Gmail Trick: How to Know if My Email Was Read by the Recipient

There is a WhatsApp feature that marked a before and after in the application. We refer to the double check that allows us to know if a message has been received by our recipient and if he has read it or not. A feature that many would surely like to take to other tools such as email to know if the recipient of our email has read the message or not. This is a function that certain email clients let us know by setting up an acknowledgment, however, it is something that Gmail does not offer natively. Luckily, there is a way to know if they have read our messages in Gmail by adding WhatsApp type checks.

Since it is something that Google’s email service does not allow us to do natively, in order to add this feature to Gmail, we are going to have to use an extension for our Chrome browser. We refer to Email Tracking for Gmail , an extension available from this link to the Chrome Web Store and that we can add to our browser completely free of charge.


So you can know who reads your messages in Gmail

To know if you have read our email messages sent from Gmail, you just need to have this extension installed in Chrome. Automatically, when we send an email message, it will appear in the sent items tray with a double check that will be shown in gray when it has not yet been read and in green when the recipient has opened our email message.

In this way, similar to what happens on WhatsApp, we will see a double gray check when we send the message and the recipient receives it and they will turn green once it has been read. In this way, we will no longer have to think about whether that person has seen or read an email sent from Gmail, since it is not a function that the Google service has natively.

To start using Email Tracking for Gmail these are the steps to follow:

  • We open a Chrome window.
  • We go to the Chrome Web Store .
  • Click on the Add Extension option.
  • We connect the extension with our Google account once installed in Chrome.
  • We select the free plan that includes unlimited tracking.
  • The extension icon will appear next to the browser’s address bar.
  • It will now be available for use in Gmail.

From then on, we can send the e-mail messages with acknowledgment of receipt and reading without having to do anything else.

  • We open Gmail.
  • Click on the Compose a new message option.


  • We add the email address of our recipient, subject and message. We will see how at the end of the mail a message appears indicating that the shipment carries a reading confirmation through Mailtrack or Email Traking for Gmail.
  • Next to the send button, the double check will also appear, indicating that this function is activated and from where we can deactivate it at any given time for certain messages. Just click on the icon and slide the switch to the OFF position.

  • If we send the message with the track activated, it will appear in the sent tray with a double gray check until the recipient opens it and reads it.


  • At that time, we will receive a message and even notification on our desktop, indicating that the email message has been read , at which point it will appear with the double check in green.