How to set up multiple users on one OnePlus phone

At different times, we have surely had to lend our smartphone to someone. From friends, acquaintances or family for different functions, such as watching a video, making a call or letting them play with our mobile device. However, there are certain moments when this simple action of sharing the terminal becomes a really uncomfortable moment for many. More than anything, because we want to continue to maintain a certain privacy.

Basically this is due to the amount of personal information that we collect and store on our smartphones, from photos, emails to WhatsApp messages. However, with the passage of time, functions have been removed that help us never have to go through this bad drink again. As is the case with the OnePlus mobile tool to be able to create several users on the same phone.

set up multiple users on one OnePlus phone

The OnePlus Multiple Users feature

This functionality is not something new that OnePlus has developed, but it comes from a long time ago with computers, because to enter their operating system they require us to create a guest or administrator account . The main objective is that we can have a new and clean interface for each person who uses it, in such a way that applications, photographs or content will not be shared. And it will only be the main administrator who can manage these accounts, granting the necessary access, limiting it or eliminating them.

Varias cuentas en móviles OnePlus

Therefore, this function that houses the smartphones of the Asian company is practically the same. And it is designed so that we can share our mobile phone if we create different users. Each one will have their personal space, having the possibility to customize it to their needs. From installing applications, changing the style of notifications, among many other settings.

However, there are certain settings that will affect other users . That is, there are options such as Wi-Fi connection and application update, which will affect the rest. In addition, another factor to take into account is that, removing the main one that will be ours in this case, the others that we add to our terminal will be invited. Although, to distinguish them, you can always change the name you have in question.

How more users are created on a OnePlus mobile

In order to have this tool, the first thing we must do is activate it on the mobile device. For this we will have to follow the following steps:

  1. Access your OnePlus settings.
  2. Enter the System section.
  3. Click on the option called Multiple users .
  4. Activate the switch within this menu.

Once inside this option, you will inform us exactly what this functionality is for. Well, it recommends that, if we share the phone, each user will have their personal space within the terminal with options to configure applications, accounts and personalized home screens, among other settings.

crear usuarios oneplus

When we have already enabled this tool, more options will appear within this menu. In this, we will see the main one, which is the Administrator , since it will be the one that has all the system permissions, and so that it can be distinguished even better from the rest, it will leave us the possibility of changing its name.

Later, we can also see how other options appear, such as Guest. In this case, it is a pre-established one to give you quick access to those who will have our mobile device in their hands at a specific moment. By clicking on this option, we can change the way in which it is accessed, remove the account or activate access to calls within this mode. If we enable this last functionality, guests who have our mobile will be able to receive calls and make them. They will even have the possibility to see their history.

And as we said at the beginning, any of them will be able to update the applications to other people, although the services and accessibility options that are changed in a guest one will not be transferred. In the same way, we will also have the advantage of Add User, in this case it will be created from scratch, and we will have the option of giving it a name and granting it or not access to the calls as in the previous example.

Manage accounts on your smartphone

Once you have understood how this useful functionality should be enabled in a OnePlus smartphone, it is time to find out how we can switch from one to the other without problems and also how they can be eliminated at any given time. We will start by explaining the first option.

If we activate the Add function from the lock screen, we will always have at our disposal the change of accounts from the lock screen of the mobile device. Only, to go from one to another, we will have to slide from the top and touch on the user icon. And this is the best way of having to avoid entering the settings of this tool to keep changing.

eliminar cuenta en un móvil OnePlus

Although it is not the only possibility, because if we unlock the device we will also find this alternative by sliding the quick functions bar of the phone. Then, you just have to click on the icon that looks like a doll next to the gear icon and the pencil in the upper right part of the panel. After this, the different accounts that we will have on the mobile will appear.

In addition, each one is also protected with a password, pin or fingerprint reader, making it totally secure. We must also bear in mind that the main problem with this tool is that the more we believe, the more space it will occupy in the internal storage of our smartphone.

Therefore, if we want to free up space, we can always delete any of the accounts created quickly and easily. Or, simply, because they no longer serve us at all. To do this, we will have to go back into Settings> Systems> Several users and click on Delete User. In this way, the one we have selected will be completely erased. However, the only one that cannot be eliminated at any time will be the administrator because it is the one that comes by default in the OnePlus. In addition, it is distinguished from the rest because it always appears in this list first.