Steps to Follow to Return a Gift on Amazon

 Return a Gift on Amazon

Amazon has become a leading shopping platform and practically any product and object that we can imagine can be found here . But in addition to our personal purchases, we can also make and receive gifts . And as we know, they are not always to our liking, because we don’t like them, whether we have them or not. In this case, we ourselves can return a gift from Amazon’s own website in a simple way.

If we are the buyers , the return is made practically the same as that of a normal product. The logical thing is that, having acquired the object, we keep the package data, especially the order number that will be required when making the return.

For example, if we buy a gift such as clothing or footwear and it arrives at the recipient’s house, it is important to mark the option ‘gift ticket’ when placing the order. In this way, this person can return it if it is not worth it.

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And if we have been the recipients of an Amazon gift from someone, we can also return it. This procedure can be carried out and the buyer in question will not know it if we want it to. Amazon explains that, depending on the type of return and purchase that has been made, one refund method or another will be received.

As a clarifying note, if the object that we intend to return has not been marked as a gift or contains more than one product, the return cannot be processed from My Orders . In this case, to complete the procedure we must contact the Customer Service department to resolve the incident. And it is that to exchange a product directly for another or, to receive a full refund, the process can only be carried out by the person who has bought the gift.

This is how I return a gift on Amazon

The return of a gift on Amazon (provided that the buyer has chosen this option during the purchase process), is completely confidential as confirmed by the company itself. The person who sent you this package will not find out about it.

First of all, you should know that you have 30 days to process the return and the deadline is extended in times like Christmas, where incidents grow widely and delays sometimes occur.

To get started, you have to access the Amazon Returns Center from your computer or mobile phone. They will ask you to identify yourself with your user account. If you don’t have it, you will have to create it. It will only take a few minutes.

Next, you will have to enter the order number (Order ID) of the product. This code is made up of 17 digits. According to Amazon, it is found on the purchase receipt. You will not have it, since you have not acquired the item. Instead, the company details that yes, you should have received a digital gift receipt in your email where the order number is found.

If you can’t find either receipt, contact Amazon. They will require some information to help you locate the gift, such as the tracking number or the name of the buyer. The information Amazon asks for must be on the package you received. In case the product has not been marked as a gift, a common mistake on the part of buyers, you will be asked to contact Customer Service.

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Once you have entered the ID, click on the Continue tab. Next, the list of products will appear and you will have to select what you want to return. Indicate the number of objects to return and, later, you will have a drop-down menu where you can choose if you want the reason for which you proceed to return the gift.

Now you will have to select the return method . If you are the recipient, the refund will be made through a gift voucher on the Amazon website once the company receives the product and makes sure that it is in good condition. This check will be added to the account from which you managed the return.

If you are the buyer, you will receive the refund through the original payment method. When the process has been completed successfully, Amazon will send an email specifying the date, amount and details of the refund.

Then it is time to print the label that is generated. This step is unavoidable. Therefore, if you do not have a printer, you should ask someone to do it for you. You don’t have to do it in the moment. You can also print it at another time through a link that you will receive by email.

Once you have everything, pack the product keeping all the original elements as possible as you received them and without degrading. This will avoid problems when processing the return. Insert the return authorization inside the box and stick the shipping label (now printed) on the outside. As we have said, Amazon explains that if you have the manufacturer’s package or packaging, you must use it to return the gift in question. And this is the end of the process.

Aspects to consider when returning a gift

If we have done the previous steps as described, we should not have any added problems. However, Amazon includes some clarifications in its return policy that you have to be aware of.

We have already explained the difference in the return procedure whether we are the buyer or the recipient. But in any case, you must always return the products in the exact condition in which you received them, including all original accessories. If this requirement is not met, Amazon advises that the amount of refunds for returned items may be reduced. See Amazon Refunds for more details.

Also make sure if you want to return your gift safely. If you have questions, you should know that when the returns department has processed the return of the product, you will not be able to claim it again.

And one last note related to security . Before returning any gift or product that may contain personal data (computer, tablets, mobile phones, cameras …), delete this information.