We tested the battery of the VIVO X60 Pro and left doubts

The VIVO X60 Pro is the new generation of the phone that the Asian company has put on sale in Spain to compete with the most prominent models on the market, and in a large number of sections it succeeds. Does the same happen in the autonomy it offers? This is what we are going to tell.

As always, one of the first things we do is indicate the hardware that you are going to find inside the phone that we have tested so that, in this way, we can have a fairly clear idea of whether it is fulfilled once the test results are obtained. The battery integrated in this terminal has a charge of 4,200 mAh . This is a brand that has surprised us, since although it can be understood that it is below the amperage of many of the competition in the market, what has caught our attention and made us doubt at first is that there is a setback with respect to the device it replaces in the market (this reaches 4,315). Curious , no doubt.

We tested the battery of the VIVO X60 Pro

It is also important to take into account in this section that the device we are talking about has a large screen (6.56 inches) that can work at a frequency that reaches 120 Hz … and we must see exactly how this affects what Regarding the autonomy of the VIVO X60 Pro. In addition, it is also important to know that the processor is a Snapdragon 870 5G , which without being especially the most energy demanding on the market, does have quite important requirements.

VIVO X60 Pro autonomy response

The truth is that at first we had quite a few doubts regarding the brands that this smartphone would achieve in the measurements that we usually carry out on our site. And, the truth is that there are sections that we found to be quite positive and others that are not so positive. Among the first, it should be noted that with regular use you will not have excessive problems to be able to reach the end of the day with a full charge of your battery, so at first it complies without too many problems.

In addition, we have found that Funtouch 11.1 behaves quite aggressively with applications that are left open in the background. This means that it restricts your access to energy if it is found that it has not been used for too long. This is good, on the one hand, since it represents an interesting saving (and that is partly responsible for the aforementioned brand). But, sometimes it can be a handicap when trying to return to something that you were very clear about was open. Of course, you can set parameters in the configuration to control the operation we are talking about.

By the way, we have verified that, when executing certain applications -such as if what is usually used in messaging apps or the browser itself, the times that are achieved for use are not particularly remarkable … something that we quite surprised. And, this has to do a lot with the use of the screen, something that we will explain below.

Do you get good results with the screen always on?

This is a model that behaves quite differently depending on what you are using in the terminal, and that depends largely on the frequency that the screen uses (much more than the brightness itself that it is capable of using). Thus, if the use of 60 Hz is maintained constantly, things go quite well. And this is curious, since when executing videos -to give an example- this is the configuration that is established automatically and some interesting times are achieved where you will not have many problems to be able to exceed 13 hours of use .

Things, as we mentioned before, do not go as well when the panel is at 120 Hz . The times are higher, since 15 hours are reached, but comparatively speaking, the level offered by the VIVO X60 Pro in the autonomy section is palpable. We always talk about a brightness at half power and where there is no automatic adjustment at all.

Autonomía VIVO X60 Pro pantalla encendida

The truth is that, in general terms, this device behaves quite well taking into account the capacity of its battery … but it must be clear that brands cannot be considered top in many cases.

Software options on the VIVO X60 Pro

It is not this terminal that stands out especially for the amount of possibilities it offers when adjusting the operation of the battery. Obviously, it does not lack any of those that are in Android 11 , which is the operating system it uses, but neither are many additional options added so that the user can achieve the greatest possible customization.

If it is true that you are going to find the possibility of activating a saving mode that fulfills its function quite well (and without committing excesses when restricting the operation of the screen or connectivity), and that you will also be able to check what they are apps that consume excessively energy. Thus, by accessing the Management of consumption in the background section , you can take the relevant measures.

Fast, solvent and very safe charging

The maximum power that you will be able to use when recharging the VIVO X60 Pro battery is 33 W. It is not the highest brand that can be seen in the market, nor is it the one that the manufacturer itself is capable of integrating. This is due to the use of FlashCharge 2.0 technology instead of Super FlashCharge (which is capable of up to 55W). In any case, we have already advanced that the work carried out by this phone is convincing and, in addition, it manages all kinds of problems very well, including that of high temperatures.

The times that we measure when carrying out charging processes are those expected for a 4,200 mAh battery. Thus, in half an hour we always manage to exceed 65% filling on all occasions even if the telephone is being used. Reaching 100% without having absolutely no charge inside the component will never exceed the hour. Pretty good in our opinion.


Clearly this is not the most striking section offered by the VIVO X60 Pro, which is due to the fact that the amperage of its battery is a bit below what would be expected (although it has some logic considering the thickness of the terminal that is it is only 7.6 millimeters). The screen plays a fundamental role in the autonomy offered by the device, especially everything that has to do with frequency. The point is that you don’t get a bad user experience at all.

Correct when it comes to fast charging , you will find all the necessary hardware in the device box to always be able to get the most out of it in this section, I think it is always good news. Without fanfare, we have to assess this terminal as correct, which does not lack virtues such as its excellent panel or a very attractive design.