Super Alexa Mode: How to Activate it

Alexa never ceases to amaze us. And is that the Amazon voice assistant is full of secrets that only exploring and investigating its capabilities and commands can be discovered. Even so, it is not always easy to know everything that it hides and a clear example is the Super Alexa mode. What exactly is it and how is it activated?

What is Super Alexa mode

Many users of Amazon’s voice assistant are beginning to discover right now what is the Super Alexa mode, one of those secrets that it hides and that are not always easy to discover. Because as you will see below, its activation is a very simple process.

Super Alexa Mode

The newly discovered by many Super Alexa mode is neither more nor less than an Easter egg or Easter Egg. That is to say, a rather fun curiosity that the players may sound familiar and that when activated causes the assistant to pronounce some of these phrases:

“Yujuuu good job, Super Alexa mode activated”

“Congratulations, correct exact code”

“Super Alexa mode activated. Jet startup, online; advanced systems enablement, online; raising dongers, bug; missing dongers, aborting”

“Tin, tin, tin, the code is exact, downloading updates”

Logically and as you can already intuit after pronouncing these phrases your smart speaker with Alexa will not do anything else. That is, it has no use beyond the curiosity generated by thinking that you are going to activate something that will enhance the capabilities of the Jarvis-style assistant in Iron Man.

How to activate Super Alexa mode

To activate the Super Alexa mode and listen to some of the phrases that we have mentioned before, although it could offer you a different answer (who knows), all you have to do is invoke the assistant and say exactly the following command :

“Alexa, up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start”

If instead of starting you say start nothing happens and the code works anyway. Of course, if you make a mistake and instead of twice up you alternate between up and down or change the order of left and right, you will be able to verify that nothing happens.

This is not much of a mystery, if you do not say the code correctly it is as if you did not enter anything to make it work.

What is Super Alexa mode for?

Well, as we have said, the Super Alexa mode is not really useful for anything beyond being a simple curiosity and a nod to the gaming community . Because it is a curious way it is neither more nor less than a way of making use of the same sequence of commands that Konami popularized. What’s more, this is how you know the combination of arrows and buttons that is done today in different video games to unlock certain options and / or actions.

The story behind the Konami code

It was 1986 when Kazuhisa Hashimoto , a programmer working at Konami, was working on a Port de Gradius for the NES. During the testing phase of the video game, which is used to see that there is no type of programming error, he found that the game was really complicated and that forced him to start games frequently.

For this reason, Hashimoto created a code that would allow him to have a series of advantages such as being able to increase the player’s life and power-ups. Thus the players who were to try the title would find a series of extra aids that would make it much easier to carry out their work.

This is how the Konami code or Konami Code was born , through the need to create a kind of back door or method that would allow access to a series of tricks and advantages of a video game. And yes, the combination that had to be performed on the controller was the same as we have seen before: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start.

Of course, he didn’t just stay at Gradius. Once discovered it remained in many more games, both belonging to its sequels and other titles from Konami itself and even other developers. And it is that the Konami Code was even able to transfer to the company itself.

Many games today make use of this combination to activate special modes or access options that would otherwise remain hidden. What’s more, as we’ve seen, even Alexa winks at you to activate its own Super Mode which isn’t really that super. Or in services like Google’s Gmail and social networks like Facebook among many more.

How to test the Konami Code in the first game to use it

Gradius, a ship game that was published for the NES, was the first game to implement the use of the Konami Code because of that high level of difficulty. Or that’s what Hashimoto acknowledged that led him to use it, so why not test yourself what the experience is like with and without code.

In order to test the difficulty level of Gradius and also what the experience was like in that first game that the Konami Code was born, the easiest thing is to resort to an emulator. Once you have it installed on your device, you will only have to pause the game at any time and perform the aforementioned combination. You will see that a series of Power-ups and advantages are activated with which it is easier to move forward.