Stadia and Discord come to Xbox thanks to the new version of Edge

Stadia and Discord come to Xbox

Little by little Microsoft continues to transform its Xbox into a platform that increasingly has more details and sensations close to the PC, and for this, nothing better than having an efficient browser that is capable of opening all kinds of websites. And that is what it is offering with its latest update, since the company has improved its Edge browser to include the latest version of Chromium with which to squeeze the most out of the browser.

A much more capable browser

After 6 months of testing under the Insider program , the Edge browser has finally been updated to offer all those functions that many were eager to try after learning about the benefits offered by the beta version. Today we can finally enjoy them, and in this way we will get a much more complete browser with which we can do many more things than before.

And as they point out in The Verge , the new version of the browser is now compatible with websites like Discord, so now you can access the service to enter the chat rooms and interact with the communities in which you are registered without the need to use a mobile phone or PC, all from the console.