Smartphone Photography Accessories: Professionalize Your Photos and Videos

Smartphone Photography Accessories

At present, most photographs are taken from the mobile. Smartphones have come to completely displace traditional cameras. So much so, that 85% of the photos taken today in the world have been taken with a mobile phone . If you are one of those who uses the phone to photograph for your work or leisure, and you want to go one step further, we present a series of accessories with which you can raise the level of your photography considerably.

Only a couple of decades ago it was impossible to think that the photographs were not going to be taken more with the cameras. There might be those who preferred to use disposable, other Polaroid cameras to see almost instantly the captured result and most used traditional film cameras. With their popularization and as they increasingly incorporate more functionalities and quality, mobile cameras have ended up completely displacing the traditional ones. In total, each year 1,200 million photographs are taken in the world (they do not seem so many, they could be more taking into account the Instagram boom, among other things) although it is double than 5 years ago.

Accesorios fotográficos moviles

No matter how highly developed the technology used in its manufacture, a smartphone can never offer you a 12x optical zoom, professional stabilization, a flash powerful enough to illuminate, enough battery to withstand a long session, or ergonomics. and stability to be able to hold it with one hand without running the risk of dropping it. That is why in this article we are going to show you some very useful accessories to improve on all of the above.

Accessories that will enhance your photography

Anyone who thinks that mobile photography is not in fashion is naive. And it is that, it has gained more followers than we could have imagined it is not something new, in addition, we have commented on it in other articles. What you may not know is the amount of accessories available to fully enjoy the experience of mobile photography. If you are one of those who likes to be up and down with your mobile all day, photographing everything you see, or on the contrary you are a professional and use it as a work tool , either as a first option or as an alternative to the SLR, take a look at all these possibilities, I am sure that some will impress you, we show you the best accessories to improve considerably in mobile photography.

Accesorios fotográficos moviles

We leave you a list with the list of which allow better photos to be obtained (obviously you must always take into account the quality of the phone’s camera, since miracles do not exist). All of them meet such important requirements as good quality and wide compatibility , and are as follows:

Selfie flash

It is a ring of light that simulates that serves to give extra lighting to your scene. Many influencers or singers use them with their smartphone due to their excellent results.

ELEGIANT Tripod Ring Light

This flash ring is super complete, it includes a tripod with which you can install up to two devices at the same time, it is perfect if you want to transmit your videos on various platforms. The ring light is 10 inches tall (diameter) and consists of 128 pieces of LED beads. Our color temperature is adjustable from 2700k to 5500K. With the supplied Bluetooth remote release, you can take a photo remotely.

Accesorios fotográficos moviles

AUTOPkio Selfie Ligh

With this super flash, don’t worry anymore about finding the perfect lighting. Help you take photos or videos at night or in dark areas. Featuring 6 super bright LED bulbs, they provide state-of-the-art or supplemental lighting for creative photography or videography.


Phone Camera Lens Kit

Mobile lens kit

This most complete 11 in 1 mobile camera lens kit for your phone. The lens kit can be used on 99% of popular mobile phones on the market. If the distance from the center of the camera (the phone has only one camera) or the center of the main camera (two or more cameras) to either edge of the phone is less than 2.2 cm, the kit can be used on the phone.accesorios

Waterproof Photographic Case

AICase Waterproof Case

It is a waterproof case up to 15 meters, so you can take your photos professionally with this Waterproof case. You can go to the pool or the beach and record yourself surfing or doing any other water sport without worrying about anything. It features an anti-reflective optical glass lens for crystal clear photography.

Accesorios fotográficos moviles

Selfie stick

ELEGIANT Selfie Stick

This selfie stick is with built-in remote control, tripod, tabletop monopod and 3-in-1 travel, you can choose the mode freely when needed. With 220 ° freely adjustable turret and 360 ° rotatable smartphone holder, it offers you a wider range of shooting angles. And you can choose a horizontal or vertical mobile phone mode to choose the best angle for photos.


Eletorot Selfie Stick Stabilizer

This is an unbeatable accessory, if what you are looking for is a selfie stick + tripod. 360 ° horizontal and vertical rotation is stable, whatever a stabilizer or selfie tripod, both can take photos vertically or horizontally. The included gimbal ensures stabilized videos even if you record while walking and it works well. It has a built-in bluetooth controller that you can separate from the set to take photos or remote recordings.

Accesorios fotográficos moviles


Group photos that you do not want to miss, time-lapse, videos or self-portraits with the first camera of the mobile, are some of the possibilities that a tripod also offers you.

Hitchy Mobile Tripod

High quality tripod is perfect for taking photos on travel, birthday party, family reunion, company celebration, camping or tourism. Made from the supreme aluminum alloy at only 405g, super light to carry. With non-slip rubber feet for uneven terrain. Special triangle stabilize the structure to hold more weight. It has a Bluetooth remote helps take pictures from a distance.

mejores accesorios para moviles

Extreme battery

SWEYE Solar Charger

This portable solar charger has environmentally friendly solar panels, which can absorb light and convert it into electricity, which is very suitable for emergency situations. It is ideal for climbing, camping, and outdoor travel. Please note that it takes a long time to convert solar energy into electrical energy, so you should only use sunlight to charge this portable power bank in case of emergency. The built-in 26800 mAh battery is enough to charge iPhones 6-8 times, Samsung Galaxys 5-8 times and iPads Pro 2 times.


Gimbal and stabilizers


You will never post a shaky video again. DJI OM 4’s powerful engine keeps your smartphone stable and your recordings will be crisp and incredibly smooth. Experience the extraordinary ‘Hitchcock effect’, a creative zoom that delivers a Hollywood atmosphere with minimal effort. Advanced algorithms know what to do, so all you have to do is activate it and walk.


K&F Concept – Smartphone Stabilizer Holder

This is the perfect stabilizer for your smartphone. Made of high quality steel and aluminum, this stabilizer is very light and durable. In addition, you can take it anywhere, be it on a long vacation trip or a small excursion. It is designed in a particular way to guarantee perfect stability when you carry your smartphone and record.

Accesorios fotográficos moviles