Smart Stay on Samsung: The Feature to Keep the Screen from Turning Off

One of the most annoying things about using mobiles is when we have to continuously touch the screen so that it does not turn off, luckily for users with a Samsung mobile there is an effective solution and at the same time very fast to use. We will not have to suffer the inconvenience of the screen turning off at the least opportune time.

Smart Stay on Samsung

It does not matter if we use the mobile to read, search for information or some other activity, with the Smart Stay function it will not matter because we will have control of the screen in our eyes . One of the important points of this tool is that it is present in all Samsung mobiles that have One UI, regardless of the version of the customization layer or Android.

How to make the screen not turn off while looking at it

Activating this function is very simple for the great advantages it offers us and the time it saves us. We show you the steps you must follow on your mobile:

  • First of all we access the Settings of our mobile.
  • Then we go to the advanced functions section.
  • We look for the option “Movements and gestures”.
  • Finally we activate Smart Stay on our mobile.

smart stay samsung

After having activated this option we will only have to test it and check as if we did not withdraw from the mobile too much, the screen will stay on until we stop looking at it or withdraw our sight for a certain time.

How does Smart Stay work?

Surely you are wondering how it is possible that the mobile knows when we look at it, well this is achieved through the software and the front camera of our mobile. It is not necessary that we have any special or specific sensor. With the arrival of facial recognition, some high-end Samsung phones include biometric recognition sensors that improve security, but over time, the results have been improving to allow us to use functions like this on all models.

escáner facial en el Galaxy S9

We will not have to worry about battery consumption, because our mobile is capable of managing the use of the front camera, making it not an important factor. We only have to worry about using our mobile and that the screen does not turn off One UI will take care of it. We must bear in mind that in situations of complete darkness it is likely that it does not detect our face, so we do not make things too complicated for our mobile.