Splice – One of the Most Popular iPhone Video Editors

When it comes to making a video public, it can always be interesting to edit them to highlight the most important of it. Although, this task that can become complex becomes really simple thanks to applications such as Splice. We tell you all about her below.

Video editing within everyone’s reach

At first, editing a video can be a very complex task. Everyone has in mind the need to have a powerful editor on a computer to be able to make different cuts in a recording or add a new multimedia file. And it is not really like that since in the own iPhone a domestic edition can be done to create authentic works of art in a multimedia file. In this way, as soon as you record a clip, you can edit it quickly through the Splice application in a very simple way.


As soon as you open it, you simply have to start a new video project, being able to choose at the moment the file you want to edit from your own gallery or from the internal storage. Once you have it loaded into the project, you will be able to perform different operations, all represented by icons in the lower part below the timeline. Because yes, it has a timeline just like editing programs. In this you can scroll through the entire duration of the video you are working with.


Among the available options, you can add specific effects such as glittering, blip or a simple chroma. But this is not the most interesting, since other elements such as images can also be superimposed. These will appear above the clip you are trying to edit and adjust it to the time you like it to appear. This is very similar to what is included in computer programs, including other basic functions such as the ability to write texts in front of clips.

But you are not necessarily obliged to edit different video clips. This is obviously one of the possibilities, merging video clips, but you can also include static images that can be integrated wherever you want from the entire video segment.

Include a soundtrack to your videos

Something that all the videos that are edited must include background sounds in order to have a very good final result. In the application itself you have the possibility to choose a song that you have stored on the iPhone. Although you could also choose to access iTunes and all the songs you have purchased. But if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on these types of resources, the application itself includes a compilation of songs divided into different categories. By including it, you can choose the specific fragment you need and merge it with other auditory resources.


But songs are not the only thing you can use when editing your new video. You can also integrate recordings with your voice that will allow you to make videos with voice-over that will allow you to have a much more professional result.

Export to share your creation

Once you have finished all the editing on the original clips, you can export the final result in a very simple way. There are many options that are integrated to be able to export in the best way since you can choose the frame rate per second, which can go up to 60 fps. Also, how could it be otherwise, you can choose the resolution, from 520p to 4K, although obviously this will interfere with the weight of the final file.


The benefits of your subscription

Although Splice is free to download, you can only use the most basic features. These include the attachment of different clips as well as the incorporation of text or voice recordings. But other features such as the inclusion of effects or the possibility of integrating songs from the library that is available. In general, in the basic version you can also add it but when you want to export it, they will inform you that you must subscribe.


This subscription is worth it in case you want to edit numerous video clips in a more or less professional way. Without a doubt, if this is your case, you will get a return on 74.99 euros per year or 10.99 euros per month.