Shutdown Timer: Schedule Windows Shutdown and Restart

Whether it is shutting down or restarting our Windows computer, it is a task that we carry out practically daily. Generally speaking this is something we do at the end of the day’s session with it. But if not, the Shutdown timer program can be very helpful, as we will see.

And it must be borne in mind that not everyone turns off the computer when they finish using it, since it is carrying out certain jobs. Therefore, it may be the case that, for whatever reason, we want the system to continue working all night. This occurs if we are downloading a very large file, or simply if we want the system to shut down after a specific time, among other reasons. Therefore, in these lines we will talk about the free program Shutdown timer.

shutdown timer

What can Shutdown timer offer us for PC shutdown

Specifically, we are referring to an application that allows us to program the equipment to automatically turn off , restart, hibernate, suspend, block or close the session. In addition, for all this, it presents an intuitive user interface to make this programming as simple as possible. It may seem complex, but it is quite easy to understand.

Shutdown Timer interfaz

Thus, for all this, while in the upper right corner we see a clock, which corresponds to the current time, on the left we see the available options. As you can see in this section, here we find the programming modes that we can use.

Specifically, we find a total of six modes: turn off , restart, block, disconnect, hibernate , or suspend. On the other hand, we will see a large timer in the center of the screen with a series of buttons below the numbers. As it is easy to imagine, these will serve to configure the exact time at which we want the previously selected mode to activate.

In turn, a little further down we see three buttons that show the different types of timer that we can assign. The first of these, Adle, starts when there is no mouse or keyboard activity. The second mode, Time, is a countdown, so when the timer reaches zero, it executes the command for the chosen mode. Finally Clock executes the task at the hour and minute that we have previously established. For all this, before we must make sure we have clicked on the Start button.

Multiple work modes that adapt to our needs

If we add to all this the functions related to the shutdown that we can use, they make this program very useful in many situations. Everything will depend on the imagination we put into it, mixing the many possibilities that Shutdown timer offers us.

Shutdown Timer modos

At the same time you have to know that timers open as individual processes in a small popup window. This shows the program action, in addition to the selected timer type and time. Of course, the moment we close the window , the action that we have programmed is canceled, so we must keep the process running in the background. Also when an action is about to be activated after the stipulated time, a message will appear on the screen with a countdown as a reminder.

So you can download Shutdown timer for free

As we have mentioned, the utility of the program is great due to the modes it presents us for multiple situations. For all these reasons, if you want to try the program first hand, you can do this from the website of its developer.

We can access it from our favorite Internet browser , it is enough that we connect to the corresponding website from this link .