Smart Mirror for the Bathroom: Models that you Should Not Miss

Smart Mirror for the Bathroom

The truth is that our homes are increasingly futuristic. A few years ago, if they told us that we would have voice assistants that fulfill all kinds of orders without any problem, we would not have believed it. And now, it is the most normal thing in the world to have a device of this type. The next step? Bet on a smart mirror that allows you to show off your bathroom.

The truth is that the variety of smart mirrors that you can find in the market is really wide, being able to choose the one that best suits your needs. Anyway, and with the aim of making things as easy as possible for you, we have prepared a complete compilation where you will find 10 models that will more than meet your expectations.

espejo inteligente con Smart TV

What should a smart mirror have

The truth is that the variety of options available allows you to find solutions of all kinds. For example, the image that heads these lines shows a smart mirror that integrates a television with Android TV inside so that you can make the most of its possibilities while brushing your teeth or shaving.

But, obviously, a model of this type shoots up in price, so you are still looking for a cheaper option, but that still has a series of functionalities that make a difference. For this reason, in our selection you will find solutions of all kinds, although they have some element in common that differentiates them from a traditional bathroom mirror.

In this way, all the models that you will find in our top have, as a minimum, anti-fog mode and dimmable light . Two really useful tools, since on the one hand you will not have the problem of water condensation after getting out of the shower and that prevents you from seeing yourself in the mirror, in addition to being able to regulate the lighting according to your tastes and needs.

Best options to consider

Before going on to show you the best models to consider if you are looking for a smart mirror for the bathroom, it should be noted that, as expected in a device of this type, all the solutions that we have found in this compilation are waterproof, so you can place them wherever you want without having to worry about anything. Let’s see the best options to consider.

FORAM Bathroom Mirror

FORAM Espejo de Baño

The first model that we want to recommend you is this smart mirror from FORAM. A model that boasts dimensions of 80 x 60 cm to cover half the body of two people without problem. It should be noted that, in addition to boasting a very premium design, it has a small LED screen capable of offering you data on the time, the temperature in your city.

The most amazing? That this smart mirror for the bathroom hides a bluetooth speaker underneath , so you can listen to music very comfortably while you shower or shave.

YGH smart mirror

Espejo inteligente YGH por delante

Another excellent one to consider is this model. A smart mirror with anti-fog and touch buttons to activate its intelligent functions, such as the anti-fog mode, which is automatically deactivated 30 minutes after starting the heating process of this mirror. It also allows you to regulate the intensity of the light according to your tastes and needs.

KJUHVBF bathroom mirror

Espejo de baño KJUHVBF  encendido

We continue with a model from the manufacturer KJUHVBF. Although it is true that its name is impossible to pronounce, we are facing one of the great references when it comes to buying a smart mirror. In this case, we are faced with a model that boasts a very attractive design, in addition to a small LED panel where we can see the temperature and activate the anti-fog mode, in addition to dimensions of 90 * 70 cm so that it fits in any bathroom.

Duriglass Mirror Smart TV

Duriglass Espejo Smart TV

We move on to one of the most powerful smart mirrors you will find. Mainly because this model hides a Smart TV inside. In this way, this Duriglass signature product functions as a Smart TV when it is turned on, while when it is turned off it acts as a traditional mirror. So you don’t miss your favorite program at any time!

Smart Touch Mirror

Smart Touch Espejo

Continuing with this compilation of the best smart mirrors that you can buy to show off a connected bathroom, we want to recommend you this model with a spherical design that is surprising for hiding a small screen at the bottom . As you can see, you can play all kinds of content. More, taking into account that it works with Android 10, so you can send what is being played on your phone screen to this interesting mirror connected through the Chromecast that it integrates.

Turefans bathroom mirror

Turefans Espejo baño

If what you are looking for is a smart mirror with moderate dimensions, don’t miss this model from Turefans. A very compact device (it has dimensions of only 60 x 80 cm ) and that boasts a touch screen to access different functions very comfortably.

Multimedia Mirror with SmartTV

Espejo Multimedia con SmartTV

Another smart mirror with an integrated Smart TV that we want to recommend you is this particular model. Its main assets? It has a 28-inch Smart TV inside, as well as an Android operating system so you can enjoy its vast catalog of applications and games. Watch TV while you shower!

ZI Ling smart mirror

Espejo inteligente de ZI Ling

And what about this smart mirror from ZI Ling. A model that boasts a frameless design as well as a touch panel to access different functions. Without a doubt, a model that exudes sobriety from each of its pores.

HLF smart mirror

Chica usando un Espejo inteligente

We could not miss this model as it stands out for its modular LED lights that you can place to your liking. And yes, you can regulate the power of the light according to your needs with the press of a simple button. Comfortable and very practical!

Waterproof Smart TV WaterVue

Waterproof Smart TV WaterVue

We close this compilation with a small bathroom mirror that can function as such. Until you turn it on and see that inside it hides a small 19-inch Smart TV. A perfect model to place in front of the bathtub and enjoy a relaxing bath while watching your favorite series.