Super Bomberman R Online, Play for Free on Google Stadia

Super Bomberman R

Super Bomberman R Online comes to Google Stadia and it does so completely free of charge. This means that you will not have to pay for the game or for access to the service, because the basic plan of Google’s cloud gaming service will allow you to enjoy it. So, if you didn’t know what to entertain yourself with, here is a very good option.

Stadia strengthens its bet with another free game

Super Bomberman R Google faces its second year of Google Stadia with interesting moves. And it is that during the last weeks they have been quite animated when it comes to news.

The first of all was the inclusion of Destiny 2 as a free title. Taking advantage of the change in the business model of Bungie’s proposal, the service also gave the option to play it without having to pay a single additional euro.

The second was the announcement of an interesting promotion by which those who made the purchase of Cyberpunk 2077 for Stadia would receive a Premiere Edition Kit completely free of charge. That is, the starter pack consisting of an official gamepad and a Chromecast Ultra. So you can play on any screen you want.

Then there was the announcement about the more than 400 games in which different studios are working to gradually nurture a larger catalog to the service and now this movement with Super Bomberman R Online that repeats the steps of Destiny 2.

That is to say, from today Stadia users, both the free and paid plans, will be able to enjoy this installment of Bomberman without having to pay anything . And that is also interesting, because this game offers a Battle Royale mode that if it were for the same payment, it would cost much more to fill the rooms with up to 64 players than it allows.

This is Super Bomberman R Online on Google Stadia

Bomberman does not need many introductions, this classic puts us in the shoes of a nice character addicted to explosives. Thus, using different bombs, he must fight his way while defending himself and attacking other characters and enemies around him.

In the version that reaches Google Stadia, Super Bomberman R Online , the graphics are updated to offer a much more attractive 3D environment than the first versions of the game allowed. Still the essence and playability remains. Because if that’s what attracted so many players years ago, better not touch it.

For the rest, the most striking thing for both players and Stadia is the exclusive Battle Royale mode that it includes and that allows you to compete with up to 64 players. A reason to try it and also a reason why they could achieve with this game, perfect for those dead moments in which you don’t really know what to do, attract much more users to try a service that is having a hard time getting started. Despite the fact that Google is the company behind it.