Sleep better with these Android phone settings

There’s a feature on your mobile device that can improve your sleep quality, especially if you tend to have your phone with you at all times. It helps to reduce eye strain and promote better rest. You can easily activate it from the quick access panel, and customize it to meet your specific needs.

This feature is called Night mode, and it’s available on most mobile devices. Simply activate it from the quick settings panel to enjoy its benefits.

sleep better android

Sleep better with Rest Mode

In your mobile’s quick settings, you can easily access the Sleep Mode, which turns your screen black and white at bedtime and mutes your phone, allowing only important calls and alarms to ring through. Simply tap the corresponding button to activate the mode and select whether you want your phone to mute and the screen to switch to black and white.

If you can’t find it right away, swipe left to navigate through more screens until you locate it. To make it more accessible, you can even move it to a more convenient location using the Edit option in the quick settings.

Additionally, you have the option to set a schedule for each day and choose whether or not you want it to turn on after 9:00 p.m. Once you have configured the Sleep Mode to your liking, you can further customize it or simply turn it on when you are ready to rest. This feature can be very useful for improving your sleep at night, so take advantage of it if your mobile device supports it.


To access the Sleep Mode settings on your phone, you can navigate to the Digital Wellbeing and Parental Controls option in your phone’s settings. Scroll down the screen until you find the Sleep Mode option, and then you can configure it to meet your preferences.

Activate the dark mode on your phone

Enabling dark mode on your phone to improve your sleep quality at night is very simple. All you need to do is swipe down on your phone screen to access the quick settings, where you will find the dark mode option. Tap on the button to turn it on and you’ll see that your screen will darken to reduce eye strain and help you sleep better after using your phone. You can easily turn it off and on whenever you want by tapping on the same button.

android dark mode

If you want the night mode to be more personalized to your preferences, you can calibrate it easily through your phone’s settings. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to mobile settings
  2. Select the Screen option
  3. Choose Dark Mode
  4. Configure according to your needs

You have the option to schedule the dark mode to activate at sunset and deactivate at sunrise, or set it to activate at a specific time of your choice. This way, you can use it only at night before going to sleep.

Furthermore, there are additional options available that allow you to adjust the wallpaper to dark mode and automatically modify the texts and backgrounds. You can even select which apps you want to enable it for and which ones you don’t.


After customizing the dark mode according to your preferences, it will be set up and ready to function as you have configured it. You can modify the settings as per your requirement, for instance, if you have a different bedtime or prefer to turn it on or off at specific times. Alternatively, you may prefer to keep it activated all the time if it is more comfortable for you.