Spotify’s Superpremium: Unveiling High-Quality Audio and AI-Driven Features

Many internet services provide both free and paid versions, with the latter often offering more compelling and powerful features, making users ponder whether to stick with the free option. Today, we’ll delve into the new Spotify Superpremium section, which has recently been unveiled.

The introduction of this new tier took many by surprise, as it represents a significant step for the company, and its features are generating considerable attention. Whether these new features justify the upgrade will ultimately be determined by music enthusiasts.

spotify superpremium

Possibly Spotify HiFi Evolves into Superpremium

Let’s begin by addressing the name, which is quite attention-grabbing. Interestingly, this new tier might inherit the name HiFi, a term that has been circulating since 2021 as a reference to Spotify’s highest-quality version, and it appears that this name could persist in the Superpremium tier.

Our insights into Spotify Superpremium

However, it’s not just about the name. Thanks to Reddit user u/Hypixely, who delved into the code, we’ve learned about other exciting features that this new premium section will offer. First and foremost, the application will boast a 24-bit lossless audio system, promising a rich listening experience for each track. Additionally, users can enjoy up to 30 hours of audiobooks per month.


The most intriguing aspect is the integration of artificial intelligence, a prominent feature of this new iteration. With smart software, you can bid farewell to manually creating playlists, as it can generate them for you. In essence, it can curate a selection of top songs tailored to various activities, moods, or genres based on your library.

Another notable addition is the application’s new mixer. Surprisingly, it allows you to customize the sequence of playlists based on heartbeats to create seamless transitions.

Price Considerations

Now, let’s talk about the price, which is a significant factor. The cost of this premium section is estimated to be around 20 euros. While this may be a reasonable price for ardent music lovers, those already subscribed to other premium services might need to weigh their options. This pricing places it slightly above some other services, such as Netflix‘s top-tier subscription, which is priced at nearly 18 euros. However, it’s important to remember that the choice depends on individual needs and preferences.

In conclusion, the new Spotify Superpremium tier is poised to offer an array of exciting features, including high-quality audio, AI-driven playlist creation, and an innovative mixer, all at a premium price point. Whether it’s worth the investment will ultimately depend on your passion for music and your specific requirements.