Steelbooks of Pixar movies: Soul, Toy Story, Inside Out… for collection

Steelbooks of Pixar movies

Little has to prove and Pixar , which is the crown jewel within the Disney animation studios. Pixar’s style is unique and its stories are designed to delight both children and adults, a really complicated task that they have been solving for decades. If you have ever gone to the cinema to see a Pixar movie thinking that it would be one more and you have spent the last minutes of footage holding back your tears so that your emotions do not show when the lights come on in the room, then surely You have great affection for these films. These are all the Pixar animated films that you can buy today in a collector’s edition, that is, in a steelbook cover .

Pixar’s success is no accident

Pixar began to be popular with Toy Story, in 1995 , but the study went through very hard economic situations. There were not a few times that they were on the verge of bankruptcy. In addition, to get to where they are now, they were battling for more than 10 years with Disney , which provided the money and kept the rights to merchandising , promotion and distribution of their characters.

However, it was Disney itself that prevented Pixar from closing, something that would have undoubtedly been a tragedy for the world of cinema. In 2005, Disney changed its CEO and Rober Iger wanted to solve the conflict that his predecessor would have generated. They ended up buying the company in 2006 , and from then on, Pixar became the studio we know today, with quality productions like The Incredibles, Inside Out , Finding Nemo and Wall-E . Stories that many of us remember with great affection both for the quality of their animations and for the way they are told.

It’s no wonder you love a lot of Pixar’s movies, even their animated shorts, which are little pieces of pure art. If this is your case and you want to have a good memory of a particular movie, you can get a collector’s edition .

Pixar movies for collectors

These are the most attractive steelbooks you can buy right now from the movies of the popular animation studio.

The Incredibles 2 – Steelbook

We all loved the return of The Incredibles to the big screen. The first installment of this peculiar family of superheroes is one of the best films that the Disney studio has made, and this second installment did not disappoint either, because in addition to being up to par, the film is full of details for both children to enjoy. like the older ones.

You can find this movie in collector’s edition Steelbook on Blu-Ray. In other countries it is also marketed with an independent disc with the film in 3D, but in Spain they have decided to omit it. Despite this, we can safely say that this edition is cheaper than the 2D+3D alternative sold elsewhere. Regarding the languages , it includes Spanish, English and Catalan audio. In addition, it is the most complete edition of all those that are sold, since it has a second disc where we will be able to see several short films, audio comments, some fragments of additional content and the scenes that were eliminated from the final footage. If you love The Incredibles , this steelbook is a must have.

Toy Story 4 Steelbook

toy story 4

We all thought the ending of Toy Story 3 was wonderful. And it is true that it was not at all necessary to continue the franchise. However, Pixar healed very well, leaving a small open ending that did not hesitate to explode years later.

If Toy Story 3 already left us with a heavy heart, Toy Story 4 delves even deeper into the feelings of both children and the toys themselves. In this film, Bonnie, Woody’s new owner, brings to life Forky, a toy that she makes with her own hands when she goes to school and her classmates ignore her. The problem is that Forky is created with material from the garbage, so it will be a toy with a tremendous existential crisis.

The Steelbook edition features two Blu-Ray discs and is available in multiple languages . It also includes bonus content and extra audio commentary. This special edition is perfect for those who grew up with Toy Story and have fond memories of this Disney Pixar film series.

Inside Out (Reverse)

del reves

In 2015, Pixar dared to take a very important step, once again demonstrating the quality of the studio. On this occasion, they were able to explain the feelings and emotional instability of Riley, an 11-year-old girl who suffers from childhood depression when she discovers that she will have to move out of town because her mother has found a new job, which means for her leave your whole life behind .

Despite the harshness of what Pixar wants to tell with this film, the reality is that they camouflage it spectacularly well with the five characters that symbolize the emotions and a spectacular world of fantasy that is inside Riley’s mind.

Luckily, you can still buy the steelbook edition of this movie, although its price is not as cheap as it used to be. The edition has two discs and is dubbed in Spanish, Catalan, English and Portuguese.

Soul – Steelbook

Soul - Pixar

The evolution of Pixar can be clearly seen in this film. Soul goes a step further than Inside Out and makes up what is Pixar’s most adult film to date . It tells us about the life of Joe, a piano virtuoso who is not happy being a music teacher, but who is hired full time to continue teaching classes, something that his mother welcomes, because she believes that it is the best for her son. . Our main character does not give up, and goes to a Jazz audition, where playing the piano, he momentarily separates body and soul . Joe is selected to play that same night at the club, and out of excitement, he bounces around the place, without looking where he is going. Unfortunately for him, he falls into a sewer, appearing his soul in an unknown place with other souls. Soon he will discover that he is not dead, but in a coma, and he will have to find himself to regain control of his body and his life.

The special edition of Soul is available on Blue-Ray from 2021 with Dolby Audio 5.1 in Spanish, English and Catalan.

Monsters University

monstruos university

It is a prequel to Monsters Inc. and tells how Sullivan and Mike met in college. It is an anecdotal film , very nice and also one of the most childish that we are going to see in this top. Of course, it doesn’t have as complex a plot as the original, but it’s still an interesting movie. If you love Monsters Inc. or are into collecting Pixar Steelbooks, this metal edition is pretty cheap and available in multiple languages.

cars 3

cars 3

The Cars 3 steelbook is a double edition , as it includes the normal movie on Blu-Ray along with another disc to view it in 3D . The Cars trilogy is directly focused on children, although it is also full of very nice jokes that you will catch and enjoy if you are a motor and competition lover. The third installment follows the same path as the previous ones.