SpywareBlaster, a Program to Protect Browsers from Spyware

Since the Internet has been part of our daily lives, we have heard the words virus or Trojan many times, but it is not so common to use the word spyware, with many users who do not know its meaning. This kind of malicious software can reach our computer through our web browser. To avoid this we can use a tool like SpywareBlaster , which we will talk about below.

Before starting to talk about SpywareBlaster, we must be clear that it is spyware. It is a malicious software whose objective is to spy and collect all the information about us without our knowledge. These collected data are normally supplied to companies engaged in advertising or who have an interest in knowing information about our use of the Internet that they cannot obtain by other legal means.


We can cite the main symptoms of spyware infection as:

  • Appearance of windows (popups) even without being connected to the internet.
  • Windows warning that we are infected and that the solution is on a certain website.
  • Problems with the mail and Messenger (problems to connect, denial of service, etc).
  • Modification of the registry.
  • Slow browsing.
  • Appearance of unknown buttons on the taskbar, etc.

SpywareBlaster, blocks all kinds of spyware

SpywareBlaster is a tool designed by JavaCoolSoftware to block ActiveX spyware, which tries to infiltrate inside our PC. It should be noted that the program does not remove this spyware . What it does is immunize our system against malicious ActiveX that some websites use to infect our system to collect information about us. That is, it is responsible for preventing that infection. In addition, it is also responsible for avoiding tracking cookies.

This software mainly targets malicious applications like adware, dialers, hijackers and other types of threats that are related to spying and tracking. For this, it is in charge of establishing different filters and rules for the different browsers that we have installed in our system. It will only be necessary to leave the program running to be protected and we can even make a copy of our system to restore it in the event that we are affected by some type of malicious virus.

SpywareBlaster is compatible with the vast majority of browsers such as Internet Explorer, Edge, Vivaldi, Firefox, Netscape, Chrome, Pale Moon, SeaMonkey, K-Meleon, Avant, SlimBrowser, Maxthon, GreenBrowser and Crazy Browser, among others.

SpywareBlaster Settings

Once we run the application, its main menu appears, completely in English, since we do not have the option to put it in Spanish, with two well-differentiated areas where we will find the different configuration options. In the left column we have the Protection Status, System Snapshot, Tools and Updates options.

Protection Status, to activate the various protection options

On this screen we can activate the various protections for the browsers that we have installed on the system. To do this, click on the option “Click here for enable protection”.

SpywareBlaster Protection Status

When selecting this option, a screen appears where we can configure the protection of the chosen browser. First of all, we can check two boxes as “Cookie Protection”, to avoid advertising and tracking cookies and “Script Protection”, which prevents against potentially unwanted and annoying malicious software. And further down we have the possibility to selectively disable the list of blocks.

SpywareBlaster Protection Status

We can repeat this process with each of the installed browsers that appear in the list to have them individually protected. It is also possible to perform the operation by selecting each browser in its corresponding tab in the left column.

System Snapshot, create and restore backups

This section will help us to create and restore backup copies of important browser and system configurations. It is responsible for creating an image of various settings of our system, which helps us to restore a configuration of our browser. We have two options to choose from.

  • Restore System to saved Snapshot point : used to restore to a previous point saved previously from SpywareBlaster
  • Create a new System Snapshot : it is used precisely to create a restore point.

SpywareBlaster System Snaphot

Tools, a toolbox with different functions

Allows you to make some browser and system settings. Here we find the following options

  • Browser Pages : here we can see a list of accepted web pages.
  • Hosts Safe : through this option we can save a copy of a restore point with the advantage that this copy will be encrypted. To create this copy, simply select Create New Backup and follow the steps indicated.
  • Misc IE Settings : from here you can change various parameters of the IE configuration. For example, prevent this from being seen in the Control Panel settings to prevent its settings from being modified. Another option is the ability to change the text that appears in IE’s title bar.
  • Flash Killer : in this option we can block all the content of web pages that use Flash. There are some malware that disguise itself under the guise of a flash animation for example.
  • Custom Blocking : Through this option we can manually add the ActiveX controls that we want to block.

SpywareBlaster Tools

Updates, to update your database

Finally, we talk about one of the most important options in this program, especially dedicated to system security. It helps us to update your database, so that we can make sure that we are immunized against the latest threats. To carry out the update, just click on Check for Updates.

SpywareBlaster Updates

SpywareBlaster free download

SpywareBlaster is a completely free program for home users and for non-profit purposes that we can download from its website . It is compatible with the Windows operating system, from its version of XP to Windows 10, offering support for 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Its installation is done quickly through its wizard without it trying to install other unwanted software.

Alternatives to SpywareBlaster

If we are concerned about spyware and we are looking for a tool to help us prevent it, we present some alternatives to SpywareBlaster that we must take into account:


It is specialized software with which to detect spyware and Rooktkit Dlls hidden in the system and eliminate them from any execution process. It is not its only function since it is capable of detecting and eliminating Rootkit processes and spyware processes. That is why it becomes a unique tool to detect and eliminate any known or unknown threat. We can download it for free from this link .

SpyBot Search & Destroy

This program focuses on our privacy as it is responsible for eliminating all types of spyware, with about a thousand different types. In the same way, it allows us to immunize our PC against future infections. In addition, it detects incorrect registry entries and acts individually on them. It is possible to download it directly from here.