Share the Location in Real Time on WhatsApp, Google and Telegram

Sharing the location in real time is one of the tools that add more and more applications that we use regularly. This allows someone to know where we are at all times and to feel safe if we are going to leave home alone or if we are going to travel and we want to notify when we will arrive.

There are many advantages of sharing the location in real time but it has also had some detractors who assure that it damages or worsens our privacy. Be that as it may, we explain what applications allow you and how you can do it in each one easily and with whoever you want.


Advantages of real-time location

There are many times in our lives when real-time location can be a great tool and an advantage if we know how to use it correctly.

  • Know how much you have left to get there. If you have met someone and you want that person to know where you are going, the location in real time is essential. You will avoid all where are you going? Because your friends will know how much you have left to get to the place you have stayed at or know where you are going.
  • If you are going back at night and you are worried, the real-time location is one of the best measures you can take. It is common to hear or read “let me know when you arrive” (especially among women) and we will be calmer or calmer if we know that someone is monitoring where we are.
  • For children. If a child is going to leave the house or has to return, or a teenager, you can always know where he is. Real-time location is common in parental control tools but can also be activated with generalized applications such as WhatsApp or Google Maps.
  • For older people who may be disoriented or lost. If the elderly are going to walk alone, you can know at all times where they are in case you have to go at a certain time or pick them up if something happens or in an emergency or feel lost.
  • If you travel alone for a very long journey, you will be able to notify your family that you are well and they will not have to call you continuously to know if you have arrived or not. You can drive without a problem without receiving calls while doing so. They will be able to track your location for hours.

Disadvantages or disadvantages

Probably, we only found one drawback or downside of real-time location: loss of privacy. We must use it responsibly and most of the applications that allow it let us choose a specific time in which we will continue to share it. They will not be done without your consent or with whom you do not want but it is important that we bear in mind that we must share the location in real time when it is useful to us or helps us to be more secure but you should never do it because someone forces you to do so. .

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Share location in real time

There are specialized applications but also all current courier companies allow us to send the location in real time. WhatsApp, Telegram …

From WhatsApp

One of the best applications for sharing location in real time is WhatsApp because we all have it already installed on our mobile phone and we don’t need anything else. It is fast and accessible. You can share the location with whoever you want in private conversations or in WhatsApp groups. Of course, you will not be able to choose an exact time but the application allows you to share it for fifteen minutes, for one hour or for eight hours. Once you want it to end, simply cancel it and the other person will no longer know where you are. While it is active, the contact to which you have sent it will see how your profile picture of WhatsApp is moving around the map in real time, it will know where you are or where you are going at all times, always until the indicated time passes or you cancel it manually. By sending it, you can add a comment in the same way that we attach WhatsApp files to any conversation.

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Go to the conversation you want, individual or group
  • Click on the clip icon next to the message box
  • Choose the “location” option in the popup
  • Click on “real time location”
  • Choose the time you want to share the location
  • Add a comment if you want to

Once you want to cancel it, you just have to go to the notification bar of the mobile phone and press to stop sharing the location in real time.

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From Google Maps

Also Google Maps allows you to share the location in real time and the advantage is that it has more precision in terms of the exact times when you want to share it. Another main advantage of this tool is that it allows you to share it in the application or the chat you want . You can copy the Google Maps link on WhatsApp but also send it by email, SMS, Twitter message or Facebook Messenger so that the other person or people know where you are at all times and can see you move on the map during that time .

There are two time options for sharing the location in real time on Google Maps: for a previously set and marked time or until you deactivate the option. In addition, you can share it through the application you want.

  • Open Google Maps on your mobile phone
  • Click on your photo icon in the upper right corner
  • Go down the menu and scroll
  • Click on the option “Share location”
  • Choose the time during which you want to share the location
  • Check the friends or contacts you want to send it to in Google or choose the application you want to open to send the location link.

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From Telegram

Telegram also allows sharing the location in real time. Just go to the conversation you want or the group and click on the share icon. Like WhatsApp, you cannot choose an exact time but you will have to choose between 15 minutes, for one hour or for eight hours. Once you do, they will see you on the map or you can cancel it whenever you want so that it stops working.

You will simply have to follow some very simple steps:

  • Open Telegram on your mobile phone
  • Choose the chat in which you want to send your location
  • Click on the clip that you will find in the message window
  • Choose the “location” option
  • Click on “share location in real time”
  • Choose the time you want to share it
  • Send the message to the contact in question

From that moment and until you cancel it or during the time you have chosen, the other person will be able to see where you are and will see how you move at each moment.

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When & Where

When & Where is a specialized application launched in Spain that seeks to make women feel more secure when they go out alone. Not only does it share the location in real time, but if it sees that you are not arriving at the predetermined destination or that you have stopped before arriving, it will ask you if you are okay. If you don’t answer the question, it can automatically call your selected contacts or allow you to call the emergency service to raise the alarm. It also allows you to save your routes for easy access and not have to create it every time you leave.

Another option that When & Where allows is to go out and share the location in real time without having to set a destination. For example, if you go running and want someone to know where you are at all times in case something happens to you. It is one of the best applications in this area because you can automatically have a button to ask for help or it will activate a camera capable of taking a photo at the moment when you do not feel safe. That photograph will be sent to a contact who can take action knowing your location.

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