Steps to Follow if You Have Dropped Your Mobile in the Pool

Steps to Follow if You Have Dropped Your Mobile in the Pool

With the arrival of heat and summer, the pool becomes a new danger for our smartphone and it becomes easier for the terminal to end up taking a dip inadvertently. The first minutes after the mobile has fallen into the pool are key and therefore we must know how to act.

We should never take time to wait to dry ourselves first, but we will have to put all our attention on the smartphone before it is too late. Waiting a few minutes can be fatal for our files and for the smartphone itself, leaving it unusable.

Is the mobile aquatic? Here the first key

Of course we will have to pay much more attention to mobiles that do not have any type of protection, such as the most advanced IP68 protection. In case of having this security, we can be safer, as long as the terminal has not submerged more than the meters indicated by the manufacturer, but in the same way we would have to follow the action steps that we show you.

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We should also know exactly what the water resistance capacity of our smartphone is, since each manufacturer makes recommendations based on the level and degree of safety against water. In addition to taking into account that the terminal has not been opened for any type of repair outside the official technical service or it could have lost all its aquatic advantages that it had until now.

How to recover and dry your wet mobile

There are several steps that we must follow to ensure that the mobile, whether it is aquatic or not, returns to life and functions without posing a problem after a few minutes. Although at first the mobile works, we should not trust ourselves, as the water could be inside it to slowly damage the terminal. Therefore, arm yourself with patience and follow all these steps in the event of an unforeseen event with the pool.

Turn it off for peace of mind

To prevent the battery from continuing to function and possibly having water inside it that could lead to a short circuit, we have to turn it off quickly and then proceed to all the steps. This will give us a certain confidence during the performance and we will get rid of scares.

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Remove the cover and protectors

With the intention of eliminating everything that can cause water to remain present on the smartphone, we have to remove both the cover and the protectors that we are using. This can cause the water to stagnate and therefore it will be worse for the terminal.

Rinse with clean water (without chlorine)

Although the mobile has already gotten wet enough after falling into the pool, a last bath awaits you is with clean water. In the same way that it happens on the beach, in this case chlorine is not beneficial, as well as other chemicals that are used to keep swimming pools clean. Therefore, we have to take a bottle of clean water or from the tap, to clean the mobile with a quick pass and without stressing the charging inputs. A very fast rinse that could save us from possible problems.

A first drying

Using a shirt, towel or paper we will have to eliminate all the water that we apparently see with our eyes on the smartphone. We have to remove it quickly, but carefully, to try not to damage the terminal in the process or to encourage water to leak through the speaker, microphone, charging port and other possibilities.

Out of trays and out of liquids

The next thing we will do is remove the SIM tray and dry it individually, as well as try to dry this hole very carefully and if possible with cloths or cloth, since the paper could remain inside. We will do the same with other removable parts or holes where water could stay inside, such as the speakers or the audio jack port.

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In this case we will have to be even more patient and careful than we were before. Then it will be better to leave it in a dry place, so that the little water that remains evaporates from the mobile . We must stay with it in one position for about 30 minutes, without trying to use it, turn it on or charge it.

Deep drying with rice

Finally the solution and the final drying is the responsibility of the rice, although we will not be able to get a ball later with it, if we are going to be able to completely save the smartphone. Submerging the mobile in rice, we will get all the water that remains inside to come out and be absorbed by the rice. In this case, the waiting time will depend on the dip of our smartphone and its protection.


In aquatic terminals with 2 hours under the rice could be enough, but in the most serious cases and with zero resistance to water, we may have to leave the smartphone for up to 24 hours under the rice so that the water comes out of the mobile . Then you just have to try to turn it on and check if everything works as it should.