Best apps to record podcasts on iPhone or Android

Best apps to record podcasts on iPhone or Android

Podcasts have not gone out of style and are increasingly consumed by more users, who find their format interesting and consumable. For this reason, surely you have considered making yourself known on the network through them or creating them with a specific objective in order to reach more people.

If you are thinking of recording your own podcasts , you can easily do it from your mobile with specialized tools for these functions. For this reason, we are going to tell you about some of the best applications with which you can create your own content from your mobile and share it easily without having to pay anything for it.


anchor app

Anchor is an interesting application to record podcasts on Android and iOS and distribute it on your favorite platforms to increase your audience, all for free from anywhere and at any time. It currently belongs to Spotify and allows you many interesting possibilities, as well as completely free hosting without limits or tricks. You can add background music, sound effects, transitions and much more.

You can even record with up to 4 guests wherever they are. You will be able to design your cover and access the multiple possibilities that this mobile tool provides you.

Podcast Studio by Spreaker

podcast streaker app

This is another app with which you can create voice and music podcasts or broadcast live, with many interesting options such as mixing voice and music, adding sound effects and much more, in addition to creating professional mixes. You can easily share your content from it on your social networks, they can even comment in real time if you wish.

It is a good app to record and publish podcasts on different sites that you can give more uses to, with a large number of applications.

Podcast Player-Podbean

app Podbean Podcast

This is an interesting application with which you can record your podcasts professionally with a large number of sound effects, music, a large number of editing and post-production options, and much more, with great transmission possibilities.

You can also search for podcasts, download them and interact with them. It is a good way for many users to discover their favorite podcasts and others to make them known.


podomatic app

With this app you can create a professional podcast from your mobile, very easy to use and fast. You will be able to record all the episodes from your mobile and then distribute them on your favorite social networks and other sites.

You will be able to keep track of them and see their progress, as well as customize it with your cover and other functions that will be very practical for you.

Garage Band

garageband app

This is an interesting iPhone app that you can use to create songs and podcasts. You can record multiple tracks and pay or edit them however you like, with many sound effect options. You will be able to share what you have created, and it has a large number of possibilities that may be interesting for you, although it is not available for Android but only for iOS devices.

Get to know everything that this free app can offer you with which you can perfect your podcasts.

Developer: Apple



Headliner is a very simple app with which you can automatically create and share your podcast clips on social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, SMS and many others. You will be able to configure automatic audiogram videos for the podcast and you have several other functions to make them a success.

It is a simple tool that will make it as easy as possible, step by step.