How to Bypass CAPTCHAs: Tips for Streamlining Your Internet Experience

When we navigate the internet and attempt to access a platform, we often encounter CAPTCHAs, tests designed to verify if we are human or a bot. These tests, especially image identification ones, can be time-consuming and frustrating.

While CAPTCHAs play a crucial role in preventing bots from overloading servers and creating fake accounts, they can become a nuisance. Fortunately, there are methods to bypass them, as outlined below.


Using Extensions for Chrome

Extensions often provide solutions for various browsing issues. You can use these extensions in Chrome, Edge, Vivaldi, Opera, and other Chromium-based browsers.



  • NopeCHA is a popular Chrome extension that automatically solves CAPTCHAs using deep learning algorithms and artificial intelligence. It works with all types of CAPTCHAs and is available for free.
  • Install NopeCHA


Captcha Solver: Auto Avoid

  • Captcha Solver is another option with a 4.5-star rating. It can solve various types of CAPTCHAs, including modern ones. However, it is a paid solution.
  • Install Captcha Solver

Captcha Solver: Auto Bypass Captcha

  • This free extension, Captcha Solver: Auto Bypass Captcha, can handle a wide range of CAPTCHAs, from puzzles to image alignments.
  • Install Captcha Solver

Canary Version of Chrome

Another option is to use the Canary version of Chrome, an experimental version with automatic CAPTCHA verification. It saves your CAPTCHA verification for future visits to the same websites.

Chrome - Automatic verification CAPTCHAS

Please note that Canary is not intended for regular end-users, as it’s an experimental browser version.