How to Set VLC as Default Video Player in Windows 10

It may be the case that we have bought a new computer, or we have made the determination to do a zero installation of Windows 10 . It is quite common today, but at the same time a somewhat cumbersome task, since we have to adapt the system, again, to our needs.

Keep in mind that Microsoft presents us with a series of configurations and applications already pre-installed when starting to work with Windows 10 from scratch. However this is something that does not usually convince most. This is something that is especially evident when we talk about the programs that the operating system integrates by default. From Redmond’s point of view, this is done to speed up the startup of users with their software.

Set VLC as Default Video Player in Windows 10

However, not everyone agrees with that point of view, in fact almost nobody shares it. For most, a good part of those pre-installed applications are nothing more than a hindrance or a nuisance. They are there occupying a precious space for no reason, since in most cases, we will not use them. But with everything and with it, its installation is initially inevitable. This includes tools such as Movies and TV, Mail, Weather, Calendar, Calculator , Photos, etc.

Aplicaciones preinstaladas

Windows sets the default applications that we will use

It is true that some of them, later, we will be able to uninstall from the computer, while others remain perennial. Furthermore, as it is easy to imagine, Microsoft itself, for us to use those programs to which we refer, sets them as default. With this what we want to tell you is that by default it associates the corresponding file formats, to each of its applications. Thus, when you click on one of them, it will open in the app that corresponds to the pre-installed ones.

Serve as an example the case that we are going to talk about in these lines, the videos. If we focus on this extensive multimedia content, to say that for its reproduction, Windows 10 initially establishes Movies and TV as the default application.

Peliculas y TV

However, as we mentioned, these types of movements at first do not convince almost anyone. The reason for all this is obvious, everyone has their preferences regarding the software they want to use on a daily basis with the PC . Well, at this point, we will tell you that precisely in this case we want to focus on video applications. In other words, we are going to show you the easiest way to set another default video player. What’s more, for this, we are going to use what at the moment could be considered as the most used player in the world, VLC .


Replace Movies and TV with VLC on Windows

As most of you probably already know, with this software we mean a powerful program for the reproduction of multimedia content . It focuses especially on video and is compatible with almost all current formats. At the same time, a good part of its success comes from the enormous number of additional functions that it presents to us. That is why when starting to work from scratch with Windows , or when buying a new PC, this is one of the first applications that we tend to download and install.

So, once we have done this that we discussed, the most normal thing is that we want to set this player by default in the system. In this way what we achieve is that, when clicking on a video file, VLC will automatically open instead of Movies and TV. Well, to start with the change, we will say that this is something that we are going to achieve through the Windows Settings application.

Configuracion Windows predeterminadas

It is worth mentioning that to get to it, we can do it through the Win + I key combination. Here we will find a new window composed of different sections, all of them focused on the customization and adaptation of Windows. Thus, the one that interests us in this specific case is the so-called Applications . Therefore we only have to click on it.

How to set VLC as default player

This will give way to another section, so on the right side of this new window, we find several functions, all of them related to system programs. Here we talk about both those that come pre-installed, and those titles that we install ourselves by hand. Thus, taking a quick look at the options available here, we find the so-called Default Applications, which is what we are looking for.

Aplicaciones predeterminadas

Thus, we will find several sections in the right panel, related to different types of files, with their corresponding default applications. Here, we see, for example, the web browser, Maps, Email , Music Player, etc. And of course, we will also find the one that interests us in these lines, the Video Player section.

As we mentioned before, here we will see that the Windows, Movies and TV application is as the default video player. Therefore, to achieve what we are looking for, that is, change this to VLC, click on its icon . At that time a list will appear with some possible programs that we can set as default here from the ones we have installed on the PC.

Establecer VLC

Obviously among these the long-awaited VLC will appear, so to finish we will have only to click on it. Say that from that moment on, this will be the option that will open by clicking twice on any video file by default. In addition, the changes made are carried out instantly, we do not have to save the changes or anything like that in this section of Windows.