Silly apps and games you didn't know existed for Alexa

Silly apps and games you didn't know existed for Alexa

Echo devices can greatly increase your productivity. Home automation is Alexa’s strong point. Not having to get up from where you are to turn on a light or stop the music saves you a lot of time. The same goes for reminders, alarms and other technologies built into the device. But let’s not fool ourselves. Not everything in Alexa is productivity. If you don’t believe it, here’s a whole string of nonsense in the form of a skill that you can install on your device to pass the time:

Summon Christian

cristiano ronaldo siuuu.jpg

This is one of the best Alexa skills you can install on your Echo, but by far. It serves to invoke the almighty Cristiano Ronaldo. After activating the skill , you will hear his victory cry after saying the magic words Alexa, I summon Cristiano “.

“SIUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU”. I am not exaggerating. I have tried it and the cat has looked at me as if I were crazy —which I am—. This skill gives just what it promises. Highly recommended .

1001 things you should know before you die

If you haven’t died with Cristiano’s cry, you may still want to continue exploring this list. Second, we have 1001 things you need to know before you die. A skill that will drop a random fact that you didn’t know and that, sometimes, you would have wanted not to know.

blindfold chess

partida ajedrez ciegas.jpg

Remember when Beth Harmon and Benny Watts played a game of chess on the open road with no board or anything in Queen’s Gambit ? Well, with this skill you will be able to castling, capturing en passant and making uncovered checks directly from coconut. The perfect skill for your friends to stop talking to you, come on.

The perfect solution for a heat wave

The typical thing is August, but between Russian gas and the other moves, the kilowatt is listed as the liter of unicorn blood. How can we cool our house without having to take out another mortgage ?

Well no. With Cristiano’s shout you’re not going to get anything. Neither with this skill , but you will be able to deceive someone who is clueless thanks to the power of your mind. Basically, this skill emits the typical sound that air conditioning makes. Of course, do not abuse, it will not be that your friends think you are rich and ask you for money.

By the way, there is another one just like it, but with the sound of the oven. In case you want to remember the taste of a great homemade pizza, but without spending 8 euros for each baked.

bombardment sound

fallout this is fine.jpg

The quintessential sociopath detector . Currently, this skill has a total of 0 ratings, which means there is still hope for humanity . And yes, to find it, we could say that we have seen the complete list of Amazon skills.

The most disturbing thing about this skill is its description:
This skill allows you to hear white noise that can help you stay focused, relax, and cover up distracting noises.

Well, that, the typical thing that you concentrate on the ciborium while listening to bombings. But the thing is not there. If white noise bombing sounds cheap to you, you can pay $1.60 a month for premium bombing sound . Let’s hope that the rockets of that mode of payment sound a little better, for example, with the cry of Cristiano. And, having the pelao bug skill , why do you want to install more?