Solution to the problems of the Xiaomi Mi Band with Mi Fit

Xiaomi Mi Band with Mi Fit

Many times we see how what until a moment was all pink, turns gray without coming to mind. This usually happens, not only with mobiles that begin to fail after an update but also when using our wearable devices . As much as we try to blame the bracelet or the watch, when something goes wrong, we generally have to look at the control app.

The clearest case is that of the Xiaomi Mi Band. Any of its models has had to face different problems that appear after the bracelet or the application is updated. For this reason, sometimes the Mi Band stops recording sleep well or accurately measuring steps or measuring stress level.

Mi Band 5 Amazfit PAI

This is good news and bad news at the same time. On the one hand, the news moon is that the solution is as simple as waiting for a new software update. The trick is that, until that update reaches your device, you will not be able to use the bracelet normally.

Fortunately, there is an alternative.

Alternative to Mi Fit for the Mi Band 6, 5, 4 …

In some specific moments, a new error has appeared on the Xiaomi Mi Band that prevented the latest data collected from the Xiaomi Mi Fit application from being displayed. And, because of this failure in the Mi Fit application, the data stored by it could not be displayed . Therefore, the history appeared empty in many of the cases or, even, a large amount of data was missing in it. Therefore, while waiting for the Chinese firm to correct this failure, users with any of the brand’s activity wristbands can resort to a temporary solution, which will at least allow them to have data on their physical activity. To do this, we will have to resort to another app as an alternative. If you want to download it, you will have to click on the following link:

Developer: Huami Inc.


Recently renamed Zeep, this is the app that allows us to manage Amazfit watches with the mobile just like Mi Fit does with the Xiaomi Mi Band, the best of all is that this app is also compatible with the Xiaomi bracelet because at the final watches and bracelets are still devices from the same house. To avoid the problems of the Mi Band with Mi Fit, all you have to do is download Zeep from the Google Play Store and register in the application. Afterwards, you will simply have to link the bracelet with the software as is done in Mi Fit and you will be able to see how the data that did not appear in the old application is shown by this Xiaomi app.

And best of all, the Amazfit app is quite similar to that of Mi Fit and, in addition to being able to keep track and control your data, you will have the opportunity to configure the bracelet, change the dials, manage notifications and a long etc … So it will always be good to know this alternative in case My Fit returns to give us failures in our bracelet.

Is your bracelet not pairing?

After trying another app, but it is no longer just a problem that the data does not appear, but that it does not connect with either of the two software that we have shown you. Another error may be the cause of the problem that we will have to discover. Therefore, we must review the following aspects and test these solutions.

Check the permissions

When we start to synchronize the smartphone and the smartband we will have to allow the app access to the storage, as well as the permission to the location. In case we do not do it, we will have to do it, more than anything, because if we do not grant all the permits that it offers us, we can suffer several problems with the operation of the bracelet.

permisos mi band 4

To do this, we have to go back to Settings> Applications> My Fit. And from the permission section, we will have to grant them at least storage and location. Once these steps are done, we will only have to try to pair the device again, to see if we are now able to achieve it.

The error may be in the Bluetooth

In case we continue to have problems pairing the Mi Band with Mi Fit , it is likely that the Bluetooth connection is the cause of this error. Therefore, the best we can do at that time is to make our mobile device completely forget about the smartband within the Bluetooth connection options. And everything so that when we link it again we have everything ready to work well.

mi band 5

Here the problem will be that when we want to connect the device to our mobile again and leave it semi connected, but not linked, the smartphone can recognize it, but the Mi Fit account does not or vice versa. To avoid this case, we will have to open the Settings> Bluetooth> Paired devices and click on the model of your bracelet to forget it, and ensure that the pairing problems do not recur. It is also recommended that you check if your phone has Bluetooth problems that will obviously affect more accessories than your bracelet.

It’s time to reset your Xiaomi bracelet

If at this point you still can’t find the source of the error, you don’t have to despair either. You can always start from scratch by reinstalling the app , that is, proceed to delete it completely and download it again from your application store. To later access your data and format the Mi Band.

Before formatting it, you must bear in mind that you must unlink it from the mobile device from the Bluetooth menu of the mobile settings and selecting, as indicated in the previous section, the option to forget the Xiaomi bracelet.

Now will be the time that we must leave the smartband as fresh out of the box for the first time. To do this, we will have to enter the bracelet settings> More> Settings and click on the Factory reset option. And when, both the bracelet and the application have returned to their original state, we will be able to synchronize the Mi Band with Mi Fit again.