative solution to better serve users. The goal is to be able to browse more privately, faster, more stable and safer. It is about Surfshark Nexus that allows us to connect to a network of servers and not just to one in particular. It has different interesting features that will help optimize the use of this type of service.

Surfshark revolutionizes VPNs with its new technology

Surfshark Nexus, the VPN server network

Normally VPNs have a series of servers to which we can connect. We choose one from a list and this can be decisive for it to work better or worse. We can choose the location, do a speed test to see if it works well, etc. However, if we want to change our IP and use a different one, we have to disconnect and connect to another.

The innovation of Surfshark Nexus is that we are not connected to just one server, but to a network of servers . It is based on SDN (Software-Defined Networking) technology. What this new solution does is route those servers to the chosen location. It will allow it to work faster, more stable, more secure and private.

This possibility will allow new functions to be implemented, such as IP Rotator, IP Randomizer and dynamic MultiHop . The first feature is one of the most interesting, since what it does is rotate the IP address every 5-10 minutes, without the user having to disconnect. It achieves this by being connected to a network of multiple servers, each with a different address.

By continuously changing the IP address, it not only provides privacy, but also security. In addition, all this without slowing down the connection , or creating cuts. It even opens the door to randomizing IP addresses by offering several simultaneously. This feature will rotate addresses to a specific location that the user chooses. For example a specific country or a region. It can also be set to be global.

The IP Randomizer or IP Randomizer feature will allow you to use multiple addresses at the same time. For example an IP for each website we visit. It is a function that they hope to offer in the future and that will provide added value.

Surfshark VPN

Innovation to optimize navigation

With all this, the objective of Surfshark is none other than to optimize the connection to the maximum . When using a VPN, one of the main problems that appears is that the server we are trying to connect to does not work well. There may be cuts, it may work with poor speed, etc.

By combining multiple servers at the same time this is reduced. We are going to be really connected to a network and expand the range of possibilities that we have. We can achieve greater stability, security and speed, always with the guarantee of having a good service.

You can get Surfshark Nexus and start using it. All these functions that we have been explaining will be available throughout the year. Without a doubt, this is a new technology, with innovative features that are going to change the way we use a VPN.

It is always important to choose the best VPN for fast browsing. Although we have a large number of options available, the truth is that not all of them will work the same. Therefore, to avoid problems, it is essential to opt for one with guarantees, which offer us functions that really help to optimize the connection.